Why does the LA need a nerf?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Eclipson, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Stormlight666

    Well by that logic they should have been SNIPERS then, NOT Infiltrators. Because sniping has nothing to do with infiltrating and cloaking.
  2. Hagestol

    No, by that logic infiltrators are designed as snipers in PS2, and infiltrators were designed as infiltrators in PS1.
  3. Goretzu

    Again the ability to FLY make them much more than equal, superior in fact to any other class, that can flank.

    Flying also allows many other advantages than just extra flanking option.

    It is an utter nonsense to pretend otherwise.

    No, it's the noise. :)

    However SoE won't give VS MAX the Jumpjets they had in PS1 (they have specifically refused to do so), and I'm simply saying I wonder if their reasons for that don't stand up to some degree with infantry).
  4. Goretzu

    I'm not convinced that Inflitrators shouldn't have been non-snipers (and specialised in cloaking and inflitrating) and LA should have got sniper rifles...... of course that would mean LA wouldn't have got Jetpacks though.

    However the game is what it is now. Adding sound to Jetpacks may even allow SoE to buff LA in other ways.
  5. PanH

    Considering LA is already up compared to other classes (except inf), they don't even need to. Just check stats, LA are 1k/per hour behind. This is really getting ridiculous that infs wants LA nerfed so they can be as bad as them.
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  6. Goretzu

    In which case just adding sound to the Jetpacks is sensible.
  7. Hagestol

    Adding a big doorbell announcer voice to the second worse class in the game is a sensible idea? Why?
  8. Goretzu

    I have absolutely no idea why "adding a big doorbell announcer voice to the second worse class in the game" is a sensible idea. :confused:

    Adding a properly audiable noise to the Jetpacks for LAs is a sensible idea though.
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  9. Hagestol

    Okay, last time, without sneaking away from this question:

    Why is it sensible. Give me data. Proof. Outside of your opinions. Not that it should because IRL it should etc, this isn't IRL.
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  10. Goretzu

    As I have told you at least half a dozen times now, no player can give you that sort of data.

    And as I have said nearly as many times, asking for the impossible is NOT an arguement.

    I have given plenty of reasons why the LA Jetpack should have an audiable sound however.
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  11. Hagestol

    Sure you can.

    Available data:

    • Class score/hour
    • Class time played
    • Popular class choice
    • Forum threads, before this change was announced
    • Reddit threads, before this change was announced
    Not impossible, in fact quite easy to get. The link has been posted multiple times, feel free to have at it. It is the only argument outside of opinions, and since the burden of proof is on your side then opinions are just that and can be countered with opinions. Just like anecdotes complaining about x situation at y time.
  12. Goretzu

    Absolutely none of that shows data on the effect of Jetpack volume on LAs. :confused:

    And how are forum and reddit threads "data"? o_O

    There is no proof and no data relating to LA Jetpack volume in any of that, as I said. If it is there then by all means lay it out for everyone to see.
  13. Hagestol

    Sure they do. If it was overpowered like you said, our score would be higher, our class time played would be larger, LA would be a popular class (magrider, prowler, scatmax), the forum would be brimming over with complaints and reddit would have submissions on it.

    Get to it. Until a class scores higher than others with its class mechanic, it isn't overpowered. You might not like it but it doesn't mean you're right.
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  14. Goretzu

    No that is opinion and specualtion not "data" as you keep asking for; data for that simply doesn't exist.

    However again that data doesn't show how much time an "engineer" spends in a MBT or ESF or the effect that has on popularity or score per hour either.

    So the data shows what it shows, but it also doesn't show what it doesn't show, and it doesn't show what you keep asking for I'm afriad, nothing does.
  15. Hagestol

    Data exists of the LA being underplayed. Data exists of the LA not scoring high.
    Your arguments for the LA silent jetpack being to good because of overuse or overscoring falls on that stat.

    What is your gripe if it isn't of scoring good or being overused? Are you against it being possible to be a silent LA just because you don't like the rare occasion that a LA drops on you? I hate being oneshot by snipers, should infiltrators be nerfed?

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  16. PanH

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  17. Goretzu

    You can keep posting that, again, and again and again, but it won't change the fact that it doesn't show what you keep asking for (we can thank PanH for bringing it too your attention though, as clearly you were unaware of it until he did :D), nothing does.

    Again it doesn't show the CLASS in a vehicle. :confused:

    If 90% of engineers spend 90% of their time in either a MBT or an ESF their score per hour vs LA is meaningless in an infantry vs infantry sense (because so much of it is gained in a vehicle) - we simply don't have that data.

    He keeps asking for "data" on the effect of Jetpack volume on LAs; that data just doesn't exist for players.
  18. Hagestol

    I'm asking for data to support a nerf, stop changing my arguments around. You don't nerf something that isn't a problem just because you have a feely day and feel a lot of things and come up with random examples.
  19. PanH

    That's the opposite. You're actively supporting a change, you have burden of proof. Show us how silent jetpacks make LA op other than anecdotes.
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  20. Goretzu

    And as I keep telling you asking for the impossible/what does not exist is not an arguement.
    My example showed my issue, there is no counter. 100% proof there, now whether you think there should be a counter or not is just opinion and everyone is entitled to their own, of course, but that doesn't mean anyone has to agree. :)
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