Why does the minigun still have a windup time?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Madiadk, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Madiadk

    o_O nothing is changed after the patch notes

    1,5 seconds goes before it starts shooting an

    it does not slowly start up with shot in those 1,5 seconds
  2. KAHR-Alpha

    Wasn't that removed from the patch notes?
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  3. OAG_72

    Yep. Can't remembar exactly but something didn't go to plan. It'll happen...
  4. HellasVagabond

    Miniguns need spool time, don't ask for the impossible.
  5. Satanam

    To be honest, I don't see why they should remove the spin-up time and make this level-based RoF thing. All I ever wanted is a redesign on the underslung version to make it a bit more beautiful than before and then boost some (maybe RoF) than our Mini-chaingun we have right now. It would be fair because of the no-crouched cover penalty. And I'm not talking about a 100 RoF increase or anything high like this, of course.
    They should actually make the glitch for 0 sec spin-up time as a feature. I don't use it "live" because I'm afraid of getting banned, also I'm used to the spin-up time so I just do the glitch on VR training to know if it's still there and to compare the normal way to use and glitched way to use it. And I say that they should make it a feature because in fact it makes the Mini-chaingun inaccurate so it would be fair as the glitch makes the MCG an useless medium~long range weapon. If anyone say it would be "overpowered for CQC", then you sure need to check the pump-action shotguns. I have 3 shotguns, including pump-action ones, so I'm not saying they should be nerfed - I'm just saying that a Mini-chaingun would never be as effective as a shotgun for CQC, the "glitch as a feature" would only make it useful for CQC and right now you can't do a thing if there's a surprising CQC waiting for you.
    So, in my opinion, they should call this glitch as a feature, and then make it more inaccurate against medium~long ranged combats when using the 0 sec spin-up time.
  6. Zaik

    within like 30 minutes of them being posted if i remember correctly
  7. Canaris

    Higby told us over on PS-U that they intended to remove the spin up but unfortunatly a bug surfaced on the MCG and they had to pull the spin up removal at the last minute, it'll be patched in when they sort out the problem, hopefully with the next update.

    The MCG won't fire at full power right off the bat, it'll build up it's RPM as you hold down the trigger but it will start spitting bullets when you pull the trigger instead of having your head blown off while you wait.
  8. Canaris

    the short TTK of PS2 & the advent of shotguns and SMGs warrented the removal of the spin up time
  9. Hisenburg

    Because if it changed as per patch that would be a pretty hefty nerf.

    Just remove the spin up time. 1.5 seconds? I can be killed 3 times over by most guns in this game in that time period. Any other change is not going to fix it being a huge piece of crap, especially not the one they planned.
  10. Satanam

    It actually doesn't answer a thing on what I said... :p As I said, if they made the 0 second spin-up time as a feature and made it a bit more inaccurate for medium~long range combats, we would be able to take the spin-up time off for CQC as well, without the RoF increasing speed per second. As a disadvantage, we would still need the spin-up time for medium-long ranged combats. This way, it would fit well for both CQC and medium range combats, also useful for long range (though not the best choice for this kind of fight).
    I mean... I know there will be complaints about it. If it gets stronger, they'll nerf it. If it gets weaker, we'll need to deal with it until they buff it. And I don't know why, but I predict it'll be a crap when it starts with low RoF.
  11. Torok

    i bet this is going to happen with GU08, which should be this week, gl on that! i would love to see more minigun users :D
  12. Zakuak

    Awesome, glad they didn't just leave it as is! LOL at the head blown off part, no doubt haha.
  13. hostilechild

    Sadly everytime i face minigun users, even ones running around the corner his gun shoots instantly. Even had them jump off buildings start firing before hit ground and not missing. If the chaingun still has a spin up there is a helluva lot of exploiters/cheaters on Connery using it. Had it where we were both running noticed each other and i was dead before i could get more than a few shots off ADS at 30-50m, knowing i started shooting first. (X,X,X dead). So much for spin up times or cof while moving on them.
  14. Jex =TE=

    Thing is, for a mini gun to actually be effective it's bullets need to be effective. A minigun saturates an area with bullets, meaning you walk into that area most likely one (if not several) of the 2000 rpm bullets is going to hit you (this is RL here btw). So even if only one bullet hits you, you're go down. In PS2, it's going to take 7 or 8 bullets (or more) to take you down so the minigun, with it's joke ROF, is hardly ever going to be effective because no doubt it's COF will be huge and damage output crap.
  15. jiggu

    You sure they didn't start spinning around the corner or something? Whenever I use it I do that because otherwise it's just suicide
  16. Cloaking

    I've posted this tip a few times but nobody seems to get it into their heads so i'll write it once more.


    You need to press them within a millisecond between each other to get the best effect, then keep both buttons pressed down
  17. Llaf

    The minigun does not and has never had a spinup time if you know how to use it. There is currently a bug which allows the MCG to be fired immediately at full speed. This bug has been around since the inception of the MCG and has never been addressed or changed. To fire the MCG immediately all you have to do is press left click, then immediately right click. If you continue to hold right click you will be ADS but your CoF will start out slightly larger, so its best you don't do this for extreme range, if you just tap right click you will hipfire.

  18. Satanam

    I think you didn't understand it: it's not that "nobody seems to get it into their heads", it's because everyone knows about this glitch (you can read that I said about it above) and they simply don't wanna do it, like me for example. It's better to get used with the spin-up time than being banned for abusing a glitch.
    Anyway, they could just call it a feature and create a thread announcing that it won't lead to a ban and that they're gonna do some tweaks here and there in order to avoid making it overpowered or anything like that. You can read what I said above and tell me what you think about it, if you want to.