Why don't MAXes show up as what they are on the minimap?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by miraculousmouse, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. miraculousmouse

    I'm sure many of you have had the misfortune in larger battles where you see a dot on the minimap, round the corner and instead of a soft target it's a scattermax or something camping and waiting for victims. Of course this would never happen if his decal on the minimap was the big M at all times. And yes, I have headphones and I do listen for footsteps whenever I KNOW there is a MAX (or when there's a M on the ******* minimap instead of a regular dot).
  2. TriumphantJelly

    The spotted icon is different. If people insist on having spotting, then we can at least balance the game with it in mind.
  3. patrykK1028

    You can see it on minimap as normal unit when hes firing his gun, and as MAX when somebody Q-spots him.
    I dont see any problem here
  4. miraculousmouse

    Vehicles immediatly show up as what they are on the minimap after getting spotted. Same should be with maxes. Motion spotters and recon darts should also show MAXes as what they are.
  5. miraculousmouse

    Whenever I turn a corner, assuming i'm motion spotted or spotted myself he'll also know i'm there. So if it's a scat max, he just instagibs me as I peek around or if he has pounders or something boom most of my health is gone.
  6. TriumphantJelly

    I really don't want a big M on my map. It'd look ******* horrible.
  7. Diilicious

    this problem doesnt seem to be related to the map.
  8. Astriania

    Maxes DO show up with their symbol when they're spotted. They don't if it's just a red dot from firing or movement (recon dart or radar), and I think that's fair.
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  9. patrykK1028

    Then its your problem.
    I could say that I want RLs to instagib tanks because I dont like being killed by them and it would sound just like your sentence
  10. miraculousmouse

    Nah, it wouldn't. Whenever there's a magrider, I attack it differently than I would a harasser or flash. I'm sure C4 fairies take into account the manueverability of the magrider or the speed of the prowler or the shield of the vanguard when they are going to drop their present, and also take into account if it's a lightning or sunderer (which could be guarded by other players). Just like I attack a MAX unit differently than i'd attack a camping infiltrator.

    Why isn't there one minimap decal for every vehicle?
  11. patrykK1028

    You played 480 hours and you still havent noticed that each vehicle has its own icon on minimap?
  12. miraculousmouse

    Lol... l2read.
  13. Rikkit

    MAX-Units show up as what they are on motion spotters, thats why they superior to scout radar/recon darts in fighst where you can afford to be stationary to some extent (which is true for most fights inside a base)

    PS: The only real problem with Motion spotter is, you need a high rank of it, to be effektive (50m range is so OP)
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  14. William Petersen

    Try turning on your sound. I have /never/ been surprised by a MAX who was actively moving/shooting.
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  15. Hatesphere

    not sure what you mean, are you saying you want maxes to be auto spotted on your mini map like tanks when they are within "X" range? (to be decided) if so I hope that you also want to give maxes a stealth cert line just like tanks.
  16. Wafflepancake

    You're just full of complaints arn't ya?

    The dots show up on the map as a sort of reactionary sensory to bullet fire. If you use your own senses you can hear a max from a mile away, and it's very easy to know if they're close or not.
    Now if it was radar from say an ESF or a flash I would be in agreement that the radar should show more than just the dot. Maybe a bigger dot or somewhat different from regular infantry. Just not the icon used to show what direction they are facing as with Q spotting/motion spotter.
  17. William Petersen

    Nah. ESF and Flash and dart radar only show dots for people who are in-motion. MAXes in-motion are just as easy to hear as MAXes who are shooting.
  18. Dethfield

    I usually hear enemy MAX's long before i see a dot on the map or their icon. Not that hard, and makes it easy to prepare.
  19. miraculousmouse

    Kk sh!tter, as long as they don't get their LOLNOPE charge when half of their health is gone or anti-c4 armor.
  20. \m/SLAYER\m/

    but MAX isnt vehicle, it just an suit. and not only MAX could camp behind corner, could be engineer with AI, HA with RL or shotgun.. if you're not expecting that enemy will hide, and wait for you, then shooters not for you