Why does the forum have more security than the game?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Corezer, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Corezer

    Like for real, 3 screens of pictocrap to get through just to ****post all over u kids. This is redic!
  2. FateJH

    Can you post screenshots of these hoops? All I have to do to log into the forum is mark a checkbox on the sign in screen.
  3. Movoza

    It is actually a state of the art system to prevent bots from entering the site, which should be applauded, but whatever.

    Also the pictures are part of the bot protection. There are random elements as well to make training or anticipation nearly impossible, like sometimes randomly having to fill in the pictures, the pictures might randomly prompt again and such. 3 times suggest you did something wrong though.

    Also the pictures trigger generally when you make not enough human like movements on the login screen. Auto login and credentials remembering will trigger such things more early.

    We do have a good security on the game, but it is different for obvious reasons. One has a very comprehensive and easy to automate system thanks to which you can spam the whole forum. The other is unlikely to be fully bots, having a human that dictates a ton of the moves. It isn't easy to automate most outcomes fully, so recaptcha protections are unable to truly help. A human is likely present to fill it in and will only frustrate the game when they are supplemented by automated systems.
  4. LtBomber

    Just do it right for one time and you are good to go!
    Also doesnt check every time, more like every 10th log in
  5. Liewec123

    how dare you!
    /reports :D

    i've had it happen quite a bit on my tablet,
    it comes up with things like "choose the picture that contain animals" and it'll show you a bunch of pics.
    all i do is exit that junk and log in again and it is usually just the tick box the second time around.
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  6. adamts01

    Haha. It is pretty bad. But I found a place that's worse. I switched back to MWO for a while while these servers get worked out. Those guys are so sensitive that they actually disabled all-chat in game. You can't even say "hi" to a buddy on the other team or "good fight" after an epic match. They've got a very nice community, but damn, they've got some pretty thin skin.
  7. JobiWan

    Reddit truly is toxic. I got downvoted to hell for the factual statement that June's double xp weekend for members was not the last weekend in June, but the weekend before.
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  8. breeje

    you have the right to speek your mind about this game, just don't use any racism or bully other people
    i know to be sometimes hard with my opinion about this game, up to the point when others start to groep up on me cause i always did speek my mind (those dev fan boys) this is one reason why i don't post as often as before
    even RadarX comment on my old posts to take it easy, only he never found a good reason to ban me
    the devs may not like what you have to say, but you have to be extreme to get banned on this forum
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  9. Corezer

    Hear that, guys? State of the art, newest R&D from the SPACE FORCE!

    the only thing "wrong" I did was click all the pictures with cars in it, including the little ones on a far off road in the top row... not my fault that whoever made this doesn't know what a car looks like...
  10. TheSunlikeOne

    Now the game has more security than the forums. Can't even play the game anymore.
  11. Corezer

    reported for sharing hax with users! lol
  12. Movoza

    It doesn't matter what you say, it still is a state of the art system. Ignorance of that doesn't make you right and throwing my explanation away based on only your irritation does not convince me otherwise.

    But in the case some information does stick:
    Adding such protection doesn't work, as humans are often involved with logging in. The forums on the other hand can easily be spammed by bots if not protected, while spam from humans is immensely less effective. The right security for the right situation, and sometimes that means you need to fill in the picto things 3 times.
  13. Corezer

    recaptcha or w/e has been around for a minute, pictures included.

    I didn't say I wanted such protections for the game, but as for whether it would work... aimbotters/glitchers/whatever are much more convenience orientated than the people who willfully throw themselves into that meat grinder and keep coming back. One can surmise that it would turn one demographic off to the game more than another when it comes to a couple of annoying pre-login hurdles...
  14. Movoza

    Your question at the start is why one has better protection than the other. I give that explanation, but you try to make it ridiculous. What is then the point of this thread? What do you want different? Are you even aiming at something? Or are you just coming here to complain about a great injustice, but you don't want any change? Seems typical if it's the last ine. All complaining, but even the complaining isn't focusing on solving anything. Just to scream you're hurt and keep screaming it as long as possible.
  15. FateJH

    Good news. I've seen the "not a bot" validation system this morning! That was actually kinda fun in an expected simplistic way.