Why does the LA need a nerf?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Eclipson, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Timithos

    The no-sound jet packs are a no-brainer in that they need to start making sound.

    And the infiltrator's loud SSSSHHRRREKKKKKKKK! needs an adjustment in relation to jet-packs & footsteps.

    It's not about nerfing LA's or even realism. Some remote semblance of realism does need to be approached. The current jetpack silence to tank drivers and other vehicle occupants is fine.

    It's shotguns that need to be tweaked, not LA's. LA's aren't the problem other then that one thing: silent jet-packs.
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  2. p10k56

    And when engineer wants to place turret he should be digging in place for 20 sec to compensate LA nerf.
    Giev engineer shovel now!!!
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  3. Aegie

    Jetpack does have drawbacks- the only gun you can fire with any reliability while jetpacking are the SMGs and even with these you are lucky to hit a target beyond 15-20m. I think not being able to effectively fight back while using your ability is a pretty real drawback.

    You also forget that the LA is the only class that does not have a tool.

    HA: OHK RLs, AV RLs, only class that can use LMGs.
    Medic: Rez tool, self-heal, rez grenade
    Infiltrator: radar dart, only class that can use OHK sniper rifles
    Engineer: OHK turret, more turret, repair gun
    LA: _______
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  4. Dubious

    Shotguns is not the problem
    The Problem is how fast people die
    In PS1, they had more room to "wiggle" on cause it took more bullets to kill so shotguns were never OP
    Except for the JH in close combat, but that was its purpose
  5. Eclipson

    Yea, jet packs should make noise. Silent jet packs should only be a certification. It would make your jet pack silent, but half the fuel capacity. Or you could have a loud jet pack that had a lot more fuel. Much like the infiltrator nano-armor cloaking, which doesn't last nearly as long, but allows you to absorb more damage.
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  6. Frigidus

    If anything the heavy assault is overpowered. They're the undisputed best at killing armor, air and infantry and have the best survivability. The only reason to not play heavy assault is if you're supporting other heavy assaults or trying to camp and farm kills.
  7. Dramma Lamma

    This is pretty much the core problem with the light assult / infil.

    If they just take a forum users suggestion and let the infil take a cert that removes the rifle slot, in exchange for infinite stealth while standing still. Like it was in ps1, then the infil can actually do his real purpose rather than just being a sniper or less effective cqc choice.
  8. Aegie

    Jetpacks have sound- I hear them all the time.

    Perhaps you should mute the music and turn up the effects volume.

    Or are you wanting them to show up on the minimap like unsilenced gunshots?
  9. Aegie

    IMO the real power of the infiltrator is the midrange bolt action OHK with a 1x or 2x scope.
  10. AIHatecrime

    Jetpacks do make sound. Are you people seriously calling for LA nerfs now. I called it. I knew people were going to do this. Everything is OPed to you guys. EVERYTHING. Once something gets nerfed you guys just move on to the next target. Whats next Infiltrator's cloak is too good. Seriously do you guys complain about everything.
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  11. Ravenorth

    That falls to the same category that other classes are not able to shoot effectively while jumping and you also forgot the shotguns and C4. Flying and shooting with shotguns is not that inaccurate at close range, I see many LAs doing it and getting kills and also dropping C4 while flying is really effective. Tools doesnt have anything to do with the main ability of the class and there is probably coming some tools on the LA revamp at May, so soon its not even an issue anymore.
  12. Frigidus

    If we're talking about nerfing the light assault now then their current lack of tools is definitely worth discussing. As for light assaults with shotguns, the class shouldn't be nerfed when the gun is the issue. That will only screw over the majority of people that aren't using shotguns.
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  13. Stargazer86

    It doesn't.
  14. Clonecenter-resident

    That's a good point. I think i'm going to do that, today. I will post later and let you know what happens.
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  15. Goretzu

    Making the LA jetpack make more noise would actually allow the LA to retain more killing power, at a cost of silent flying.
  16. Clonecenter-resident

    Ok, "jetpack control tool" You must equip and use it to activate your jetpack.

    Oh, is that not what you were thinking? Let me guess, you want a deployable radar? Or an ammo pack? Or the ability to steal ammo from your victims so you never have to play with other people again?
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  17. Aegie

    Except its not jumping, its jetpacking and if you want to claim there is no drawback to using an ability and that ability is jetpacking and using that ability prevents you from shooting effectively then I fail to see how it is not a drawback. If jetpacking fell into the same category as jumping then the LA does not even have an ability.

    If the target takes up most of your screen where do you expect the bullets to go?

    C4 takes ages to deploy and explode and the only real effective use is against MAXs and vehicles- this is also a relatively risky thing to do. Next time you play, choose LA and (since you probably do not have C4 unlocked) just try to jetpack and toss a grenade on a vehicle or MAX with the knowledge that you can toss that grenade a lot further and faster than C4.

    Tools do not have anything to do with the main ability of the LA because the LA does not have one. Are you trying to argue that the RL does not have much to do with the HA, its really the overshield that makes them standout? Or that repair guns have little to do with engineers, or that rez guns have little to do with medics? I can see how the radar dart for the infiltrator is a little meh but it is still effective- knowing where your nearby enemies are located in a game like PS2 is a pretty big deal.
  18. Timithos

    The only jet-packs I hear are my own. I hear enemy footsteps and cloaking, but not enemy jet-packs. Are you seriously suggesting I have to turn down all my other sounds to an extraordinary level just to hear enemy jet-packs? Jet-pack sound is lumped in with a lot of other sounds that I don't want to turn up so high that I'm waking up the neighbors or blowing out my eardrums.
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  19. Clonecenter-resident

  20. Sebyos

    Lol OP crying about possibly putting more noise on Jetpacks... Really ? I bet you ain't crying about how your Jetpacks reload automatically thanks to a bug that's been around for a while. I even wonder if the devs know...
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