Why does the spiker not 167dmg per shot model?

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Codex561, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. Codex561


    Unless it was changed just tell me but else.... why does it have a useless 125dmg model?!
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  2. Scr1nRusher

    What to know how much damage that 4 burst does at that damage model?


    Want to know what the damage would be for a 167 damage 4 shot?


    Want to know what the damage would be for a 200 damage 4 shot?


    The problem is that it should have a 6 round burst not a 4 round burst.

    for the time(and how long your vulnerable) a 4 round burst isn;t worth it.
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  3. Codex561

    No it also needs a 167dmg model like the desperado. 125 is smg tier damage which comes with 800+ RoF
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  4. Scr1nRusher

    I'm disagreeing with you on that.

    I'm just saying they should make it a 6 round burst.
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  5. DeadliestMoon

    Yeah no to the 167dmg, but how about 143?
  6. Codex561

    Why do NC get a good sidearm but not VS?! This is ******* ********
  7. Maljas23

    NC trait man. TR doesn't have a 167 burst pistol either.
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  8. eldarfalcongravtank

    you're missing an important factor here, the firerate. the Desperado's firerate is much lower. and even with the 125dmg tier, the Spiker's damage output is still higher. that means, it kills faster than the Desperado in closequarters. the only advantage the Desperado has is its slightly higher damage beyond shortrange

    in short, the Spiker doesn't need the 167dmg model, at least for its primary firemode. the charge-up damage tier could be higher to make it worth using though
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  9. DeadliestMoon

    I'd say make the time to charge up shorter. That'd supplement the relatively low damage output.
  10. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Want Damage? Play NC.
    The Repeater has even less damage.
    The Spiker is nothing short of the highest dps Pistol in the game, provided you could actually click that fast. ;)
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  11. minhalexus

    I don't know what you're complaining about as long as it has a good DPS.

    If you like balanced weapons with High Bullet damage, then play NC.
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  12. LIKE A BOSS!

    VS should've been 143 damage not 167.
  13. Donaldson Jones

    IDK about the Spiker man. I want to fire a pistol I can aim ,not make Dragonball Z'esque fireball. Why can't I aim this damned pistol? Why the hell does drop to my waist like I'd rather blow my nuts off instead of my face?
  14. TheKhopesh

    Highest DPS pistol in the game to date, most accurate sustained-fire burst pistol to date, highest reload speed on a burst pistol to date.
    Complains that it's damage model is "useless".

    I will trade you the Desperado straight-up right here and now for the Spiker.
    Heck, the Desperado is the lowest DPS of the CQC burst pistols in the game, and the Desperado has far worse accuracy than the Spiker after only one burst.

    I really wish the Desperado at least broke the 1,500 DPS range (It'd still be the lowest DPS of the burst pistols, but at least it'd be nice with the little extra reliability).
    Just up it from 500 RPM to 540 RPM (1,503 DPS) and the Despy'd be my go-to stalker pistol.

    As-is though, I actually find the Underboss to be more effective and reliable (just a tiny hair less DPS, but it has massive leaps and bounds more accuracy over the desperado, and the Underboss is far more effective at range).
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  15. DatVanuMan

    How about a semi-auto mode that deals 334 damage and has god-like accuracy and velocity? IT DOESN"T REPLACE THE BURST, it's just another mode to use for longer ranges.
  16. minhalexus

    Yes, they named that the "Charge mode" which can deal 500 damage, with god-like accuracy but same velocity.

    They will have to adjust with the magazine size if they are to go with your idea. 6 rounds per mag, for that idea.
  17. DatVanuMan

    :( How about 8 or 12? Come on, 6 is TOO little.
  18. minhalexus

    Mathematically comparing the Cerberus/Rebel to this:-


    334 - 250 = 84
    84/250 = 33% Increase

    So for damage you get 33% increase

    So you will need to decrease the DPM by 33% to get equal DPM.

    10 x 0.33 = 3.3 or 3
    10 - 3 = 7

    7 x 334 = 2338
    10 x 250 = 2500

    That will be the closest you can get for a balanced gun.

    So the mathematically you can have 7 bullets for it to be the closest of being balanced.
    They might consider 8 bullets, but 10 or 12 is wayy too much.
  19. DatVanuMan

    Yeah, 12 was WAY too much. I just want us VS to get the best pistol for once. Sorry for my incompetence:( Otherwise, seven bullets are quite doable.
  20. Syphers

    I wish the Desperado had at least a 18 bullets mag 14 is quite low. I'd add a few bullets to all the pistols all around revolvers aside because of the shield/overshield unlike regular shooters, a few more wouldn't hurt. Bought the Inquisitor recently for my TR and the gun is the perfect stalker and all around sidearm, large mag, high rof, ok velocity silenced you wont run into RoF/ammos problems taking down heavys and alert players a bit further than 10-15 meters a much better tradeoff than an additional 1/4 damage compared to the Magshot.