Why having two ammo packs when you can place only one?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by ThereIsNoTry, May 10, 2013.

  1. ThereIsNoTry

    I can understand that they want Engis to be able to place turrets and be able to place ammo. But then why can I turn my turret into an ammo pack? Especially when you can only put down one at the time. It makes the ammo pack (taking the mines slot) completely useless because nobody spends all his time behind a turret anyway. And mines are just too good to not take them.

    Either get rid of the utility slot ammo pack, remove the ammo pack from turrets or make Engis being able to place two ammo packs at the same time.
    Everything else doesn't make any sense.
  2. SirIBON

    It is a placeholder for the mines.
    And a lot People that take the Engy do not know that there i a "B" Ammopack in Turrent.
    Beside, you can have placed them both at the same time.

    There are also a lot of threads in this forum, maybe you get youre solution if you read them.
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  3. Ghosty11

    No you can only place one of then down at a time. If you place the second one the first one will disappear.
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  4. Slaidd

    Has the ability to switch out the turret in favor of dropping the ammo pack always been there? Or was that something added after launch sometime? If the switch was added later, they might have just opted to leave it there as a suit option, or maybe they put the switch in and forgot to remove it as a suit option.

    But having said that, they had to leave it there somewhere so you could cert it out to last longer and have longer range. I have this maxed out on a couple of my characters and I love having it last for 6 minutes and have a 7m range. It's like raining certs when I drop one of those things.
  5. Vadimir

    Yep it's always been there. However the ACE ammo pack could not be upgraded and instead spawned a lv3 ammo pack (which overwrote a normal lv3 ammo pack if you already had one deployed and vice versa). This was changed in GU2.

    From the patch notes:
    "Ace Tool ammo packs should now be properly affected by Ammo Pack certs."


    In fact today you can still have more than one ammo pack out as long as they are not the same level (needless to say you can only do this trick a limited number of times).

    I'm purely speculating here but I'm guessing that at some point in development they wanted to give engineers the choice between using a second ammo pack or explosives, hence why we have two but they later changed their mind.

    While it would have been very easy to remove the standard ammo pack in GU2 I'm guessing they left it in because they have no reason to remove it.
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  6. Athanasius

    I'd say the Utility ammo pack is there due to the non-obviousness of the ACE one. Maybe when they extend the tutorials (currently on PTS) to include per-class information and the Engineer one explicitly describes the ACE ammo pack use they'll remove the Utility one.
  7. Dr.Insomnia

    Wouldn't mind if they made it so that the Utility ammo pack (if upgraded) replaced rockets/underslung grenades faster than the ACE one.
  8. AssaultPig

    I assume they put it there so that there's something occupying the utility slot before you cert mines/C4, but who knows. It was never entirely clear (even going back to beta) what the purpose of engineers carrying two ammo packs was, but it's been in there so long that at this point folks assume it's intended.
  9. Armchair

    It made some sense back when the ACE kit was a level 3 kit and you could have two simultaneously deployed ammo kits.

    Now it is just dumb.
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  10. Mareckk

    They really should remove the utility slot ammo pack. It is confusing for new players and makes no sense when you can only have one active at the time.

    Also, it is kinda counterintuitive to switch out the ammo pack in the load out screen and still be able to use an ammo pack. When first playing I really thought you had to choose one: ammo pack, mines or claymores. When In reality you choose between mines and claymores.
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  11. metrotw

    it's amazing how many engi's don't know you can swap out the turret for ammo with B. I'll put this in orders chat sometimes when I'm at a bio lab for instance and dont see enough ammo down on the minimap. People will STILL \tell me saying they don't have ammo because they are carrying claymores. They don't even listen or believe you AFTER you've told them HOW to do it....\facepalm

    I wish SOE would put this information in big bold letters streaming right across the engi loadout screen.
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  12. Highway_Star

    It's just so engineers can carry both mines and ammo at the same time. SoE needs to make this clearer to players though. I constantly run into engineers that don't know about it - forcing me to teamkill them just so they'll stop and listen to me.
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  13. SirIBON

    That would be nice.

    Good to know how they FORCE you to kill them.
    And you think this is the right way and you have the right to do it....

    By the way there are some Thread like Engies do not drop ammoboxes if i cry and run away.
  14. MFP_TK_01

  15. Highway_Star

    Players have a habit of not reading chat. Trying to explain to them is hampered by this.

    I TK them to get their attention and then they'll be more likely to actually read my /tell messages. Otherwise they just carry on running around like headless chickens. I've tried all other methods and this is the most sucessful. Try it bro.
  16. MFP_TK_01

    I do, I usually TK back including vehicles. Then I wait for somebody to rez and TK again.
  17. SkepticJerry

    What the hell is a turrent?
  18. MFP_TK_01

    Its a turret that you download from PB.
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  19. commandoFi

    The utility ammo should have a sign that says "press B on the ACE tool to deploy an ammo pack". The other, better option is to make the utility ammo pack deploy instantly and work anywhere like a dropped explosive, and work at the same time as the ACE tool one. This would give it a purpose and help people who want to help resupply instead of carrying explosives.
  20. SirIBON

    This is the advanced Turret, it has an additional "N" for Nanite.

    And now, Trolls back to you punnet.
    (a punnet is a little basket)