Why DON'T you Squad Lead?

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  1. Bvenged

    I snip'ed a lot of that, and only quoted the most relevant to me, but pretty much most of what you said is why I only lead in my outfit or members of other outfits I'm familiar with in coop operations - and avoid the blues.

    I think that then begs the question "why don't more people join competent outfits of like-minded individuals who DO want to play PS2 like a military FPS?" (not a MilSim, but a hybrid modern FPS/MilSim game).

    Is it a lack of awareness or a lack of interest, or both?
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  2. Canaan

    First, like others, I jump around alot.

    Second, I prefer to give guidance/another opinion, rather than actively lead.

    Third, I rage alot whenever I play, and would rather not end up not making my squad the audience for my vocal rage.
  3. Bvenged

    Farming is a very dead-end play style in PS2; you don't "improve", it never changes, there's no sense of development, just shallow accomplishment.

    Why don't you play other games that sell themselves on their shooting mechanics... or more appropriately, why do you play PlanetSide 2 for the farm and not for anything else it has to offer?
  4. f0d

    because most people dont listen to squad leaders (in pub squads)

    they would rather be farming at crossroads or crown area then do the right thing which (imo) is to defend your own land FIRST (your factions share of the map) then to disable and attack bases that matter secondary (like tech plants so your enemy cant use MBT's)

    sitting there defending a base that isnt even connected to the lattice is no use whatsoever

    too many people care about farming in this game so i just dont bother
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  5. Nephera

    done it before, sucessfully, enjoyed it.

    I just dont like talking on a mic and thats really the best way to maximize effectiveness.
  6. come1l

    Because farming is fun.

    My farming is not the typical "Locked-on prowler waiting in front of an empty spawn room".

    It can be battle gal farming ground targets or air targets. It can be two-man AT prowler farming enemy vehicle zerg. It can be standing on the top of a mountain and farm enemy aircrafts with a beacon and several striker. It can be trolling in front of enemy warpgate, standing on a bridge and wait for enemy aircrafts. It can be five infiltrators running around hotspot sundies.

    Why do u think people will join a public squad instead of an outfit squad? Because they don't want to be commanded like a dog and die 5 times a minute because "We must have this post, rush to the objective", says the typical outfit leader.
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  7. Pikachu

    Lead a squad? Ain't nobody got time for that.
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  8. Pokebreaker

    Moreso the lack of availability. I've been hard pressed to find one that only plays PS2, and plays it more than 2-3 times per week, for a few hours. I've been through the commons, and they'll have good numbers to make for full squads/platoon, but will lack in the area of members actually trying to play as a team, moreso than moving in the same direction as everyone else for transport.

    If only the larger outfits could build some sort of exclusivity, where they could have people desiring to join, but could be selective about recruitment and retention. To somewhat try to encourage those that join to follow the rules of the outfit (and still have fun), but remove those who aren't suited for that playstyle. Maybe our types are actually the minority of the playerbase, so the outfits are spread very thin, being diluted by the large number of "organized" zerg outfits. Who knows...
  9. LibertyRevolution

    I lead randoms, I just pick a few randoms and invite them, I do this purely out of self interest though.
    I like having access to my spawn beacon and an extra waypoint for my map.

    A squad of 2 is my preferred size, just me and my gunner.
  10. Bvenged

    You've actually got pretty poor statistics for a farmer. I'd actually go out on a limb and say: You actually enjoy the fights in a sandbox battlefield and the assortment of engagements - not the farm.

    Farming to me is running around a medium-sized or dead-end fight using easy gear, hanging back behind a wall of players killing instead of driving forwards. You're too adventurous to be a proper farmer.
  11. NinjaTurtle

    I am a line manager in my real life job (stock control and merchandising), I don't want to lead in my recreational time as well I prefer to just relax
  12. Bvenged



    Shameless plug. :p

    At least on Miller, there's a couple of outfits as you described knocking about. Is this a problem over on Waterson?

    Perhaps PS2 doesn't necessarily need more random platoon or squad leaders, but instead have more outfit variety, more encouragement to be in an outfit, or alternatively more incentive to run an outfit (or raise awareness of existing ones)?
  13. YerMama

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  14. MFP_TK_01

    In the same boat (or bird in this case) here. I used to lead raids constantly. I even took over raids for other leaders when they got fed up with it. One thing I tell people about those days is that 60 people join up to run a raid. At any given time up to a dozen are afk and just attached to somebody else, 6 or 7 got lost on the way to the next point, another 5 are asking you to wait just a second longer because "They are almost there" for the last 2 minutes, 2 or 3 are actively trying to countermand you, another dozen haven't even got a clue what is going on, and whatever is left is what is actually pulling the weight of the group.
    It's a lot of stress and quite frankly I've served my time. I'll continue leading my group and any add-ons that join us but I'll leave the big time to somebody more eager and willing these days.
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  15. DukeFlash

    For the record, I'm a solo player usually and never feel comfortable in outfits anymore, though I have lead platoons and squads in the past (rarely). For me it's just a compounding of many smaller reasons that I don't do it anymore:

    Players don't use mics
    OR players spam their mics / voice chit-chat too much
    Players who don't follow orders or simply don't respond
    Trying to play / lead by example whilst simultaneously coordinating your people.

    Also, I have a temper and lost my tolerance for clueless / unresponsive players
    If they're legitimately new players, however, it's the opposite: I'll go out of my way to teach new players everything they need to know and show infinite patience, so long as they don't repeat the same mistakes over & over again. The problem here goes back to players not communicating as a problem. I bet a lot of new players are silent. I treat everyone like they should already know what they're doing unless I have reason to believe otherwise... which leads to me thinking everyone around are idiots, most of the time.

    Players without mics seem to think they shouldn't use text chat, either, which makes no sense to me.


    I've been thinking, it might go a long way if platoon leads took time to first organize their squads into like-minded people, it might make squad leading much easier. Such as all (or most) pilots into one squad, or people who will gun for pilots. Vehicle 'cavalry' into another, and Infantry into the last two squads. I know it's rather idealized (and the infantry might pull their own sunderers & escorts as needed) but I think a little prep work would go a long way.

    Alpha: Air-wing
    Bravo: Basic infantry
    Charlie: 'crazy charlie' Infantry, the demolition or kamikaze type of players
    Delta: 'black knight' cavalry (delta has black color)

    I'm too lazy to actually try to organize it, though, especially as a regular thing.
    Just seemed like a good topic to share my thoughts.
    I also like to assign capture points to their alphabet counter-parts whenever possible, makes it easier to coordinate, though this clashes with making Alpha an airwing as there will always be an 'A' point on the ground and they may not be able to get on it.
  16. Codex561

    I used to lead massive forces that captured entire continents but after a while organising all my forces became too much of a chore so now i only lead small outfit squads of maximum 8 people.
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    I don't run public squads because of the lack of a ban feature. I've had way too much trouble with smartasses, people who like to question finalized decisions, and micspammers to even consider running public squads or platoons.
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  18. ArmedGoose

    One reason: certs.
    ppl want them. ppl need them. anyone not yet BR100 needs them. ppl who are candidates to join a random public squad even more so.
    Most of those ppl wont really commit to a "higher plan" so to speak; they wont easily abandon a good farming position or leave a freshly pulled vehicle behind to redeploy to where they are needed more or the warpgate.
    Dont get me wrong... I am not complaining, there is nothing wrong with "those ppl". Of course not.
    But there is something wrong with me if I sacrifice my game time trying to herd some random lemmings. Knowing beforehand that the odds of success are against me...
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  19. Midgetdan

    I would, but alas I have no mic :(
  20. Bvenged

    Then pick one up for £10-20 ($20-30)!