Why does this class still have C4??

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Anomalous, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. Leivve

    Only time when I die to c4 is either from some pilot running stealth flying all the way to my tank, jumping out then c4 as they fall.

    Every other time I put my self in a spot fulling knowing I'll get C4'd but I feel greedy that moment and don't care when I do.
  2. Daigons

    I'm not sure which way to die is worse. Getting C4ed by someone jumping out of a plane or getting squished by a Galaxy.
  3. Leivve

    C4 because at least with a galaxy you know it was planned out.
  4. DirArtillerySupport

    Floating people...can't wrap my head around that. He's up there floating around like he doesn't belong there and now he's going to drop explosives on my head. It makes the game look dumb....like jump pads.
  5. Littleman

    C4 belongs in everyone's hands. If an LA can drop a brick on your tank, you made yourself a willing target. Stay a little mobile, look around, especially up, where most C4 comes from.

    And if you get C4ed by any other class, especially a medic, just quit tanking altogether - you literally had to let that player plant C4 on your tank to get C4ed. Rules of thumb: don't park under anything tall that infantry can easily climb and get a height advantage over you. Don't sit in one spot zoomed in on the high traffic area of your latest kill farm - it's not hard to flank a tunnel visioned tank. I recommend proximity radar if you're this type of tanker. Basically, just never set yourself up to make it easy for infantry to get close.

    And know that if you can avoid C4 as a tank, you can avoid it as a MAX. Same rules apply to both, and players are absurdly predictable when up against either as a result of these simple rules. When the thing that kills you most as a MAX are bullets, you know you're doing something right, if somehow wrong at the same time, 'cause you died to bullets!
  6. TheFlamingLemon

    To make MBT players salty. It takes a lot more effort than you would think to drifter c4 an MBT and it's easily countered by just being even kind of vigilant.
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  7. SupaFlea

    and when i think of Tank i think of TANK CREW as i dont recall any tank that can be driven and fire by the same person, but 50% of Tanks are single driver and gunner, I would be happy as a LA to give up my C4 if MBT's need a dedicated driver and gunner and the driver was unable to fire the main gun.
  8. Reclaimer77

    Man you tank drivers just cry about everything. Almost as bad as the "Sky Knight" Flight Simulator rejects in Planetside.

    If you die to C-4 you just suck. 'Nuff said.
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