Why does everyone ignore Hossin, what can be improved?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by karlooo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Demigan

    I think they hate them because there isnt much combined arms there either. When you get a plane there is little cooperation between the ground and air especially when the aircraft are just slammed into a target for a kill (unless they changed that by now).

    Renegade did it despite the weird balance between cost/effectiveness and individual tanks and infantry. Infantry on most maps had sections that were pure infantry but most of these routes would intersect with the vehicle section somewhere. You also had the ability to cut off vehicles or advanced infantry by destroying the relevant building, which would ineviteably hamstring the opponent as you simply needed both to succeed. There was always an option to still succeed without them, but it was hard.

    And that is key. Infantry and vehicles relied on each other in that game. Having advanced infantry run along with the tanks increased your chances of success enormously, and many tactics relied on tanks and infantry working together, sometimed in setups resembling mechanized infantry, to succeed.
    You should try out Renegade X its fan made remake on the Unreal engine for a taste of what combined arms can be.
  2. Pelojian


    renegade got it right with combined arms, resource management, tech trees and tactics.

    you see each base had automated defenses which were worth a damn, if you stood in firing range of them for long enough you got smoked and you couldn't just plow down the base defenses easily.

    C4 also wasn't too powerful, you could use it against infantry yes, but you actually had to place it ahead of time 9/10 to get a kill, it's primary use was building sabotage on the master control terminal and damaging tanks(and it wasn't an instant kill most of the time due to placement delay and pretty open terrain).

    nukes and ion cannon were balanced you couldn't simply charge one up and murder a bunch of people, you actually had to place down a decent sized beacon on top of the target and defend it, people could disarm it and at most it could destroy one building and a few people.

    resource, tech and power denial were also strong strategies, you could starve them of funds by destroying their harvester again and again, you could double the cost of everything they purchase by destroying their power plants (this also took base defenses offline), you could deny them advanced infantry classes by destroying their barracks, you could deny then vehicles by destroying their airfields and war factories.

    it's kinda funny that an older, smaller game is better at combined arms then planetside 2.

    one of my favorite parts of gameplay was taking a couple of people with me and sneaking into enemy base and dumping our timed C4 on the master control terminal of a power plant and when it exploded, placing some remote C4 on the terminal to finish it off before the enemy could respond to the initial explosion.

    Sadly PS2 has none of those things, an open world where you can destory enemy facilities and both the attackers and defenders bases were at risk at all times could work in ps2 if there was a way to make sure attackers and defenders could only use one base at a time within a certain radius (otherwise destroying base structures would be pointless).

    all infantry except the basic classes had a cost, so if you got your hands on an advanced class with good AV ability you actually paid for it and got decent ability to fight vehicles, if you didn't the msot you could get is dumbfire rockets which could still hit tanks at range because they had little to no drop while their projectile speed was still dodgable by tanks.
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  3. Demigan

    I cant think of any game that did combined arms like Renegade did.

    It wasnt just the vehicles and infantry, it was how everything mattered to both the team and the individual.

    The game ran on a timer (except for Marathon servers) and were often won based on highest amount of points.
    To get points you had to damage and destroy things. 50% of the points for damaging it and 50% for the kill. This gives the team an incentive to try out things as even damaging opponents can get you the points you need for victory.
    But each point earned also adds 1 credit to the player that scored it, giving a personal incentive to get points as well. Besides that your score was shown compared to the other players.
    More expensive units are much more powerful than the cheaper units, going to the point where a 1000 credits unit could have almost double the DPS and health. The drawback is points again: a 1000 credit infantry unit gives around 130 points total, while a free infantry player nets you 2 to 3 points. Tanks are even more valuable to damage and destroy, balancing out the power of them. There have been teams that won the battle through points simply by fielding cheaper units that gave less points away. This again adds a personal and team incentive: more power means more credits paid, that can mean more kills and points for you but also that you end up giving more points away to the enemy instead.

    And defending or attacking buildings had the same process. Why would you defend that building? Well because it impacts your gameplay. Your income might be impacted, or you lose access to certain units, or your base will be easier to attack forcing you to change your strategies etc. This immediately applied to both the individual and the team as a whole.
    Yet the game mostly avoided the pitfall of one team starting to steamroll the more they destroyed. While it did mean you have less power overall it also meant they would refocus on earning points instead of trying to destroy your base. And a well dug in team could destroy attack after attack and earn enough points to last until timeout.
  4. karlooo

    People don't hate it. They just wish there was an only tank vs tank game mode because air ruins strategy.
    Especially when the players purposefully rush the point with cheap light tanks, that rewards them with a jet.
  5. karlooo

    You know what's interesting? The devs kept on talking about Oshur, how they want to create a whole new map...but they can't just fix problems on Hossin.
  6. NCLH

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  7. tigerchips

    That's the way it started out, not how it is now.
  8. Lord_Avatar

    Hossin is pure love for me. The best by far; unfortunately, I am very much alone in that sentiment. :(
  9. karlooo

    Hossin has the most stunning scenes you won't find on any of the continents. The landscape and trees is something very unique. I'm pretty sure this different landscape offers a whole different type of combat than on the other 3 maps but nobody ever gets to play here so...And also the redeploy probably won't make it possible.

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  10. Lord_Avatar

    I'd say Hossin bases and overall map flow are easily the best out of all continents. The claustrophobic feel only adds to the ambience for me. Vehicles struggle on Hossin though, and that's why it's so unpopular - makes farming more difficult. ;)
  11. Demigan

    That's how it was and still is now. Bases where the walls don't segregate vehicles properly from the infantry are almost always dominated by the vehicles, making defense nigh impossible.
  12. NewLexican

    For me, my major frustration comes from design that leads to cheese play. I'm sure game designers put these mechanics in place thinking they present opportunities for "advanced gameplay," but in reality it's just mostly just cheese. On Hossin, it's routers and spawn beacons in the high treetops which make me just want to log out.

    Yes, it's by design. Yes, it's smart play. But NO, most of the time, even when in a (pubby) squad or platoon, there's not enough coordination among people with the proper tools to counter it.

    If everyone were in an outfit, and everyone played with the same people on a consistent basis, these tactics would be fine for the game. It's a tactic, and it has counters. But reality falls far short of the ideal. In Planetside 2 -- at least on my server -- you commonly find yourself fighting alongside people who, if you're extremely lucky, will follow a waypoint and at least show up at the same base.
  13. Pikachu

    I prefer old pre-release Hossin which was green. Green tinted sunlight that is.

  14. icufos

    Hossin is too much for my PC. Just tends to microfreeze when flying....alot.
    Like the map but not a good playing experience.
    i5 4670K/RX 580 8GB/W7/16GB RAM.

    Mirofreezes on Indar as well. Not so much though.

    Due to the above fav maps are Amerish and Esamir.

    Esamir being top fav. I love snow.;)
  15. Shadowdev

    Hossin sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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