[Suggestion] Why hasnt this been done already??

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  1. MuggieWara

    Ok as a loyal soldier of the Terran Republic im tired of watching the same NC-centric image on the first loading screen.I think a system where the image displayed is chosen between 3 available depending on the last faction you played as,is preferable.Dont you Vanu (scum) who have your infiltrator massacred on this image agree??
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  2. Demigan

    Did you see how dumb the NC centric guys in the picture are?

    One Heavy is holding a Gauss Saw with one freaking hand. There's a Light Assault doing the same thing with something that looks like an Anchor, a Heavy weapon? Then they are carrying a guy in between them... what stupidity is this? Without a Medic you shoot him in the face, 15 seconds later he respawns in a tube somewhere. This is preferable to lugging a dead weight with you for several minutes while holding your primary with ultra-high recoil in one hand!

    Did you see one of the first NC promo video's? Not the fist CGI one but one of the first Gameplay-made trailers? "We take no prisoners" they say. That's the stupidest thing! If you kill everyone they will always respawn 15 seconds later. If you capture them and imprison them you can actually take them out of the war entirely!

    Aside from that, yeah a few more posters for the Vanu or TR wouldn't hurt.
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  3. minhalexus

    They have other pictures in store, at least the TR one.

    Why hasn't it been implemented yet?
    Have patience they will.
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  4. DatVanuMan

    Being a Vanu "scumbag," I AGREE!
    Where are OUR biased loading screens?:p
  5. Zeppelin123

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  6. gibstorm

    Protip, In PVP games the "OMG, they are so cool and good faction always ends up being the worst"

    Good and Cool tends to Attract Casuals
    Evil and Not Cool tends to Attract Try hards
  7. Axehilt

    All soldiers come built-in with the ability to spontaneously kill themselves. Just open your mental interface and hit DEL.
  8. Demigan

    They can hack the mainframe of an entire facility in mere minutes. I don't doubt that if you knock an enemy to the ground and to near-death that you could hack his internal links and prevent any suicide.
    Also, the entire call of "we take no prisoners" becomes even lamer when it has become absolutely impossible to even take prisoners. "we don't take prisoners!".
    "Eh, sir? It's impossible to take prisoners anyway, they just suicide and respawn".
    "That's what I said, we take no prisoners!"
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  9. sL360

    I still get a good laugh every time I see that VS guy getting blown away :D
  10. FinePool

    There's always this.
    But no this one is better.
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  11. Lazaruz

    Variety is always a good thing. I hoped that they would release all the new loading screens at once and just randomize them, instead of bringing them on one-by-one. But maybe it's a conspiracy to get people to subliminally join the *insert reason here* faction at that time :eek:



    The current loading screen could be replaced with these...


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  12. Rtwpygbzstpqacihfd

    I love these drawings, keep it up
  13. stalkish

    I thought i was the only 1, glad some1 else analysed that pic.
  14. Foreman Joe

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  15. SceaRd

    The NC loading screen is awesome! TR here.
  16. ZomboWTF

    i want a vanu loading screen with the female infiltrator pls :eek:
    boobs cleavage spandex are always the best propaganda
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  17. DatVanuMan

    OH, you bet is it:p
  18. stalkish

    Anyone remember the 'death is no excuse' planetside 2 trailer.
    Well the NC guy in that vid is the same NC guy being evacuated by 2 fellow NC in the loading screen. He even has the stab wound from the VS infil that stabbed him.
    Pretty sure his name is 'chief' you can hear another NC telling him to hold on at the end of the vid, he screams chief when he gets no response.
  19. leo4444

    that trailer just reminds me how I thought ps2 would be a M rated game, I understand why it isn't but a blood mod or optional add on would be cool like sega did with rome tw 2
  20. Champagon

    Aside from the "scum" jab i agree with the HERETIC OP