Why don't VS and NC ever fight each other on Waterson?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TotalNoob, May 3, 2014.

  1. TotalNoob

    Can anyone who plays regularly on Waterson VS or NC explain why they never fight each other during the alerts? Sometimes you get massive fronts where NC and VS territory border but there is zero activity. The only activity is 48+ v 48+ on TR borders.

    I'm not complaining. The TR normally wtfpwn everyone even though they fight two factions working together. Or sometimes VS will creep up and still all the NC land right at the end and win. Fair play to them as they're usually the underdogs and deserve to win sometimes.

    NC never, ever win. Who decided this was a good idea and why do you continue to do it?
  2. Frosty The Pyro

    I have no idea what you are talking about, as waterson NC, we fight VS all the time.
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  3. Dead soldier

  4. KnightCole

    NC never win Alerts? On Waterson? I see them win all the time.
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  5. Malcmodnar

    Funny, it seems like the TR and NC always team up on us during alerts.

    Planetside has three factions. Each one has, ideally, a third of a continent, meaning each faction has borders adjacent to the other two. This means that each faction will try to expand along all its borders into both others' territory. It's a war on two fronts.

    It'll almost always seem like both other factions are attacking you, because they probably are. What you don't see is the series of battles along the enemy factions' shared border, because you aren't directly involved in those. Unless one faction has a massive advantage, I promise you that there's no alliance. We hate the TR as much as you do, and the thought of cooperating with you foul NC scum our enlightenment-challenged NC friends is unbearable.
  6. Cirevam

    I fight VS during the day and TR at night. I'll also go looking for fights with the other faction when certain people start showing up and making things unfun.
  7. The Rogue Wolf

    "They're always teaming up against us! Why don't they focus on each other so we can steamroll them both and win?"

    Personally, I tend to focus on whoever has the greater population on that particular continent. It's more fun that way. ;)
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  8. Phyr

    TR (39%) and NC(34%) just teamed up on the VS (27%) at the end of the alert.

    why don't TR and NC ever fight each other!?!?!?!
  9. -Synapse-

    We didn't fight each other because there was a large resistance on the VS front. If we left to stomp the NC you would've steamroll our territory.
  10. Vortech

    Every faction says the same thing on Waterson.. The choice on who to engage goes much deeper then faction preference.
  11. eldarfalcongravtank

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  12. Goden

    Doesn't every faction always accuse the others of double-teaming?
  13. Nerp

    Why don't vs tr and nc ever fight each other instead of teaming up on NS. I swear to god, NS never wins any alerts. This is so unfair.
  14. Dtswiss

    As an NC: TR and VS always seem to team up
    As an VS: TR and NC always seem to team up
    As an TR: VS and NC always seem to team up

    This pretty much sums up the topic
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  15. EGuardian1

    Subjective View: I detest fighting VS Maxes. I'd much rather fight Pounder/Mercy/Fracture TR Maxes than Vortex/Comet/Blueshift Maxes that are stupidly powerful in groups.

    I'd much rather shove my Titan 150AP down a Prowler's throat than watch as Magriders strafe dodge my shots while Saroning me to death.
  16. uhlan

    This is one of those...

    ..."I have played for two days and here is my professional observation" threads...

    ...isn't it...
  17. Casterbridge

    I hope so...
  18. Whatupwidat

    I LOVE fighting VS MAXes - they're so squishy :p
  19. Casterbridge

    NS win all the alerts, no matter who loses NS always wins