Why does the LA need a nerf?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Eclipson, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. smokemaker

    yea, some gamers brains are so ruined by deathcam and auto aim they need a game mechanic change so they don't have to keep aware of their surroundings.
  2. Timithos

    I could go for something like that.
  3. Eclipson

    People saying that light assaults are not a team player, this is true. The light assault is pretty much a solo class. You want to know why? Because we don't have a single tool to help our team with.
  4. Aegie

    You make some good points but really there are a lot of rooftops that anyone can get to, not just LAs.

    Jetpacking is a liability because you cannot effectively fight back while you are jetpacking.

    The medic can shoot while self-healing (the ability, since the rez gun is a tool and LAs do not have tools this comparison does not really fit), same with the overshield (and of course, the HA tool is a weapon that shoots), engineers can shoot while resupplying ammo or shoot the turret (again these are the abilities, the repair gun is a tool) the only one that cannot shoot while using its ability is the infiltrator. The LA can shoot, its just that most of the time it is pointless if you're jetpacking.

    Not all LAs are lone wolfs. Trust me. They may not be standing beside you while you "slog" it out but if so then thats good because they are the worst class for slogging it out- no huge ammo capacity LMGs, no OHK rockets or AV rockets, no OHK sniper rifles or cloaks, no OHK infinite ammo turrets, no self-heal or rez ability. If a LA is trying to go toe-to-toe they are doing it wrong.

    It sounds you want to see the jetpack only be useful for getting over mundane obstacles than any class can get passed without much effort. Jump over that wall and then run around like everyone else? So to get up there they cannot shoot effectively and once up there running around like everyone else they are the weakest most useless class. Want to get on that roof or over that wall with any other class than the LA, try the squad deploy button or squad beacon deploy- works like a charm and then you have almost all of the advantages of the LA class plus whatever advantages the class you're playing has.
  5. Zotamedu

    Making the jetpacks more noisy makes sense when compared to the noise the infiltrator's cloak makes. I've hunted down many an infiltrator just by the sound they make as they try to sneak around. The only time I've ever heard a jetpack is when I was using it myself. They don't need to overdo it, just make it so you can actually hear them fly around if it's quiet.
  6. Aegie

    No, I'm seriously suggesting that if you play with the music on and wonder why you do not hear LAs then you would benefit from turning the music off.

    If you're voice options are set so that useless chatter drowns out useful sound effects then you would benefit from adjusting these values.

    If you're in a big firefight with explosions and gun shots going all off all around you and still want to hear a jetpack clearly then you want the jetpack to be so loud it would be worthless.
  7. Frigidus

    I'm not asking for anything in particular. I'm just pointing out that "you might be getting a tool in the future maybe, so you shouldn't use that as evidence against being nerfed" is a silly argument.

    Actually, you know what I want? I want to feel that there is a reason to play light assault outside of biolabs. I used to play them all the time, and then I realized that I was purposefully gimping myself. Heavy assaults are just straight up better. When you're playing light assault your entire plan revolves around shooting someone when they aren't looking. If you ever get into a stand up fight with anyone outside of an infiltrator you're ******. On top of that, heavy assaults get a rocket launcher that can be used against air and armor. You know what you get as a light assault? C4. OK, hang on while I try to get in melee range. Please. Hell, if I'm really interested in padding my kill death ratio I'll just go infiltrator. Grab my bolt action and one shot ******* from the tree I squad dropped into.

    But no, I guess we should nerf them instead. Let's take what is literally the only thing they have going for them over other classes and make it suck. Whatever. Like I said, I barely use them any more. Let's make them the undisputed least played class.
  8. Liquid23

    I see your point but you just can't deny the effectiveness of a nice size group of LA who are working together as a team when assaulting a base... just because they don't have specific tools that directly help out other players doesn't mean they can't be part of a team

    technically tho you could say the smoke grenades are a team tool which directly helps others by providing cover for their movement... and honestly killing other players and covering your teammates IS one of the most helpful things you can do for your team
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  9. Aegie

    I love it.

    What is LAs ability? Jetpack
    What is LAs tool? Jetpack

    Also, it is not silent. Do you play with the music on? Have you ever thought of adjusting the volume levels so that useful sound effects are given priority?
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  10. Farlion

    Because some people are ********. Simple as.
  11. Guidaux

    Personally as a light assault or infiltrator mostly if im not pulling a vehicle, i agree that jet packs should make some noise. like when you first lift have a loud burst then as you gain momentum have it reduced to a hum. I still rock my shotgun attachment on my Gauss S with my LA to one shot people but that thing only has 3 shots in it. I dont know if i could completely give up my ranged combat for more OHK shotgun rounds. getting close to a shotgunning LA is very unfortunate but its part of the game. they lack any ranged combat so try and find them and kill them before they get close (like more radar ATVs). bottom line, i find LA really fun to play if you don't need or want to support anything (no tools) to just fly around and get up close, cause havoc with your maneuverability, use your adrenaline boost by dodging bullets running away just to flank him a second later, nothing more fun in this game imho.
  12. Goretzu

    The jetpack is much, much, much quieter than the stealthing sound.
    No matter how much you play around with your sound settings it doesn't change how quiet it is, it simply means you might be able to hear it (maybe).
  13. Farlion

    So because Infiltrators feel underpowered, they want to nerf LA? Great logic that...
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  14. Onetoo

    Truly we have run out of things to nerf.
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  15. Liquid23

    it's obvious a lot of people in this thread just don't even know how to properly play an infiltrator... bet they don't even have their giraffe camo on
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  16. Stargazer86

    Complains about how LA's run off and never contribute to helping their teammates.
    Complains about the idea of giving LA's an actual ability that helps their teammates.

    How about making some actual suggestions instead of being a complete snark? LA's get nothing else aside from a jetpack, which means they are a class that is only used for killing. That's it. They don't get to heal, repair, hack, provide ammo, radar, or any other team oriented ability. You want to make LA's use a tool in order to use the one ability that allows them to be good at the one thing their class was meant to do? Fine. But offer some real alternatives as to what other ability LA's could have that would let them contribute to the team.
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  17. Zorro

    People will simply find other things to cry about.
  18. Aegie

    Yes, you might be able to hear it. I've been killed by infiltrators without hearing the cloak sound, I've been killed by infiltrators when I have heard the cloak sound. Also, here's a tip- try certing into the scout radar for the flash- now you have completely neutralized the advantage you speak of.

    You seem to forget, however, that hearing an infiltrator does not mean you are likely to spot them and they can still OHK from so far away that no other weapon has much of chance of fighting back. I play infiltrator too and guess what I do not need the cloak ability whatsoever to make that class powerful because they have access to OHK rifles. Either at range with the long range bolt action or in mid range with the mid range bolt action and a 1x or 2x scope you can rack up OHKs by just using cover effectively and not taking forever to line up your shot. Moreover, the cloak prevents you from showing up on the radar, you cannot be Q spotted while cloaked, and if Q spotted the cloak will remove you from the minimap.
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  19. iller

    While I've been championing more Infiltrator utilization for a long time.... nerfing the LA is NOT the way to achieve that goal.

    Infiltrator doesn't even need a lot of buffs to compete with LA, it just needs a lot more options. Look at the HA, it has arguably the most options of any class and can be equipped for almost every situation. And NOTHING hardcounters him, least of all Infiltrators. MAXes & ESF's hardcounter LA though. I don't understand why SOE and Higby especially are so gungho to update/revamp the LA first before any other classes. Even the MAXes now are argubly in a more dire position to be rebalanced first.... and they opened that pandaro's box themselves by "starting early" on the NC MAX.

    So yeah, LA is pretty solid and almost always a better "infiltrator" than the actual Infiltrator. But a lot of that is because Higby didn't live up to the promises he gave us that there'd be a lot more "Intel" Options to the game this Spring. Instead they veered way off course and started adding these Shotties, SMG's, and gimmicky Rockets every update to keep the cashshop wh***ing it up 24/7. In the grand scheme of things... LA is only Average when compared to other classes like the HA on utilization and the Engineer on Cert-Gain.

    If SOE was smart and learned anything from other multiclass shooters... they would have incentivized more direct "counterplay" against these HA and ENG players at longer ranges when either of them is using their Primary or Tool slot. IE: apply some kind of real vulnerability like an enlarge Head-Hitbox or 50% movement penalty when they're dancing around out in the open with a LMG/Carbine, getting a LockOn, or repairing their Vehicle (and being 5x harder to HS).
  20. biterwylie

    The class of the masses is HA. And thats all there is to it. Just cancel all your cert plans. This is HEAVySIDE 2!!!
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