Why does the LA need a nerf?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Eclipson, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Eclipson

    I have seen a bunch of posts lately about people wanting the LA nerfed. They want to take away its shotguns, make the jetpack make more noise, etc. The LA has never been a problem before, how is it that it is all of a sudden a problem now? Have you guys just run out of ideas of things that need to be nerfed? Do you guys just not want to accept that the game, weapon/class balance is pretty much balanced now? There isn't anything OP in the game anymore, just some things that are a bit UP (Battle Rifles, Scout Rifles). Did everyone just decide that they want the LA nerfed next? Whats gonna happen after that? Are you going to start complaining that the medic is to effective?

    And to anyone comparing the infiltrator to the LA:
    The Light Assault is a flanking class, the infiltrator is an infiltration class. The infiltrator is good at getting inside enemy bases, the Light Assault is good at getting behind enemy lines.
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  2. Dubious

    The LA is much better at infiltrating that the infiltrator..

    I use the infiltrator for what it is, a sniper
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  3. Owleyes

    The thing is, Before shotguns, Only the pro LA kicked butt because it took skill to fly and make head shots. And for the most part people had a chance to fight back against low to medium skilled LA.

    Shotguns ruined that and now anyone skilled or not is one shotting people left and right. People notice this and cry for nerfs.
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  4. LonelyTerran

    LA Jet packs make noise?
    News to me
    It should definitely be added.
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  5. Eclipson

    Nope. The LA is better at flanking, not infiltrating. You can't run right through a group of enemies as an LA. What you can do, is take alternative routes and come up behind the enemy. Thats flanking. The infiltrator is not meant to be used to flank, it it meant to be used to infiltrate.
    From dictionary.com:
    Flank - military to move past or go round (a flank)
    Infiltrate - military to pass undetected through (an enemy-held line or position)

    When you flank you go around, when you infiltrate, you go through. People are mixing up these abilities.
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  6. Bape

    No it better at infiltrating I can see an infiltrator sneak in the base and hes dead before that while an LA is watching me killing him on top of the building ready to kill me.
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  7. Liquid23

    that's only true if you are horrible and don't understand what the word infiltrating means... grab an SMG and do what you are supposed to be doing like hacking terminals, hitting high value targets, and laying boobytraps.. ya know actual infiltrating instead of trying to play rambo front assault with a cloak...

    going into an enemy base then running around like an ****** shooting at everyone is not "infiltrating" but it is what the LA is good at
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  8. Eclipson

    But why is this all of a sudden a problem now? the LA has been able to do this since the game was officially released.
  9. Devrailis

    LAs don't need a nerf. Jetpacks not making a noise is questionable design wise when infil cloaking is so loud, but frankly making the jetpacks louder is still going to allow skilled LAs to keep doing what they do.

    The problem was not the LAs, the problem was the shotguns. LAs themselves are fine.
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  10. Dubious

    The point is that LA can infiltrate a lot more effective than Infiltrator, not that the infil cant do it..

    TR has the worst infil cause their mines suck (mines a major part in infiltrating, for infil)
  11. Eclipson

    The LA was not infiltrating, it was flanking.
  12. Owleyes

    Well, its a combo of factors. Vehicles are dying because of COD kids crying, so less vehicles and more infantry means more people notice infantry inbalances.

    And only the skilled LA used to be able to rock LA, As i said, Shotties ruined that and now everyone and his dog can rock at LA 1 shotting everyone. No skill needed.

    Hence the overwhelming cry for nerfs.
  13. Bape

    Flanking is attacking from a unseen position while infiltrating is sneaking in the enemy base without being seen it actually both :).
  14. Eclipson

    If infantry is so imbalanced, then why am I killed by HAs, using there shields more than I am killed by the LA? (And no, I am not suggesting that the HA should be nerfed)
  15. Sea of Ink

    Just remove shotguns so people stop crying so much.
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  16. Teegeeack

    You can't do it as an infiltrator either. You want to get past a group of enemies as an infiltrator, you go the long way around. Try it and see.
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  17. Dubious

    Flanking is going around/behind the enemy

    Infiltrating is getting inside the base

    So, let me ask, how you get inside the base, without flanking?

    LA can get in any way, even from the air by dropping from an ESF
    Infil have to use the ground and stairs

    So, tell me again, who is really most effective at infiltrating?
    Yes I know you noobs gonna say infil...
  18. Eclipson

    C'mon Bape, you even quoted the definitions. By your definition, sniping from far way, which is an unseen position, would be considered flanking. :p
  19. Bape

    Well let just cut this short LA isn't OP you just can't tell if one is near you or not it scary actually lol.
  20. Eclipson

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