Why does DBG allows NC's terrible low win rate?

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  1. TR5L4Y3R

    you have to consider though the engagement ranges from were most capture points are and from my experince the tr and vs default weapons are better for that ... i didn't say the gauss is a bad lmg .. it is however too unvieldy a starter weapon and requiers almost full attachments to be reasonably controlable .. and missing shots with it spells your own demise .. ..
    of course veterans bring influence to the battle but still you want your average grunt to be somewhat competitive in the skirmish areas that are both most neccesary and common which are around the capturepoints ... i as a average player am able to contribute more torwards that with a high rof weapon than using the gauss as it is simply illsuited in those areas .. higher dps or not the chance of missing shots with the gauss are too punishing
    so i stand by that the nc defaultweapon needs to be switched

    also instead of comparing the gd22s and em 1 to the gauss better compare them to the vs and tr defaults and equivalents

    personaly i don't care bout directive weapons as they are not common enough to be a overall factor to a faction arsenal and performance
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  2. ChUnKiFieR

    It's not unlikely! In fact, it's the EXACT reason I chose NC 4 years ago.
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  3. adamts01

    If you've read any of my suggestions for the Reaver you'll know I'm about faction diversity. I don't have a specific recommendation for infantry, I just think that acknowledging the problem is the first step.
  4. Campagne

    And were you and still are a highly incompetent burden on the NC? :p
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  5. TR5L4Y3R

    yea but what is talked about here are infantryweapons because ultimately infantry is what captures the territory
    and as i said before nc HA's having the worst starter lmg is a long known fact
  6. adamts01

    That sounds as good a place as any to start, but infantry is still only a piece of the puzzle. How often is NC infantry wrecked against VS and TR air? Much more often than NC air wrecks them, that's not a coincidence.
  7. csvfr

    Inferiority is transitive so when comparing to find something that is sufficiently competitive its OK to compare against something known to be not. That is, because gd22s and em1 are inferior (<) to the gauss saw which is inferior (<) to the VS and TR defaults, the gd22s and em1 are inferior (<) to the VS and TR defaults. Same as with numbers, as the gauss saw's 1666.6 DPS is less than (<) VS and TR defaults 1787.5 DPS, you can compare the em1 and gd22s DPS to the weapon you did intend for them to replace, and figure out that it is not only insufficient by not matching the target of 1787.5 DPS, it is also lowering performance in comparison to the current starting lmg. The em1 has 1570.6 DPS and the gd22s has 1606 DPS btw, the only NC lmgs with better performance than the Gauss SAW are the Anchor and EM6 with 1670 DPS, which is pretty much the same though having a difference of only 3.4 DPS.

    Having competitive directive weapons gives players incentive to stay with a faction, accumulating certs that can be used to upgrade vehicles and soldiers, affecting the faction-wide alert-performance.
  8. csvfr

    ... NC lmgs can thus be viewed ordered according to DPS, where the gd22s is seen as "equal" to the Gauss SAW S, with the same holding between the Anchor and EM6. The VS and TR starting and directive weapons would be placed off the chart to the right of this table, being superior to the entire NC lmg arsenal.

    1570 | ......1606 ........| .....1666.6 ....| 1670
    EM1 | ........gd22s......| Gauss SAW | Anchor
    ........| Gauss SAW S |....................| EM6
  9. ridicOne

    So with the way your cherry picking the numbers to fulfill your argument your basically stating there are VS weapons that can calculate to infinity. Therefore they are superior to any other weapons when in fact they are usually worse than non directive equivalents.
  10. csvfr

    I'm not cherry-picking just trying to order the lmg's according to cqc-effectivness, and say that the VS and TR have *some* weapons that are better than *all* NC's. The table is merely, since there is no way to order the Anchor and EM6, or the gd22s and Gauss SAW S, because they have the same DPS and the differences are more concerned with hip-fire accuracy and magazine size.

    So I'm also assuming that the players are able to land all shots on target..
    .. and that the action takes place before drop-off takes its toll..
    Other than that there is no cherry-picking or unrealistic assumptions except the usage of DPS as a substitute for TTK

    The infinite ammo of VS's Betelgeuse was stated as a fact, not an argument.
  11. Reemerge

    You stayed with the NC because you aren't scum who rerolls to the winning faction. Where the NC lacks in number it is compensated by awareness and strategy. In actuality, you would be fighting harder than the opposing factions. Its a good place to start the game if you are highly competitive. You are forced to actually think about how you can do better.
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  12. AmericanEmpire

    You lose because half your team is sitting in your spawn rooms shooting that camera guided Missile launcher at people. Git Gud vanguard scrap.
  13. adamts01

    True that. I tell everyone to switch to NC if they're really the ****. It's always someone in a VS or TR zerg jacking eachother off while spawncamping in a 12:1 fight.
  14. Money

    The fact that all this information has been readily available to DBG from the beginning, and they have refused to acknowledge the problems is disturbing.

    I've voiced my opinions repeatedly, only to fall on deaf ears. Not going to make the big "I Quit" rant. Just vote with my wallet and time. Happy Planetmans hunting folks!
  15. Atorum

    Real question is: why does DBG allow such high VS win rates?
  16. Lamat

    One thing at a time, first lets fix NC, then we'll see where everything stands.
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  17. Purp

    While we are fixing the NC, I think part of the problem maybe the obesity rates... Have you seen the latest armor sets? GO ON A DIET- TOO MANY CARBS!!!

    I am thinking of trying to start leveling my NC alt just for the challenge :)
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  18. adamts01

    Some people like a challenge, maybe NC is their way of giving them one. It continues to lure me to the faction. But, as zergs show, most people don't want to challenge themselves, which is sad. I can only hope that attitude doesn't translate to their real lives.
  19. Lamat

    If that was their intent, to make NC the game's hard mode, they should tell you upfront.

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  20. pnkdth

    VS have 1.6% more alert wins than TR. NC are 11.1% behind VS and 9.3%. Given how OP VS was with their ADS movement mods on LMGs and ZOE one wonder how TR have managed to keep this up. Maybe we need to take a long hard look at TR. I mean, if VS has been the scourge of PS2 for so long how balanced could TR possibly be?

    Oh no, I'm becoming like you. Paranoia. Gah, I am almost asking for nerfs. Please make it stop. Nooooo--- *drowns in salt pit*