Why does Wraith Flash have onboard weapons?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by orangejedi829, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. orangejedi829

    But it's 'creativity' if a flash driver does it.

    Pointless accusations are pointless.
  2. Foxirus

    Its also a vehicle that can be one hit by literally every type of heavy ordinance. As well as the driver being completely exposed to EVERYTHING.

    People whining over things like this is why we don't get nice ****. Seriously, Get over it.
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  3. orangejedi829

    This is indeed a good guide, thank you for taking the time to reply in such a thorough and thoughtful manner. However, it's unfortunately beside the point of the thread. Everyone here understands that there are many ways to kill a flash. That does not, however, automatically justify any and all weapons it may have. It's the same as with infiltrators. There are many ways to detect, counter, and kill squishy infiltrators, yet they're still not allowed to use normal infantry weapons like shotguns and LMGs, for good reason. The same should be true for wraith flash, but it isn't.
    So, ultimately, there are only two ways to be consistent: either wraith flash should lose its onboard weapons, or infiltrators should be given access to normal infantry guns (shotguns, carbines, etc.).
    Which will it be?
  4. orangejedi829

    Thank you for that incredibly constructive reply.
    Truly, your presence is an asset to this forum.
  5. Foxirus

    Thanks. I like to keep it simple and to the point. You know I am right. If we didn't have people always crying about the most simple of things, This game would be better off.
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  6. orangejedi829

    Trust me, if I thought there was even the slightest chance that eliminating balance complaint threads would magically make the devs decide to start developing some sort of metagame, I'd be 100% on board with you. Unfortunately, I think you're doing nothing more than deluding yourself.
  7. Foxirus

    If we give you this leeway with flashes.. Next you are going to be calling for AP rounds and tank shots not to one hit kill infantry. Funny thing is, I have already seen people trying to make that seem like a good idea...
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  8. orangejedi829

    ^Slippery Slope Fallacy, argument invalidated.
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  9. Moridin6

    ill even trade some More health
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  10. orangejedi829

    TBH, I would be okay with either solution.
  11. Moridin6

    as much as my gut reaction is HELL YEAH GIMMEGIMME i think infiltrator gameplay is more fun/rewarding in the long run when you get the hang of it despite the hindrances (depending on cloak of course)

    when youre out there and pistoling and shanking fools you feel like Predator, a powerful hunter ninja somethn

    and that Would be taken away from if you could just chilll cloaked forever until unleashing with an smg.

    which reminds me to mention that the flash Cannot stay cloaked forever, so its more like hunter cloak than stalker
  12. Rikkit

    Hmm, i'm not shure, that i can follow your argumentation, but you have some valid points and some weak points.
    That cloakers ahve no access to LMG's is true, but also for any other class, which isn't a Havy, so i'll ignore this weapon class.

    The shotgun thing, is a more valid point, but in my opinion, it's not because of weapon power, but because of history.
    Back in beta, cloakers were allowed to wield shotguns. Combined with the current (beta-time) level of cloak, and the low level of general experience, it was to strong in the eyes of the devs. I don't know if they still think so, or just to buzzy to change it.
    Later they implemented a new weapon type, which turns out, to be more user friendly and fullfills a similar roll to the shotguns, some people argue, they even do a better job on it. I'm talking about smg's which have become a seond nature of cloakers.
    So if I follow your argumentation, smg's shouldn't be available to cloakers either, so we have an other "inconsitent" to your rule.
    btw, the NC-smg "Cyclon" and the "Tempest" even more, is also known as a carbine in disguise.
    When they implemented the ES Sniper rifles, the NC-rifle "Railjack" has had a shotgun as secondary firemode, but, having a longrage and cqc weapon in one rifle was to hard to balance, so they canceled it last minuite. So you can't say, they didn't thought about giving cloakers access to shotguns later on.
    If a cloaker want's to enjoy a playstyle similar to a shotgun, esp simmilar to the one of a pumpaction shotgun, he can use hard hitting primarys, and his knife. For example the Crossbow +knife combo kills as fast as a shotgun, on a compareable range. (with less room for error). So you can't say, that the devs are afraid of giving the cloaker access guns compareable stong to shotguns.
    Also since the invention of the powerknife, the cloaker can wield a true One hit bodyshot weapona t close range.
    Which emitts a unique sound as drawback.
    Wait, unique sound as drawback for huge killing potential, hmm sounds like a flash to me.
    So i can see some consistence here.

    Carbines, well at least NC has a smg, that is compareable to a carbine, beside that, should the Havy and the Medic should also have access to the Carbine as well? and why is only the medic allowed to equip an Assault rifle?
    Sorry, but weapon restrictions around class specific guns, are a verry weak argument to beginn with, at least in my opinion.

    If this all is ********, let me know, it's late here and i have had a great eveneing with friends...

    PS: What if not the fact how easy you can kill the (weapon)system justify if something should be allowed to have a gun equiped? Noone likes to be a pacifist in a wargame.
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  13. orangejedi829

    Weapon restrictions exist across all classes because of balance reasons. Medics, Engineers, and LAs are "normal" soldiers and have access to Carbines and ARs (which are essentially the same). They have the highest DPS/lowest TTK of the automatic weapons. HAs, due to their increased durability, have access to LMGs, which have large magazines but less DPS and higher TTK than ARs and Carbines. This is to help keep HAs and the other classes on more of a level playing field. Finally, infiltrators only have access to sniper rifles, scout rifles, and SMGs, all of which are generally less effective than ARs, Carbines, or LMGs in normal combat (how many non-infiltrators do you see running around with SMGs? There may be some that are "carbines in disguise", but an actual carbine is still better). And the idea that an SMG is "just as good as" a shotgun at suprise attacks is inaccurate, IMO, as SMG TTK is usually more than long enough for the victim to react. This isn't true for shotguns or wraith flash weapons.
    Giving a wraith flash access to all the same weapons as a non-wraith flash is just like giving an infiltrator access to the higher-tier weapons that soldiers who can't become invisible carry.
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  14. EPIC389

    Wraith Flash= Best AA weapon in the game
  15. DeadlyOmen

    You're a cry bully.

    You don't shoot your way out of anything. You cry your way out. You should change your signature from a person wielding a weapon to a person wielding a tissue.
  16. L0st1

    That is crap I blow the drive off of flashes all of the time. Its not that hard look for the handlebars.

    You got caught and got one shotted by a heavy weapon, get over it.
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  17. Liewec123

    come at me bro! :D
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  18. Moridin6

    id pay for that
  19. Liewec123

    someone mentioned on the forums last week that if you pulled a vehicle from a busy terminal and while you're waiting in the vehicle queue you switch to max, when your vehicle spawns you'll be driving it as max.

    a couple of days ago i was waiting for my flash in a really really long queue and thought "what the hell, lets do it!" XD
    pretty useless and i got blown up by a lightning, but interesting to see!
    i was hoping the max would sit on it, that would look awesome :)
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  20. orangejedi829

    Oh noes! :O

    Have you even read the other posts in the thread? "I get killed a lot on a flash, therefore any and all weapons are justified" is not a viable argument. Sorry.