Why does the LA need a nerf?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Eclipson, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Hagestol

    I didn't know about the function before now, thanks. This thread just became me throwing facts at myself, which is strange, fun and slightly disturbingly erotic.

    Again, thanks :)
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  2. hello1

    engineers repair tools draw back is that it is visable and the turret just dosent work . the LA should have a bit of sound to the jetpack so somebody paying close attention will hear but can be over looked. and shotguns they should kill you with a head shot at point blank even a pistol should(they dont though) its reality if you complain about every weapond that exist that kills you like its suposed to you will just end up attacking each other with pillows and even a tank cant kill you by driving over you.
  3. hello1

    give me a shovel its will be better at killing enemies then the turret and then i can put the turret any where i what or jus make earthen defences
    sorry this has almost no piont in this form
  4. hello1

    engineers AV turret is ower powered but AI is usless expet for a target
    oh enginneers also have unlimited ammo(ammo box) add that to your list
    ohavent had much promblems with LA expet c4 bombing but i get that from engineers too(i get killed so often i dont read the kill screan any more )
    every bod claims the LA is beter than the INF but i get killed by the INF more often there name should be change too sniper but they are good as they are now> ethier make them a sniper ore make them an infiltrater they shouldnt be a combo of both.
  5. p10k56

    No mammoth trap for you it is last thing my Prowla needs.
  6. Goretzu

    The engineers repair tool probably makes a louder noise than Jetpack too, I'll have to test that. :D
  7. blzbug

    I don't think you can objectively test this. You are so filled with hate for the jetpack that anytime an LA comes near, your rage causes a bloodrush to your head and dampens your hearing. Maybe that's why you are campaigning so hard for the jetpack nerf? You have rage induced temporary deafness ;)
  8. hello1

    why is EVERYBODY complaining about the LA with its "silent jet pack" and the PA shotgun why not the HA with its "invinsible shield" and the PA shotgun. its like the people that dont play that class want it to be horible
  9. hello1

    INFs do this allready its called a hacked pannel id be fine if everybody cold steal emmo grenades anything from dead bodys if for ammo have same type of gun(carbine, LMB, SMB,shotgun) and with greanades/utilities must have open slot and csn carry that type (engineer cant take res grenade medic cant take tank mine
  10. Goretzu

    Pushing emotions onto people in order to attack those people rather than there arguments is silly, pointless, a sign you have no cogent arguements and I just won't engage with it, sorry.

    In all honesty I haven't tested the engineer repair tool vs the Jetpack operational sound. :)

    However it is quieter than the HA Shield being turned on, the cloaking sound, and footsteps on hard surfaces. It is also pretty much occluded by most ambient noise.

    No "hate", no "rage", just plain old facts and the truth! :)
  11. RadarX Moderator

    A number of folks are having trouble not insulting other posters (in violation of our forum guidelines) and this thread has about run it's course. In order to set expectations, the sound changes to the jetpack is scheduled to go live in the next update. For now I'm going to go ahead and close this.
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