Why I likely won't be playing this game ever again

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  1. Customer45689

    PS2 is a great game. Even if I do not like many changes that have been brought to maps. I stopped playing for 2 or 3 years, and I'm back and have fun.

    But one thing is for sure, what brings people out off the forums is the:
    -"Hey, you don't know me, but I'm the General Patton. I play PS since decades, I know THE truth. Others' vison and gameplay of the game are Wrong/Dumb/Stupid. I lead squads,I lock maps by myself 24/7. Others are dumb, but I need them to play this game, to fulfill MY vison of the game.
    And I complain about how others are wrong since the Release. I made thousands posts about how others are wrong, I love arguing to death but they are still having fun!!!! Without listening to My Orders!! They are just dumb.
    But I need them. 'Cause alone,I can't do anything. Please reward me." syndrom.

    This and the "n4rf what kills me, buFF what I'm good at" made people leave PS2 forums.
  2. Twin Suns

    This guy…. Apologizes to himself, then immediately doubles down on the insult. LMFAO
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  3. FLHuk

    Wait a second everyone, take a pause and think it through. I think he may be right here.

    If those that are playing the game incorrectly are able to force the majority of two factions into following them we have a real issue.

    Letting players decide for themselves what is and what is not a fun fight is obviously just plain wrong.

    Buff Liberators NOAW!
  4. AntDX316

    It got fixed when Leaders realize to take their people out of that area and people who are new realize not to be there. Everything gets fixed with everyone understanding for themselves on "how to think".

    The idea is to always lead the majority so the people who want to do it wrong can't or it's more interesting and fun not to and the majority are lead usually by their squad leaders, chat with reasonable explanation, and last to list but not limited to illustrations on the map. Sure, the majority could be Zerg in no group and completely solo in which /orders chat used to exist rather than /sitrep. The game has gotten a lot better(people logic wise). I don't think too much about it. The alert can go many directions and if we are definitely screwed, remaining on a "stalemate" 3-way is better than trying to win bases where we will just die to anyway. I've tried to win under situations like that with all my resources but it just doesn't happen. Usually then I just use my infiltrator to get kills as infiltrator in those situations as it excels the most. If not, I just log out only to realize after logging back on later that somehow our faction has won that map alert.

    Every game can't be won though but at least if people aren't brainlessly "zerging" or being at a "stalemate" base when they could be definitely used somewhere else, then it's good. I mean, I sometimes want to remain at a base and do w/e and not care about the alert too. This is where the other Leaders should be taking Lead on that for the masses. Unfortunately, most of the time no one uses /sitrep, which can be a good thing as it doesn't get "spammed" in the wrong places. People try to lead command at times but lately, people hardly use it. If you see a base that matters and say it in /command and /sitrep, if there is a spawn solution for your faction(router, sunderer, lodestar, deliverer), most likely You will get help. I've been the only spawn many times even up to today where at least 500+ people spawned from my spawn point and it remained being the Only spawn all the way to base cap. I try to tell people in /regionsay and /squad, we need more than 1 spawn, but no one cares most of the time except for a couple people, 1-2 who actually bring sunderers from another base. I have these people on a special member role on my Outfit so just incase the devs add better outfit permissions for who can use what in armory, I can grant them some access.
  5. FLHuk

    I applaud your efforts in forcing players to play the right way. Even if they do not find it fun.

    I am saddened that you feel there is only one right way while stating you sometimes do the opposite. Though I acknowledge that you find doing so no fun at all and often log off at that point.

    Here is our common ground on which to move forwards.

    If in forcing the majority of 2 factions to play the right way they find it no fun and log off how do we buff the Liberator?
  6. JustGotSuspended

    What got fixed? Gameplay is awful, I dare say even worse than the week DX11 or the crossbows launched. The updates don't even attract as much pop as they used to, and that pop influx rarely stays past a week or 2. Few people are having fun, complaints about the spawn system and Oshur are everywhere.

    All this talk about people not knowing how to think and playing the game correctly. Dude it's a game, you're meant to log on and have fun. If you need articles and tutorials and stuff all telling what to do and how you're intended to have fun...it's not a good game. You don't need someone to explain to you a Bugatti or the food of a reputable chef is good. It should speak for itself. Otherwise, you can write as many tutorials/articles, make as many cinematic montages as you want telling people your product is good and explaining to them why they're dumb for not enjoying it the way it's meant to be; you might attract some people, but they'll never return if the experience isn't what you sold them. Because at the end of the day, especially with games, these are things for leisure, people want to play how they want and it should be intuitive to enjoy the game. If you need to force people to have fun...there's a problem.

    It's also weird because you keep contradicting yourself. 'EH infantry biolab battles that are stalemates with even pop suck, it's just spawn camping! I'd much rather join a zerg and spawncamp with vehicles to gain some territory to win these all important alerts!'. You admit numerous times that sort of gameplay sucks, but for some reason you have to do it because that's what you think the game wants you to do, and therefore you must force yourself and others to pretend to have fun while doing it. No wonder everyone's quitting.

    And constantly spamming posts about how good the game is and others have it all wrong, the game's never been better and if only it weren't for the meddling majority of players who suck at understanding what's being asked of them in game planetside 2 would be flourishing! Relax dude if the gameplay was good it'd speak for itself. Even the hardcore vets are complaining or outright quitting due to how bad it's gotten. Glad you still have fun or at least pretend to, but there's no need to be borderline delusional while defending the game. You just come across as a completely disconnected wrel alt. Everyone agrees the game could be good, had/has potential. But you gotta admit the flaws, especially when the majority of the community's complaining about it. There's no need to be ridiculous.
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  7. AntDX316

    That's the mistake, thinking the game should speak for itself and have no guides. That only comes after people know what to do. Sure it can be a pure killfest and it's hard to tell what is going on at times but that is describing all of your beloved Bio Lab fights in the past. Cool, people want to do a 6v6 instead of a 1100 player team vs team vs team. When I'm playing on the gaming Laptop outside I'm having a hard time trying to have fun in the game as there are so much going on but when I'm at home on the 49" ultra-wide, the game feels so perfect. On a regular 16:9 that isn't too big, Call of Duty, Payday 2, and Rainbow Six can shine but I don't like small player maps. If I want "smaller" player maps I just go to bases that don't have that many people. At least having the potential to have 400+ people in 1 base is cool than being capped at say 10v10 max. The game offers so much far beyond all the other games, I think it's the lack of guides and probably the right computer setup is why people don't like the game. It's just super appalling to see plenty of other games that are a lot worse have way way way more people and hear people say they don't know what "Planetside 2" is.

    There should be a chart that list compare all the FPS games in as simple to understand as possible. If this were done, Planetside 2 would be at the very top and people would wonder how didn't they know about this game earlier? I want to list all the other things that go on in life in a chart as well and people would have to challenge how "resting in peace" people constantly talk about is not a good solution to engineer towards. Having no simple charts to compare is why the world is the way it is and having no structure that puts to question everything. It would expose everything including all the infinite US money pumps happening and people won't wonder why Russia and China are so pissed but if it weren't for that happening maybe they wouldn't be so big and lifted far beyond their used to be poverty.
  8. Somentine

    r u srs?
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  9. Eberron101

    For me, as a solo blueberry with no faction allegiance other than live free in the NC, I can tell when a fight is lost well before there's any need to bug out. On Cobalt, with the TR its when the A2G mozzies zoom in to lock down spawn rooms and theres a 2:1 pop advantage.

    No point trying to defend as there's no chance of winning - you just end up as farm fodder.

    But still even the platoon guys are there getting mown down over an over again....so, yeah solo baby.

    In a fight with the VS I know we've lost when 25 maxes appear over the horizon. So, bug out time.

    When I left the game in 2017 it used to be far more balanced. You could have a Crown fight that lasted over 6 hours with no clear winner, no matter what faction was fighting what. To win that fight you needed a decent strat and a well organised platoon.

    Now all you need is 500 spawn beacons and enough OS to wipe any hope of resistance from stepping foot outside the spawn room. Platoons can airdrop anywhere at will, anvil a sundy and drop spawn beacons for instant respawn. Thats not a fight, thats just a rout.

    In my very humble opinion as a solo player...

    They need to get rid of OS or make them once per hour or something stringent
    Stop spawn beacons being 0 respawn time.
    Buff Sundies so they don't get iced by one C4 fairy or some random on a grenade launcher flash
    Massively nerf A2G for all factions
    Get rid of the absurdly long respawn times on sundies
    Increase alert times by x2 so when you finally find a decent fight you can really go for it
    Merge servers. Or...radically, allow out of hours players to play on a single server , then revert to home servers on-peak.
    Spend more than £2.50 on advertising the game and bringing more people in
    Make roadkill 2 shot instead of 1 shot. Being able to one shot infantry with no risk on a wraith flash is absurdly OP compared to all the other offensive weaponry out there
    Buff the poor old Lightning. Allow it to climb a hill steeper than a moderate gradient for a disability scooter. Replace the paper armour for armour that survives one salvo from a Prowler. Increase top armour for Skyguards. Make Skyguard lightnings cost more to pull but actually do more damage than farting in an ESF's general direction
    Buff the Archer. I get its a niche weapon but it has zero chance of taking down its one intended target - a Max - if there is just one engineer absent mindedly repairing the max. It is incredibly slow reload time, only holds 5 rounds, does little to no splash damage and against armour the damage is so low its pretty much meaningless.
    Completely remove flails from Oshur. They are just used for farming
    Increase visibility of Claymores. At the moment they are practically invisible which is unfair to VS and esp NC which have big "i am here" glowing textures on them
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  10. JustGotSuspended

    Yeah it honestly feels like everything was better back then except maybe some of the graphics (which really who cares about a few decent looking textures in a 12y old shooter). But yeah even performance was better at those fights. Like sure our fps was a bit lower cuz the client hardware wasn't as fast and affordable as today. But the servers weren't exploding and disconnecting players all the time even in the larger fights like they do now.

    Idk it's just gotten really bad. I feel the game reached it's peak just before the CAI, and then it gradually slowly started going downhill again. But 2020 really sped up the rate at which the game becomes harder and harder to enjoy. Truly sad.
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  11. DarkStarAnubis

    In the simplest form the game should be accessible immediately after passing the tutorial. But either the game is uber convoluted and contorted and poorly designed, or the tutorials aren't worth anything.Dunno what's worse mate...
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  12. AntDX316

    yeah, 2017 was when the cont locks were gone which is why it sucked.
    A2G isn't entirely OP but understandable.
    Increasing the alert time is bad, 1:30 is plenty enough otherwise it will turn to how it was in 2017.
    Lightning does not need a buff.
    Do not remove Flails on Oshur, they get destroyed quickly when the armor stacks roll through.
    Claymores don't need a visibility increase. You are supposed to run Sweeper HUD or turn Flora off to cheat.
    Indeed the beacon needs a 5-7 timer not instant.
  13. Eberron101

    Lol, didn't know you could turn flora off...no wonder I'm seen every time I try to pee in a bush :(

    I liked the epic 6 hour fights though....I really miss them when you had every player on server in every faction trying to win a base...
  14. AntDX316

    I used to run with it off for many years but the Oshur update made me realize how much better it is to have it
  15. AntDX316

    Having more to do should make it more enjoyable but indeed, playing RTS games where they kept adding more and more units changed the way old metas worked. I was used to be a super beast with metas due to the limited unit roster counts but when they kept adding more and more units with lots of other counters, I just quit those games. If you feel the same way then it's understandable. They should keep adding more imo as it makes the game better and if people leave because their old methods no longer work, then sry : (
  16. JibbaJabba

    I like outdoor ones too.
    And I like the ones that do flow and go places.

    I keep having to make these corrections so maybe you don't have an accurate vision of what I like?

    Why do you think YOU get to decide how the game should be played?
    Again, like a broken record, I don't care who or what kills me. It's the nature of the death. If my skill had no impact on the outcome it's not fun. Objectively. This is not an opinion. It's just negative reinforcement operant conditioning.

    If we keep changing the rules so that happens more often then WTF would I keep playing for?

    I think you should stop being defensive about your playstyle. It's not being attacked here. This isn't a zero sum game where we have to do one or the other. The unfairness is the sticking point. Not fun, Vets don't like it. Noobs tolerate it so long as they think it's their own lack of skill resulting in their death. Once this is no longer the case they'll hate it too.

    So they need to fix the unfairness.

    Reverting the infantry based changes in CAI would be a fantastic start. Let infantry actually fight back against air and ground.
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  17. AntDX316

    I'm just wondering why people who are obviously experienced, no longer liking the game, if anything it should be better as we have more noobs to s* on. I mean, if this is the issue then ok. It's cool to feel bad about that happening. If so then help them out like I try to do with my Discord all the time.

    I try to remove All hierarchy on getting knowledge across to everyone. Sure we need to have permissions setup so the Discord and Outfit doesn't get destroyed. People could obviously spread bad knowledge but it hardly happens, and if it does sometimes I make mistakes and give bad knowledge in /command chat. The issue is when No one says anything and the game just goes where ever the masses go and that is usually in team fights where the fight is good, alert doesn't matter, warpgates locks happen, people lose the forward spawns and are forced to meet up at warpgate to push out again.

    Who really decides how things "should" be anyway? That's what really Should be questioned on everything but it can feel 'extremely' dangerous to at times especially if people don't know "how to think" properly. I'm trying my best to keep people "in alignment" that has some sort of positive purpose otherwise it's people getting lost, losing all possible assets of utilizing each other, losing their mind in life, and dying before tomorrow even happens. Just think about how life truly is, we don't 100% know. It's all based around narratives that are not entirely stable. We should expect the future to be, what would it take for people to not think "resting in peace" as not being a good idea when time and time again certain major beliefs are nothing more than an infatuation? Sure, if people are living off interests, and other resources at the very top but what about everybody else who begins to know "too much"?

    If you guys don't want to think deep and just quit, ok, if you think the game sucks because alerts and more possibilities exist, ok but from what I've analyzed, you all are wrong for playing with no purpose. When you guys find the game where you have fun doing that, let us know. Might as well stare at the sky at a park as it's pretty much the same thing.

    What you all have in common are excelling stating your own personal characters, most likely you all have a mission but instead of a mission with others(like I do), it's just yourselves. Maybe mentor people and feel like it's a stat.

    Personally, I get motivated when I have the Only spawn and hundreds of players are spawning from it. It was one of the very first things I liked a lot about Planetside 2. I don't think too much about this game or anything. It's easier to just moderate everything and hear other perspectives as I may learn something that I've never learned before that I can use elsewhere.
  18. JibbaJabba

    Because the game keeps getting changes so the percentage of times you die due to no fault of your own is increasing. Not fun. Objectively.

    Feel like I'm repeating myself a bit here.

    I don't need noobs to **** on and I would prefer not to. Nothing is more disheartening than hearing Recursion tell you "Weclome to planetside ... Rage quit!" after some kill.

    I would rather those noobs stuck around. got better and moore coordinated. Became members and helped keep the game alive.

    But they aren't. Why?

    Because the game keeps getting changes so the percentage of times you die due to no fault of your own is increasing. Not fun. Objectively.

    Dev is catering to the new player: Here this thing lets you kill people without having any skill of your own.
    And alienating the veteran: Here, die to this thing that requires no skill. Your own skill be damned.
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  19. AntDX316

    The game is fun, more people would be on if people "knew" about it. What would make the game "better"? Making people have less options?
  20. Somentine

    Are you being intentionally obtuse?

    - Fun is subjective, and you are in a thread with people complaining about changes that have made the game less fun for them.
    - As your terrible reddit thread should have already proven to you, yes there are people that don't know about the game, but there are an absolute butt load that do; why are they not here, right now, playing the game?
    - There are already a number of suggestions in this thread alone, pertaining to this very recent update alone, that would make the game better.
    - "Making people have less options"... you mean like what they just did with the spawn changes? You're absolutely right bro, they should 100% revert those changes immediately. Beyond it being a strawman (he wasn't saying to remove options, he was saying to balance them), it is also just a moronic stance to hold anyway; having more options can be good, but it can also be a huge negative in the form of too much working parts to maintain and balance.
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