Why does this class still have C4??

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Anomalous, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. Anomalous

    When you hear the word LIGHT assault, do you think "Oh that class kills tanks with a press of a single button"

    I could understand maybe a sticky grenade that is good against MAX suits but other than that the light assault shouldnt have such a powerful weapon.
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  2. Heelixs

    Personally I think too many people play tanks. Like a fakin World of Tanks. I go to the 48-96 battle (50-50 forces) on Indar Excavation Site and I see 40 tanks against A point in the citadel. And I wonder if people understand that you can't take a point INSIDE the base with a tank or spamming shells at the front door. So you should get destroyed for that.
    Second thing is that average damage from single shell is around 2000. That's twice the health pool (except for the infiltrator). Moreover,MBT's have second gunner that should be protecting the goddamn tank and you have a proximity radar as an option in the defense slot. And more interesting thing is that you can pull your mouse up to check out the skies/air space around you. If you don't do that,honestly it's your fault that you're being blown up by a C-4.
    And yeah,LA is designed to cause havoc,and be the fastest,the most versatile,the most agile and most madafakin illest guy in the battlefield!
    Holla! :D
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  3. Iridar51

    С4 is only a problem with drifter jets nobody uses. Everything else is mad cuz bad.
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  4. Scr1nRusher

    Indar Ex is a 3 point tower base with A point inside the Tower itself(which is bad base/game design).

    Its the base design/point placement, not the Tanks.
  5. _itg

    c4'ing tanks is the closest we get to being the guy in the official trailer:

  6. Problem Officer

    Give LA rocket launchers, AP mines and tank mines, still less OP.
    The only class I'll use for C4 farming, it's not situational as opposed to the others.

    More importantly we can't land on vehicles like that, it's embarrassing to have left that feature out for so long.
    At most there's that one sig someone had of the VS MAX surfing a Scythe...
    That's an ability the LA should have instead of C4.
  7. Tanelorn

    C4 is completely OP when DROPPED on vehicles. That's silly. However, PLACED like a limpet mine, I'm ok with the heavy damage.

    Light assault can have C4, I don't mind that. It's not a huge heavy item. But letting them fly over a tank and instakill it, THAT I have a problem with.
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  8. JojoTheSlayer

    I actually dont have an issue with Light Assault having C4.
    I think its questionable that Medic and HA, since it already has other AV weapons, having it as well.
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  9. Heelixs

    True point. But if the base is designed the way that is designed situation suggests that players adapt to the base not the way around

    I think that's okay. You have gunners and proximity radar and you can look around with mouse. use those things and you'll get less killed by C-4.
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  10. Scr1nRusher

    What you said was extremely stupid on many levels.
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  11. Leivve

    Because it fits the roll perfectly. As you said we're LIGHT assault not heavy. So c4 is the only thing we should have.
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  12. OldMaster80

    Imho C4 should only belong to 1 or 2 classes, and it should be something you place, not something you can drop from the top of a tower. Right now it's more like a remote controlled ultra-powerful grenade.
    But it has to be like this because in PS2 there can be a huge amount of vehicles: since they changed the resources system and removed the aquisition cooldown infantry needed more counters to vehicle spam.

    That's why tanks can have Scout Radar in the defensive slot.
  13. Akashar

    Because right now, and since the dawn of the game, they don't have anything? I mean, yay, you got jetpacks, but that's all. Infiltrators got recon darts and cloak, engies ammo, turret, repair, medics revive, heal, shield, heavies overshield, RL, and light assaults have...jetpacks. But, yeah, it's cool.
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  14. Eternaloptimist

    I accept, as a new convert to LA, that using C4 as mines or grenades is probably a bit exploitative but I've had to make dangerous and exposed journeys to get somewhere I can perch on an exposed ledge to drop C4 on a tank sitting underneath. So I don't have an issue with it. What alternative would you suggest giving LA? If anything, I wqonder why HA gets C4 in additioon to it's other explosives whereas LA has nothing else as a tool or a tertiary weapon. We only carry two and are often a long way from resupplly once we've used them.
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  15. CMDante

    If a LA kills your tank with C4 you deserved to die, that is all.
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  16. GarryStutter

    100 nanites worth of explosives, which can fail. No increase in experience gained hunting a tank over infantry combat, or infantry "farming" in a vehicle.
    So definitely a mans job, C4'ing=objective pursuing work.
  17. Serialkillerwhale

    You die? No big deal, the C4 teleports to your new body.

    You succeed? You just blew up 450 Nanites and a long drive after near-zero effort.

    C4 Fairies aren't difficult, Using C4 on a legit class is difficult.

    Dealing with C4 Fairies is usually untenable at best and asinine at worst, there's nothing you can do except hope against all odds the gunner is looking the fairies direction and kills them before those nuclear charges touch your paper mache tank.
  18. Who Garou

    Sounds like someone is scared of Light Assaults with C-4.
    It seems that they are fulfilling their purpose in the game.

    The solution to Light Assaults or any Infantry assaults on ground vehicles is radar. You can equip radar on Lightnings or Main Battle tanks.
    If you are so worried about Light Assaults with C-4, start running radar on your tanks.
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  19. Shiaari

    This class still has C4 because the only time a tank gets destroyed by C4 is when the driver did something stupid, like sit still, or drive too close to buildings and other cover, or linger under overhangs like a llama.

    If your tank got C4'd it happened because you blundered, not because the LA was skillful. Yeah, I said it. C4 remains in the hands of Light Assaults because Darwin.

    Everytime you lose a tank to C4 I want you to slap yourself on the forehead and say, "DERP!" Eventually you'll learn how to drive a tank.
  20. Demigan

    Why does LA still have C4? Because the Devs never thought to give the LA class the last punch in the face to finish it off.

    Aside from that, the LA has lacked any real role for ages. C4 fairying is the most useful thing they can do. Personally I never get C4red unless there's an easy reason why they could: Standing next to a building or other cover that allows an LA to approach me safely. C4 fairies are the easiest targets to kill. They have to overextend, they have to fly to avoid vision and this means they are slow and easily shot. Any tank can simply back up and already outrun an LA, drive forwards to tank one and they will never land a second. All it requires is that you or one friendly spots the LA in time.
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