Why don't we have 155 damage guns ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DxAdder, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. DxAdder

    We have 143/167 which I consider to be 140/170 but in any case where are the 155? 185 ? damage tier guns.

    I can see 155's being NS or TR while a 185 would be NC.
  2. Prudentia

    because it's pointless
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  3. keqe

    Because the damages we are using now are exact divides from HP pool of players (500+500=1000)


    Only point of having damages between those damages is having a bit more range compared to the slightly lower damage. Might as well just change damage degration instead to keep numbers simple.

    155 is still 7 shot kill like 143. 185 is still 6 shot kill. It changes nothing if you don't consider wounded enemies or nanoweave shenanigans.
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  4. FateJH

    To expound:
    143 --> 286 --> 429 --> 572 --> 715 --> 858 --> 1001 (7 shots)
    155 --> 310 --> 465 --> 620 --> 775 --> 930 --> 1085 (7 shots)

    167 --> 334 --> 501 --> 668 --> 835 --> 1002 (6 shots)
    185 --> 370 --> 555 --> 740 --> 925 --> 1110 (6 shots)
  5. Pikachu

    Extended minimum kill range.
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  6. DxAdder

    Thanks !
  7. Prudentia

    and better Nanoweave penetration i know
    but all it would really do would create a huge amount of whining by people who would sit down and calculate DPS for it noticing that it has higher DPS and crying from all heavens how OP those weapons would be
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  8. keqe

    Which can just be adjusted by damage degration, while keeping intact the same damages for simplicity.

    Only thing to gain from those damages is nanoweave stuff compared to other means to adjust damage at range.
  9. Mongychops

    1. Nanoweave
    2. Anyone who has taken damage from any other source
    3. MAXes
    4. Light Vehicles
    5. Infiltrators (-100 shield)
    6. Heavy Assault (overshield)
    7. Medic (health regen / shield bubble regen)
    8. Med kit / Resto kit
    I'm not saying the intermediate damage tiers make sense, but there is more to them than just nanoweave.

    An example of (5) is the Commissioner, it is an intermediate between the 334 and 500 tiers, at 450, it will OHK head shot infiltrators but not another class.
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  10. Iridar51

    There is TRAP-M1, which has maximum damage of 184 and minimum damage of 167.
  11. DxAdder

    Interesting info, in the future maybe we can see some more different weapon damage options or even different weapons.
  12. FnkyTwn

    Hell, why not have them just as a new revenue stream for DBG? I would buy them. I buy most guns with SC unless it's obscenely cheap. I'd rather have some effort going into new infantry guns than the considerable time wasted on Max gun reskins.

    $$$ MONEY $$$
  13. Leftconsin

    As Iridar said we do have an off model gun, The TRAP. The TRAP is also odd in that it drops merely half a damage tier to 167.

    Personally I think the half damage tiers should be an NC thing to reflect nanoweave penetration. Like just bumping up the GODSAW to a 223dmg/500rpm damage model.
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  14. KnightCole

    This game would be amusing to see without NWA for a month. THen maybe other kit slots would be used more.....

    And I did some messing with odd damage numbers. a 155dmg gun would give you like 1 less shot to kill over a 143 dmg if the guy is wearing a certain level of NWA>...

    IT wouldnt help straight up, but against certain levels of NWA, various damage ranges buy you 1 less shot or so....it is mostly pointless, considering TTK and hit detect is very buggy and questionable anyway...
  15. MotionBlured

    It would just be another tier to tweak numbers with. Damage is usually balanced by ROF, so another damage tier wouldn't really change anything noticeably.
  16. TheBloodEagle

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  17. Lucidius134

    I agree.

    This could be what the sub 650 ROF 143 damage tier weapons could use. Restrict 143 to 690rof+ weapons.
  18. Fellhermit

    Factions just need better diversity of existing tiers, maybe more varied drop-off.

    It was a poor decision from the get-go to load TR and VS with the lower tiers and NC with the higher ones. There's only so much variation you can make with each tier, plus each tier is innately better for some things so trying to tweak 143 guns to work as well for longer ranges as 167 or 200 is usually a waste.
  19. TheKhopesh

    This is exactly right.
  20. qiray12

    Its the same as with HVA it doesnt help with killing faster unless the target is already wounded (wich almost never is the case).

    Id rather see diffrent RoF then diffrent damage profiles.