[BUG] Why has the VS been the easiest faction to play for 3 years?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tatwi, Sep 3, 2015.

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  1. Tatwi

    I'm going to point form this post, as it's not a discussion, it's a bug report.
    • Scythe Handling: It's basically a 3D CAD camera. Its "physics" can be reproduced with a script in Unity in all of 5 minutes, because it doesn't HAVE any physics. Compared to a full hover frame Mosquito, the default Scythe is pathetically easy to maneuver, making it an idiot proof farming machine (and exactly what Smed said he hated about the flight mechanics of PS1 I might add).
    • Magrider Handling and Speed: Unlike the other main battle tanks, the Magrider does not have a downside. In fact, much like the Scythe, it's essentially a 3D CAD camera with a cannon. On top of that fundamental flaw, it is able to ADAD dodge enemy fire (a combo of poor net code and stupidly low inertia); it ignores most terrian features providing it with smooth, simple aim where other vehicles would bounce around; it has an afterburner that allows it to run away and traverse terrain in a manner that is impossible for other vehicles (even the Harasser).
    • MAX AV Weapon has 0 Bullet Drop: It's "point, click, hit the target" right out of the box. The other AV weapons of the sort all have to both lead and/or factor drop in their aiming. Why does VS have a handicap?
    • 0 Bullet Drop "Faction Trait": The default VS carbine, for instance, has 0 bullet drop AND virtually no recoil whatsoever, making it the best weapon I have ever used. I thought the T5-AMC was easy to use, but the Solstice is pretty much the most "idiot mode" weapon I could hope for. The Orion on the other hand, in my experience, feels about the same as the Carv, as it has recoil that I can actually notice and have to adjust for. The VS sniper rifles are also point, click, win, which is just silly. Again, this lack of "physics" makes PS2 feel like playing a simple old shooter such as Quake 3.
    Playing a VS character is like playing golf with a healthy handicap, which is nothing more than bad game design (especially for an online game that is more than willing to take people's money). I'm all for factions being unique, but in the case of the above noted issues, it's a case of removing of fundimental game play mechanics (thereby simply making the game easier for the VS) rather creating a unique function within the bounds of the standard game play mechanics.
    Pounders are a good example of a weapon with unique characteristics that don't break the fundamental game play mechanics. While I personally feel they are too powerful against Sunderers, they generally do a reasonable amount of damage to vehicles while requiring the user to calculate the arc over distance and the projectile leading. Against infantry they are useless face to face, mediocre within 10m, but good against a single infanrty/MAX 20m+ if the person can aim well enough to hit them dead on. Pounders are well designed, because they have a good balance of user skill and damage output, while remaining true to the physics in the game. All abilities need to be this way.
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  2. cbplayer

    How the **** is this a bug?
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  3. Casterbridge


    Seriously this is getting out of hand.
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  4. Tatwi

    After 3 years, it sure is!
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  5. Hatesphere

    I'm sure this thread will be chalk full of productive discourse....
  6. Jac70

    Somebody get this man a tissue, stat :eek:
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  7. Citizen H

    Accept nothing less than VS getting a 20% ROF decrease to their guns across the board, removal of .75 ADS and a 10% armor nerf to the Magrider and Scythe.
  8. HadesR

    This will end well ....
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  9. SavageBacon

    Someone's salty... 3 years? Maybe you need to walk down real memory lane rather than selective memory lane.
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  10. Villanuk

    Their is always a plus side

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  11. Nogrim313

    can we just start banning these idiots?
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  12. Citizen H

    Yes please. A mass VS ban. Cut the cancer out.
  13. RadarX

    Closing it up! Please review the forum guidelines before posting. Thanks!
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