Why does everyone ignore Hossin, what can be improved?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by karlooo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. karlooo

    Hossin is IMO one of the best looking maps in the game, much better than Amerish and Esamir, but I've never had a normal game there. I just don't know what's wrong with it.
    Every day it's the same thing, everyone plays on Amerish, Indar, Esamir...Hossin is untouched and only available when the day ends.

    The devs got to do something with the map rotations. It's like as if Hossin is not even in the game.
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  2. ican'taim

    Agreed. Hossin is a bit confusing at times, but it's much better than Esamir. Also there's some really cool bases like destroyed biolabs and stuff.
  3. Vanguard540

    Invisible mines in water which forces you to run the implant and reswitch loadout if you want to deploy a sunderer. Driver has to mash the spot button in the implant is too weak.
    Monochrome snort atmosphere.
    Sunderers are already a pain to drive, would be a shame if terrain was covered in roots and cement flowers inside canyons.
    Less sunderers, less fights.
    Meanwhile Indar T.I alloy offers helm's deep feeling.
    North esamir ghost lake is a blast to drive on.
  4. Zizoubaba

    for me, lot's of things, but if I had to pick one thing only, I'd say :


    I can't see **** on Hossin, I never know who the hell is shooting me, whether it's a sniper on a branch of a tree or a LA on the roof or a heavy crouching on a corner, or any ******* aircraft from being the branches and leaves.

    during the day and with no mist it's sort of ok, but the rest of the time? I can't see anything.

    Some people actually like that, but I ******* hate that..
  5. Gooyoung

    Agree on it being super confusing infil nest. Sniped nonstop out of some random areas when you can't see snipers from the background is tough AF

    also those yellow flowers that damages your tanks

    Also those weird roads that disappear to the water and you gotta navigate waters

    Also closed terrain makes armor fight dificult to find covers such as hills

    Also when my drop pod landed on a tree and i don't have safe fall gg lol
  6. karlooo

    If Hossin causes confusion apparently, what should be done is add in continent specific weapons and upgrades, to deal with the 'new' threats.
    Just like an empire specific weapon/upgrade, I think we should also receive continent specific, for example:

    -Infiltrator problem? Maybe add in some new dark light attachment to the gun optic section, with right lick you can use this very strong dark light to spot.

    -Maybe the dark light upgrade on small arms can be even stronger on Hossin.

    -Problem with hidden mines? Add in some sort of mine sweeper upgrade for a vehicle/s (ANT could be perfect for this) and maybe the engineer somehow, that marks explosive automatically.

    -We already got the scout radar...

    -You got 'Rival combat chassis' to turn better, which can help in a continent like Hossin, but I do believe it needs some update - brake, reverse speed upgrade is so inappropriate IMO. I think it should just increase speed and acceleration a bit instead.


    These probably awful ideas are just off the top of my head but continent specific upgrades may make the continent more interesting.
  7. rsonny

    I don't like the bases on Hossin. Most need to run to a point without shelters from aircraft and snipers.
  8. BrbImAFK

    I won't pretend that Hossin doesn't have any problems, but honestly I find it much more pleasant than the other continents in most cases.

    When you're on Indar, 80+% of the population is going to spend 80+% of the time fighting in the central triangle of Crown/TI/Ceres, while it's almost impossible to get anything going elsewhere because nobody wants to be distracted from their triangle farm, so anything else is either ignored resulting in boring ghost-hacking, or stomped on uber-quick with whole platoons descending on 5 dudes, insta-blowing all the spawns, nuking the survivors, then pissing off back to the triangle.

    On Esamir, things almost invariably revolve around the biolabs and the tech-plant. And since those aren't the easiest bases to take, fights are often stagnated there for ages. And, once again, it's tough to get anything going elsewhere because either it's ignored or rofl-stomped.

    Amerish can be OKish, but the long lattice lines tend to result in huge masses of players zerging up and down the lanes meaning that the majority of the time you're either IN the zerg, with a 2:1 pop advantage and can't find anybody to shoot 'cause they're campted into the spawn room, or you're BEING zerged, with a 2:1 pop disadvantage and can't get out of the spawn room without 50 tanks, 25 A2G ****ters and 100 surrounding infantry all competing for your head.
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  9. pnkdth

    Clear up the plants and stuff, create arcs and "roads" in the undergrowth. Make available paths a bit more obvious with street lights, unfinished roads, or other such assets (keeping the "under construction/repair"-vibe).

    I am fine with the added challenge but wouldn't mind more points of attack for some bases.
  10. Johannes Kaiser

    Because of those friggin' ferrocrete plants.
    And the roots that flip vehicles although they most definitely shouldn't.
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  11. karlooo

    Yeah it's pretty stupid that while you're in a massive tank with tracks as wide as a MAUS tank....you're afraid of plants flipping you over lol, or just getting you stuck.
    Some vehicles are just badly designed, I wouldn't say it's Hossins fault. The ANT suspension is so bad that a rock, a human can lift, can flip over the vehicle because of how stiff the suspension is....the diameter of the ANT wheel is as tall as an ingame human.
    Size wise it's like as if a pebble flips over a jeep.
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  12. BattGuano

    There's too much junk in Hossin - you can't go anywhere without having to battle the terrain - As far as I'm concerned, Esamir is the most fun map to play; it's open, easy to travel, allows for epic tank battles and the skies are clear for the aircraft.
  13. BattGuano

    all of the continents have one central place where the battles happen mostly - on Hossin it's nascens descent, never fails, so in that regard it's just like the others
  14. Fisheyed

    It depends what server you are on. Emerald is the worst and used to ferociously avoid hossin, but it's getting better as players become more familiar to the layout of the continent. Other servers will jump on hossin when they get a chance to. The infantry fights and lattice options are more advanced.
    PS4 players love hossin because its what they're used to.
  15. Demigan

    1: a hell for vehicles.
    For vehicles its almost worse than a railroad shooter. Paths are set and there is relatively little maneuvering or alternative routes to take.
    The cover is bad for vehicles, the trees are either not thick enough or have roots that prevent you getting close or if you do impact your maneuverability.
    Water allows perfect invisibility for mines.

    2: aircraft heaven.
    It was thought that aircraft would find Hossin a horrorshow. The joke was that tree's were the ultimate G2A and Hossin had forests of extra large trees. I already said it then and it came true: the trees provided perfect cover to approach and attack just about anything. With G2A requiring almost constant sight to deal enough DPS for a "maybe you get a kill if your enemy reacts too slow" it is basically a get out of jail free card (more so than normally with trees constantly absorbing damage for the aircraft. That isnt even mentioning the impassable hills that provide ample of cover even on area's with little to no trees.
    The first point comes into play here. Because Hossin has so many area's where you can only follow tight corridors between trees and impassable hills it is exceedingly easy to find and kill targets for aircraft.

    3: Hossin was never finished and it shows. Some bases are horrorshows where the attackers have to push through two or three chokepoints in a row with no alternative routes (well, a second chokepoint mirroring the other one for example), or where the capture points are almost next to the Sunderer and the defenders have to slog through chokepoints in time to get to it. Some bases also have weird designs where you need to find a teleporter or jumppad to get to an objective, but they are located in off-the-road area's you arent looking for when you first play the base making it a hell to play for the first few times. There are several bases that seem ingenious in their construction, but that seems more luck of the draw with the semi-random way the bases are created. There's also the hills that are just filler, often only partially filled with foliage.
  16. JibbaJabba

    I'm one of the folks that digs Hossin. It's my fav.

    But I totally get some peoples gripes.

    It's already a challenge to drive on. That's deliberate though and shouldn't be changed.
    BUT... the "concrete foilage" … just not necessary. Frustrating to players.

    On the aircraft side of things, some consistency in what clips vehicles and what doesn't would be nice.

    An extension to fall invulnerability would help with dropods that land in trees.

    The day night cycle needs tweaked.
    #1 make it DARKER still (the vets from beta days know what I mean) - For ME!
    #2 make night time shorter. Do 66/33 day/night instead of 50/50. - For Others!

    Add more lights around buildings, bases and structures. Remove lights in gaps between buildings and allow the darker night to be a factor.

    Fix the map and minimap. Add contrast or otherwise make it apparent when terrain elevations prevent driving from point A to Point B.

    Add more walkable, and (narrow) drivable paths in mountains.

    Finish upgrading the "construction" bases to final bases. They are just placeholders...long overdue to get torn out.
  17. Pelojian

    the only way hossin could be a hell for aircraft is if ESF and libs didn't have VTOL capacity.

    real fighters will have hell with forests unless they are literally saturating fire over a wide area to hit something like a concealed camp hidden under the tree cover..
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  18. tigerchips

    Hossin is what happens when developers try to turn this game into infantryside. PS2 is a combined arms game, not a COD game.
  19. Demigan

    I'm always curious, at what point is PS2 a combined arms?
    The game goes out of it's way to segregate infantry and tanks specifically because tanks mush infantry so easily. Esamir before it got walls was a prime example with how just a few tanks could completely dominate entire platoons worth of infantry and even today bases where the tanks can fire into busy intersections or buildings are easily dominated by these tactics.

    The rock-paper-scissors tactics, if you can call it that, of tanks needing to clear the way of other tanks so a Sunderer can get the infantry combat started isn't combined arms, it's segregated arms. The tanks don't complement the infantry and they don't work together. PS2 has a huge potential for combined arms, but it has little combined arms right now. Quite the opposite in fact in how the game continuously tries to segregate infantry and tanks from each other.
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  20. Pikachu

    And I'm curious if there's any game that has successful combined arms. :D In War Thunder people hate that airplanes and helicopters are put into tank battles. And they hate planes being in naval battles.

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