Why does the LA need a nerf?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Eclipson, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Hagestol

    1: So you have no argument?

    2: No, your anecdote provided a single example where you were bad. Situational awareness would counter the LA. Also, I have no counter against headshots on my infiltrator. Should infiltrators wear a kick me and play christmas songs so I have a chance to get away? Shw me proof.
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  2. Goretzu

    There being no data either way on the effect of LA Jetpack volume has nothing to do with my argument for increasing the noise level, I've no idea why you'd think it would.
    Again they only increase situaitonal awareness in my example would have been to of:

    1. pulled someone off covering a much more likely entrance to cover a window only accessable to a LA Jetpacking directly up or down.
    2. Spending my time covering the main entrance and the window which would have massively increase my vulenrability from that and may not have saved me from the LA anyway if I wasn't looking there at the moment they silently popped into view and fired (in fact given PA Shotgun it may not have saved me if I was looking at that point :eek:).

    Where as Jetpack being as noise as say a HA sheild turning on would have given a potential counter. :)
  3. Hagestol

    There being no data whatsoever to your argument kills your argument. Quite simple. If it was overpowered as you say, then there would be a spike or population or score or other data to support it. Or complaint threads. Or developer comments. But there isn't. Hence you're proven wrong. Loose with grace mate.
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  4. Goretzu

    There needs to be a counter (or potential counter), making Jetpacks at least as loud as a HA shield turning on would give that counter (or potential counter). :)
  5. vulkkan

    There is a counter: situational awareness and covering the entrances where a LA might sneak in. The jetpack only allows us to move faster, that's all. It even makes an audible noise. If you can't accept the fact that LA are just doing their job, which requires plenty of skill to perform well, then plainly, it's not the jetpack that has a problem. It's you.
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  6. Goretzu

    Well me and SoE seemingly. :)

    That's not a counter though, it is simply covering all possible entrances (which may very well be impossible).

    I agree it makes a noise currently, but it is the quietest thing in the game, as mentioned above the cloaking sound is much louder, turning on a HAs shield is much louder, footsteps are louder. It is so quiet it is effectively silent as it can be engaged right next to someone and not be heard.
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  7. Stargazer86

    Which is why I gave LA 5 apples and other classes 3. They are better and shooting at fighting than other classes, but have no oranges. You want to make them have equal apples without giving them any oranges to compensate. I can't make this any easier to understand for you.

    LA have 5 apples. Other classes have 3 apples and 2 oranges.

    You want LA to be equal and have 3 apples as well.

    Now LA have 3 apples. Other classes still have 3 apples and 2 oranges.

    If you can't see why this is wrong, there's just no help for you.
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  8. Goretzu

    If posting complete nonsense helps you, then fair enough, but it adds nothing to this discussion.

    Although to put it in your terminology why does a Cloak field make a 4 apple sound and a HA shield make a 5 apple sound when a Jetpack only makes a 0.5 apple sound?

    Where is the orange (or the balance) in that?
  9. Stargazer86

    Yeah. Now you're just being purposefully ignorant. Is the 1st grade math confusing you? Or do you not understand what a "comparison" is?

    Or, more likely, you're simply trolling. I think we're done here.
  10. Hagestol

    I do believe he is just trolling.
  11. RogueComet

    Is Goretzu still at his foolishness? I put him on my ignore list a dozen pages back in this thread because he actually didn't contribute anything even remotely positive to this discussion. Suggest you do the same. People like him make others "want to reach through their monitors and puch them in the face." :D

    I'm actually within inches of writing a very terse letter to SOE about how they've treated the Light Assault class (especially in light of the changes to LA on the Roadmap.)
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  12. Kociboss

    So, whining about something that wasn't even announced and is simply present on the test server?

    Also, even if this change goes through, what are you going to do? Drown yourself?

    Some parts of PS2 community never cease to "entertain".

    My advice: Sit down, relax and enjoy the game.
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  13. Stargazer86

    That is an excellent idea.

    I have often said that if I had the ability to strangle people through the internet, deaths by asphyxiation across the world would rise dramatically.
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  14. McLulzypants

    Lots of ******** heavy assaults itt. How dare some other class kill you with your cheesy overshields and lmg. You should never be allowed to die, clearly jetpacks need to be loud, bright, smoke billowing rocket ships because you cba to be aware of your surroundings.
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  15. GimpyGotcha

    Nothing is wrong with light assault. Shotguns, yes, are abit op but that is a prob with shotguns not light assault as Everyone can use the shottys. Seriously light assault is Right where it needs to be, effective but with big downsides, and not over the top. That is all.
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  16. LonelyTerran

    Hey Roguecomet
    Are you concerned that my opinion is going to stop your LA cert farm?
    LA currently don't have any counter besides constantly scanning the air for them.
    Silent jetpacks should be a very costly investment if anything.
    Listening for LA jetpacks will make fine counter-play.
    And Above all else
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  17. Pikeman84

    "LA Cert Farm"? Are you serious?
    We score the second lowest in score per minute, just barely pulling above the infiltrator
    Oh yeah, we're just rolling in those certs.
  18. Stargazer86

    Ah. For every alt of his I ignore, I can feel the healing begin.
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  19. Goretzu

    Sorry, but you are trolling if anyone here :eek: , who is throwing around personal attack and insults in every post and no arguments at all? You.
    Who is it talking about apples and oranges rather than the actual issues? You.
    It is not my fault you are doing it so badly and failing at it. :)
    I'm just talking about the issue, which is making LA Jetpack audiable, and louder than say the Cloaking sound or the HA shield sound.
    I've answered every one of your points, from why LA shouldn't have special guns that do pellet shotgun DPS with LMG range to informing you that HA shields make a louder noise than Jetpack.

    It's not my fault you have no counter arguements, although both you and Stary seem to think that you having no counter arguement = someone else trolling. o_O
    Personal attacks just show you have no argument, and I still won't engage with them, sorry. :)

    Again so the only issue I'm interested in discussing is why Jetpacks need to be made louder, so they add a counter to useing them.

    For exactly the same reasons that there is a cloaking/de-cloaking sound and indeed a HA shield turning on sound, both of which are much LOUDER than the current Live Jetpack volume.

    So far we have many, many reasons as to why the Jetpack should be louder.
    And the only coherent arguement for keeping them at the same effectively silent level has be "I don't want people to be able to hear me Jetpacking" which isn't a game-balance argument at all. :confused:
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  20. Redemer

    Spend certs on cloak for flash and problem solved
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