Why exactly did we need spawn invincibility?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ronin Oni, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Ronin Oni

    Every hard spawn point is protected. This means at any given point in time every player ALWAYS has a safe spawn option (the space outside might not be safe... but that's a different discussion)

    Sunderer's I think are perfectly valid being "risk spawns". Fresh spawned troops are already worth less points as well and not even worth farming (on the other hand, destroying the Sundie IS worth good points)

    Even worse... REVIVED players get the spawn shield????

    How in blazes is this necessary at ALL?!?

    Seriously... this is just about the LAST mechanic you should have pulled from BF3 (the only thing worse would be spawning right on another player... but we have beacons which are so much better for that kind of system)

    Can you please consider removing this mechanic... or at the bare minimum remove it from REVIVED players?
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  2. rockman202

    Because a lot of times, while someone is spawning at a Sundy, they get this long *** load screen, and when it is finished, they find themselves dead, and have to go through that long load screen again.

    Also, medic revives should get the invuln. How the hell are you suppose to know if the area is safe? Before you would turn a corner and see an enemy, he gets luck and you die, you would then see the deploy screen, get revived, accept and get shot down again because you think "oh it was just one guy, he must have been taken out so I can rez safely." Not realizing the medic may be behind cover or there were multiple guys behind the one. Now you have a small chance at getting into cover.
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  3. Big Cyz

    Scrubs cried and got what they wanted.

    Next up: Annihilator nerf.
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  4. NinjaKirby

    I'm afraid I'm with OP, 95% of situations I'm aware of the local situation when I died, and can usually judge comfortably whether it's worthwhile accepting a Resurrection. It would be nice if they added a third option on Resurrection though, altogether; "Accept", "Decline", "Permanent Decline". The latter most being in that particular Death sequence, you can't be spammed with resurrections you aren't going to accept from the same (or multiple) people.

    My PC isn't *that* amazing, but loading screens for me are fast enough to not be an issue.

    Also, I'll accept one death from not knowing the local situation at a Sunderer I've yet to spawn at. It's a gamble, you have to hope the owner of the Sundy has positioned it well, and that it's being defended well. If it's being over-run, hard luck.
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  5. Vanuub

    No they have to spawn somewhere else. There has to be risk.

    Like i said in the roadmap thread, it is only fair for people exiting droppod, provided pods can no longer drop inside a base you dont own.
    Otherwise it needs to be so short that there is no point in it.

    If we can see it we should get to shoot at it. Spawn somewhere than a sunder or dont accept that medic ress if you have a problem with that.

    What should be done about the loading screen issue, is that the players body should not be put into the world before his loading screen has completed. And if that is a problem, just flag it with no-clipping and invisibility (and lock it in place) until then.
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  6. Ronin Oni

    Exactly... I would eat sundy spawn deaths fairly regularly (course that was when lib's and tanks would intentionally leave them alive to farm because the kills were worth a ton and the sundy kill wasn't) but I didn't care a whole lot...

    Just meant I didn't spawn there again.

    and you never need accept a medic revive. If you get picked up and instantly killed... DEFINITELY don't accept a revive from them again (if you have a friend in voice chat, that's obviously different).

    And Vanuub has the right solution.... don't plop the poor bastids body into the field until he's ready for it.
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  7. SnakeTheFroski

    I don't think spawn protection works in a game like this. At the top of my list of balance gripes regarding it: revived players, and particularly: DROP PODS. Drop pods can land the player anywhere in a battle, and being able to land in the middle of an enemy squad, then have 10 seconds (or 5, or whatever the time limit is) to dart around and cause havoc with impunity is absolutely a terrible design decision.
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  8. Ronin Oni

    any movement (WASD) or aiming (ADS, not looking around) or firing breaks the shield.

    At least all of the above are supposed to. Need to test that.

    However what can happen is someone gets revived in front of you... naturally you shoot him... he aim's at your head without ADSing... then ADS's and starts blasting while your already at half clip empty wasted
  9. Hypest

    Because of the three loading screens. The problem is you are spawned after the first loading screen, yet you can't do nothing until the game stops "Loading" for another two times.

    At least that's what i'm thinking. Instead of fixing that, they gave us a protection against it.
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  10. Rivenshield

    We didn't. It's baloney.
  11. Ronin Oni

    Just make decline prevent any further attempts from that person.

    I could refuse 2-4 times if I absolutely must...

    but it's that 1 annoying, likely griefing, medic who just keeps spamming it on you sometimes >.<

    I've taken to accepting further revives if I don't want them and shooting the bloody bloke in the head
  12. Autarkis

    Because Disneyside 2.

    I've gotten the triple load at a Sunderer and died before I had a chance to move. Fine, it happens. Crappy bug combined with a compromised Sunderer. I just pulled up my big boy pants and spawned somewhere else.

    PS2 is trying to "appeal to a wider audience" by making the game playable by your grandmother and entitled 11 year-old brother.

    This is particularly ironic because Smed is not private about his envy of Eve Online and its community. Unfortunately, they can't seem to pinpoint what makes Eve so special and appealing, so they keep steering PS2 in precisely the wrong directions.
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  13. Rigsta

    Communication. "Don't accept that res yet there's still a guy there." You know you're taking a risk by accepting the res. It might suck to die again straight away, but it sucks even more to unload half a mag into someone only for them to turn around and start firing back.

    Medic-res invulnerability completely changes the flow of the fight when you're the one wasting ammo on God.


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  14. Dulu


    How hard is this to understand? Jesus, I'd like to see you kids in UO, HC Diablo 2, or one of the old PVP servers in Everquest.
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  15. {joer

    SOE we told you this was a stupid idea, it was voted down on the whole roadmap thing from what I've been told, you did it anyways.

    Eat crow and fix it please, we won't hate you for making a mistake, we will hate you for pretending you didn't make one.
  16. Diamond Sword

    I don't see a problem with it. As soon as you so much as move (including turning with the mouse) you lose the invulnerability.
  17. Vortok

    It makes less sense that people that received a Medic revive are worth 25 exp and count as a "spawn kill." It's like the game is saying "No, bad! Didn't you see there was a Medic? Go away and give him a minute to reset the fight."
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  18. Dulu

    Simply not true.
  19. Daioh

    cause you can get killed before the game loads for you, thus putting you at a disadvantage.

    next time it happens, take a video of it.
  20. Ash87

    I haven't noticed a sizable difference. Doesn't seem to really influence anything.