Why does the game try to force me to go to Indar?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mekeji, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. Mekeji

    I click a spawn point in Amerish and next thing I know I am in a desert.

    Then I redeploy back to Amerish and the game crashes for no reason.

    Has anyone else had random crashing problems and being forced to Indar recently?
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  2. kadney

    Indar is jealous because everybody goes to Amerish now. Give her time to get over it. ;)
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  3. AltF4Fun

    You must play on one hell of a cool server.On mine its still old Indar that absorbs almost everyone....
  4. MasonSTL

    I have noticed that when you are in the redeploy map and look at a different continent then go back to the map you died on that some of the spawn points are bugged and show up on the wrong map.

    Example: I died on Amerish, I click on the Indar tab in the deploy map, then click back on the Amerish tab. I will see some Indar spawn points shown up on Amerish.

    Until this is fixed just be wary of what you are clicking on. Hovering your mouse over the green spawn point button will tell you the name of that territory.
  5. Hoki

    Yeah I ******* hate this bug. Good reason to join a squad in amerish and use squad deploy, but the next death will force you to Indar. :mad:
  6. Blarg20011

    The spawn bug is really annoying, I've had problems with it across continents and on the same continent, ex. try to spawn at Crimson Bluff, end up at Hvar Southgate.
  7. PlatoonLeaderG

    Me too,sometimes i spawn at different bases of what i choose :(