Why I call you loserpoders ?

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  1. Zerran

    In the "If you die to this, you are bad, and you should feel bad." category. :)
  2. Corporate Thug

    Hopefully, I just think we are at a bad place with them and there is no going back. SOE should have seen this coming, like given how fast ESFs accelerate, their ability to hover and kill pretty much anything how couldn't they? SOE failed to increase their resource cost really when they increased other vehicles and expected more people to fly them to balance them that way? They shouldn't have been that powerful/diverse to begin with and there would never had been a need for so many stupid lock on launchers and these other AA options. Basically, it escalated to a point where everyone owns a G2A launcher now, and lowering the cost of ES lockons to 250 certs should have been an indicator to SOE that more balance for air was needed.

    SOE fails at simple math is all, they fail to see the effects of things when multiplied by significant numbers. Most things aren't OP when a small percentage of people use them, things start to become OP when used in large quantities. This game is about large scale, everything should be balanced as if everyone had or was using it.
  3. IamDH

    Oh that makes a lot more sense now. I thought you were referring to taking tanks on in an ESF

    Yeah, I don't much go for tanks in an esf. Lightnings and Harrasers I'd go for.
  5. Chipay

    Actually i find myself shooting down a fair amount of ESFs with my AP lightning, i guess it's good for me that there are so many bad pilots ingame :D

    That said there's really no 'chasing' involved, shoot main gun, hit the target, target killed. That's why i asked if you count this as a deterrent or a counter?
  6. Zerran

    To give you a serious answer, definitions need to be expanded a bit more than that. What I quoted I do believe is correct, but there is a little more to it. In order to be an effective counter it needs to have a direct advantage over the target. This is why ESFs are not a counter to ESFs. They can kill and chase each other, but they're similar enough that none have a massive advantage over any other.

    For a deterrent, it needs to be able to actually scare the target away. This is then why infantry fire is not really a deterrent for ESFs. Yeah they can shoot and damage them, but you have to have 5-10 times their numbers in order to deal significant damage without sustaining massive losses. Needing to outnumber an enemy by 5-10 times is not really a viable strategy. :p

    I wouldn't really count AP rounds as either. They can OHK as esf, but I wouldn't consider them a counter due to the fact that an esf needs to be in hover mode and relatively low in order to get hit without a whole lot of luck. Of course, it is possible to hit an esf screaming by at 100m/s, but good luck with that. ESFs don't need to go that low in order to effectively kill a tank, so in a 1v1 the ESF has an advantage over a 1/2 MBT or AP lightning. Hence, I wouldn't call AP a counter.

    Similarly, AP rounds aren't really going to scare an ESF away, they either snipe it and kill it, or they don't hit at all. So I wouldn't call it a deterrent.

    So basically, it's neither. Similarly to how a dumbfire rocket isn't a counter or deterrent to esfs.
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