Why does the Claymore suck so much compared to Bouncing Betty/Proximity Mine?

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  1. KunzeWaldemar

    This video (not mine) says it all.

    Claymore compared to the other two AP mines:
    • Easier to see
    • Detection only in one direction
    • Damage only in one direction
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  2. Tricky

    INBF: But you have Stiker and Vulcan
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  3. Phrygen

    The claymore is not as "good" because you can't Frisbee throw them onto enemies.

    Besides that, its just as good as the others when placed correctly. Edit: well.. just about as good. situational.
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  4. ChampagneDragon

    Wrong. The VS proxy mine is easiest to kill with. It's flat, and unless you're looking straight at the ground it is easily missed. The coloring is dark, making it blend in with most terrain.The coloring makes it blend in better. I rarely, if ever, fail to get kills or at least assists when I place them. I'd put my kill to placement ratio at 75%.

    The betty is smaller, a bit more three dimensional, but still relatively unseen when placed well. It's silver, and blends in well with floors, but not in open/field areas. I have many kills with it. I'd say my kill/placement ratio is 50%.

    The claymore is seldom missed. It has the highest profile, and has red stripes that make it hard to miss.You have to place it in very obscure places to get a hit with it. When placed you then have to hope someone actually ducks into the area you put it. I barely manage 25% hit ratio.
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  5. Phrygen

    they all have lights on them now. The size and shape don't mean anything.

    Place the claymore correctly and they wont see it. Its slim profile can be used to ones advantage.

    I have 450ish claymore kills and 47% accuracy
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  6. KunzeWaldemar

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  7. Booface

    I know I'm the minority here, but I play infiltrator on all 3 factions, and I actually like the claymore. With the other mines, you have to place them in doorways or directly along someone's path to get a kill. If someone is observant, he will see it in his way. You can try to get around it by using bushes, rocks, and corners. However, if you place a bouncing betty around a corner, even if it triggers the guy who triggers it will be outside the highest damage area of the explosion. You may not get a kill on someone with no suit, and if they're wearing any rank of Flak or Nanoweave you definitely won't.

    With claymores, though, you have more freedom to place them around corners and use angles. You can't see a claymore-mined doorway because the claymore is around the corner just waiting for you to go through.

    That being said, it only works if nobody is within 30m of you when you plant the damn thing, because otherwise the stupid green lasers show up. It also seems like if somebody is running fast enough, and you planted it so that some of the angle is wasted, they can sometimes get past the kill zone before the mine goes off. You can work around both of those (though the lasers thing is really annoying when you're being chased), and I like how claymores work in theory. I just wish they'd fix those two things.
  8. Ash87

    The Claymore is trash, it should be replaced.

    I see no point in reiterating the same points that everyone already knows, it's been done by much more elegant people than I in the past.

    The point of Asymetrical balance is to have things that are fundamentally different, but just as effective. The Prox mine and the Bouncing betty are the same thing... there is no difference there, the only difference is in the claymore, and it's quite obvious it isn't as effective based on the weaponry stats.
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  9. ChampagneDragon


    I am 50.674% with my betty.
    I am 37.662% with claymore.
    I am 50.909% with the vs proxy.

    Considering my main is NC, and my TR was the last I started with, I had more experience on placement with the claymore. I should have a higher accuracy with the claymore, due to experience.
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  10. m44v

    Is because the claymore is broken and the devs didn't go around fixing it yet. The green laser showing to enemies has to be a bug, since it only shows if the claymore was deployed in the same hex you're in. If you enter an hex with already placed claymores then the green lasers doesn't show, despite graphics settings.
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  11. Mal

    Lol this can't be right.

    I've been TR all along, haven't even played the other factions, and enemies can actually see the green lights? I assumed that was a friendly-only graphic. /eyeroll

    And the damage is in a cone, but not increased?

    This video isn't right... right?
  12. Phrygen

    again, the accuracy is heavily skewed by the fact the VS/NC infiltrators throw them into crowds of people.
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  13. Mal

    Hah I think you're getting the picture!
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  14. Phrygen

    That is an issue with the betty and prox though. I don't think any of the mines should have that functionality.
  15. ChampagneDragon

    I don't play infil. I play engi and heavy primarily. They're used for defense, not as frags.
  16. Phrygen

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  17. Bruiserdog

    When it comes to AI mines, TR wins the worst. I can notice a Claymore from a mile away. I will have to agree that Vanu/NC have the best AI mines.

    I think its because of the red on the mines which it better noticeable to the eyes then the proxi/bouncing betty.
  18. huller

    because TR can't have nice things. they were nerfed three times as much as the bbs and prox mines, probably when the devs were utterly plastered.
  19. YuanrangJA

    Wow, I am stunned.

    I genuinely thought that well placed Claymores would compensate and be just as deadly, but that is obviously not the case. There is something horribly wrong when Bouncing Betties are 1.5 times as lethal and Proximity mine is approaching 2 times as lethal. Those accuracy rates and kill amounts speak for themselves. >.<
  20. Tekuila

    Its amazing no matter how ninja I hide these things, people always find my claymores. They never find my Betties.