why doesn't anyone use jump jets to move BACKWARDS????

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by ArcKnight, May 16, 2013.

  1. ArcKnight

    seriously you can go forwards and backwards with it, so why is the latter less ( never ) used, I've found it to be quit useful even though I've only used it when I really don't have an option

    if this is a bug then I don't want it fixed
  2. RogueComet

    When jump jetting around, my fingers are always pressing one direction or another. Forward, back, side (this happens most often, you get extra speed and unpredictability out of it, hence the straif shooting I do), it's all good. The only time I am NOT pressing a direction is when I want extra height out of my jump (or I need to go almost straight up). Not pressing a direction key actually gets you extra height.

    Still... you are right, moving around while jumping is a fantastic skill to learn and master. Remember to aim down sights while shooting though to minimize your cone of fire.
  3. PaperPlanes

    Because when someone starts shooting at you while you're jetting, the smartest thing to do is cut off the thrust and just drop into them while spraying. Moving around hurts your spread a lot more (because you're getting further away from the enemy) and you are a ridiculously easy target to hit while floating around with your jets.

    Just drop right into their face, you'll usually kill them quickly with headshots and most people can't keep their aim on you when you drop at the speed of the game's gravity.
  4. ArcKnight

    adding a laser sight really helps with ADS CoF

    I'm in the VR for hours on end trying to get the hang of strafing, but no high points for drifters:(
  5. Batisat

    I'm pretty sure that a laser sight only helps with hipfire, not ADS
  6. Posse

    I'm not a LA player, but seeing from the other side, if you are flying backwards then I don't have to move my aim because you are still at the same angle if you get higher but further away from me, it would be the easiest kill ever.
  7. ArcKnight

    try saying that after watching this video

  8. Batisat

    Woah I never knew about this. Looks like it does affect it. I take back what I said but you could have worded it clearer, saying 'adding a laser sight really helps with ADS CoF' without saying it affects it while in air and ADSing is abit misleading.
  9. ArcKnight

    but I'm worried since the devs enjoy nerfing anything new we find that they never expected us to do
  10. RogueComet

    Dropping jets isn't always the best thing to do once being shot at. Also your statement for the fact that you are a floating target when using your jets, thus easy to "rediculously easy to hit" is also not always true.

    I'm a HUGE advocate of what I call strafe shooting. Take two or three running steps forward and start to trigger your jump jets in a constant on/off cycle so you stay only 2 to 5 meters above the ground. You continue the same forward momentum if you burst fire the jump jets. After about 1/2 second of forward momentum in the air, combine A or D with the forward (W) keypresses. If you continuously hold down W and D (or W and A), you will then, while jetting strafe in a super fast arc around your target. Aim down sights and rotate your mouse and you can move so quickly that even without drifter jets, if done correctly, you can still make almost two complete circuits around your target.

    Trust me, master that little move and you will not feel that being in the air makes you an easy target. Enemies would have to track you in two-dimensions when you do this, tracking left/right and a bobbing motion up/down (by triggering your jets on and off). Players on the ground already know about this, it is called bunny hopping. You can be even more effective, due to the speed gain that you get while strafe shooting in the air though so it is definitely worth mastering. Don't forget to aim down sights unless you are super close.

    I really should create a video about strafe shooting, because it is the #1 most effective way to engage enemies that I've found in the game so far. I've actually gotten tons of tells from people saying "OMG! How did you spin around me so quickly? Are you cheating?" I keep putting off creating a video of that though because I don't want too many people to realize just how good it actually is.
  11. Compass

    I use them to go backwards. I love doing it against an enemy LA who has normal jump jets and takes off, then falls down as I continue to lazily drift.
  12. ArcKnight

    I wish I could've seen that
  13. Compass

    He died. Fall death.
  14. ArcKnight

    I wish drifters had a bit more vertical thrust so my descent would be slower
  15. Compass

    If you don't move at all, you reduce your descent speed. You can fly out and park in place.
  16. Gomezie

    Because moving backwards keeps you in your enemies site, why would you want that?
  17. LibertyRevolution

    Run through enemy, jump, spin, jumpjet, hold s, fly backwards while shooting them in the head as they wonder where you went.
    The reason is is not done often? It is harder to pull off than just holding spacebar...