Why does DBG allows NC's terrible low win rate?

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  1. Lucidius134

    I think the burger tank caused a bit of contention for this specific reason, where you could pay for a perceived and proven advantage
  2. Purp

    11/10-11/13 Emerald Alerts:

    Peak Pop: 1290

    VS 17, TR 6, NC 9
    VS 53%, TR 19%, NC 28%

    NC seems to be pulling ahead of TR this weekend, but both are still far behind VS.
  3. strikearrow

    Ya this is indeed true, the Chinese outfits do not play to win - they intentionally lose quite often.
  4. adamts01

    They do play to win. Win ISO that is. It's just more time efficient to take turns throwing alerts and knock out 2 losses and 2 wins than sit on a single continent for 6 hours. They have it down to a science, which is why the test server is useless, and Connery should be used instead in order to find loop holes and exploits.
  5. strikearrow

    I do see the NC intentionally lose though, they have huge outfits with population parity to the winning faction and just focus on farming the 3rd smaller faction and do not even try to stop the winning faction from winning the alert. The NC outfit then gets a lot less ISO and no ISO items - and the Chinese NC outfits never win alerts it seems. NC sometimes wins on the US prime time and that's it.

    If Connery fails completely, as you imply it will, then I will probably quit the game completely. I already have 2 high BR toons marooned on failed server Briggs and I just do not want to spend the time leveling up new ones on another server. I'm really considering buying an old computer, keeping it offline altogether, and running windows XP SP2 on it so I can play the 30+ PvE games I bought for $20 or less each and really enjoyed years ago. It's such a pain that constant updates, hackers, and windows planned obsolescence ruins old programs that worked perfectly fine.
  6. adamts01

    Those same outfits switch accounts and play all 3 factions. I've seen enough text in group/command chat to know exactly what they're up to. You're right, they are intentionally losing alerts. But the other night during Asian primetime NC won 4 alerts in a row because of Chinese TR outfits refusing to fight NC. That's why I propose such drastic measures to promote local hex balance and promote fighting the alert starter. But it may be impossible when a unit making up half the entire server is split between two factions. It's a real mess.

    I don't know. There are more Chinese than Americans on Connery, and they obviously like things broken the way they are, so if Daybreak can make money off that and use that to keep the game going then I can't really hold that against them. It's illegal to access this game in China, so I imagine they're all using VPNs and would have a hard time using Chinese credit cards. Unless Daybreak just accepts whatever payment comes out of China without matching the computer's origin to the cards origin. I know they don't let that slide in the Philippines, as it was a real pain to use my American card from here. Either way, the American outfits from Connery have mostly moved to Emerald or Quit, so Daybreak has to be able to get by on Asian money now. I still think they need to merge the US servers and open a new one in Korea or Singapore, and let people move their accounts from server to server.

    My brother is like you in regards to older games, but I can't get in to them anymore, technology has just come so far. And after Planetside I have a hard time enjoying 12v12 games. I really hope Daybreak fixes this game, and a key part of that is forcing some competitive fights. We'll see.
  7. strikearrow

    I remember MW4 online being 24v24 and that was good enough for me. But really I don't need PvP at all if the PvE is good enough and in most of the games I remember, it was.
  8. typnct

    The way i see it nc looses allot more because of their agression towards every cap, most of the times i play against them its 96+
    Which means that the other areas loose its protection and therefore they get ghost capped a whole lot more
    Hell i saw 17 vanies and 9 sundrers across one base
    And their other bases?
    Completely pop-less

    Their attacks are mostly focused on kdr and not the main obj(kill spawn points and clear remaining inf)

    I rarely see them fight with equal or less pop

    They do have some extremely strong outfits but those outfits need to teach those players whats more important to deal with first

    This is mainly organized zerg rush(id call it)
    This tends to happen less in tr because we have voice commanding squads(of 40 people daily)

    If you really want to improve the nc you should follow brubaker1
    And hightech

    The right people in the right place make all the difference in this game
    (Explain to them the choke points, basic strategies of where to put the sundrers(i killed like 20 sundies in less than 15minutes in the same spot by just looking at the same place and they came in what? 3 5 in a huge bunch with no protection whatsoever))
  9. LordKrelas

    Shotguns require close-range.
    Every heavy newbie, has a weapon not suited for indoors, where most caps are.

    1v1, NC usually needs to be the better shot, and react first.
    Numbers make up for it.

    Equal pop, usually is a loss.
    Less Pop is basically suicide.

    A Vanguard, is best served with reinforcements, let alone against infantry.
    NC Harassers, are close-range weapons; NC Sunderers face VS & TR tanks, as well as Harassers.

    I want you to take a random group of TR, and take a base.
    Then do it with NC.
    When you find not even the Max unit, can adapt from outdoors to indoors, or vice versa, for NC only..
    You'll get the hint.

    NC in a choke-point is slow-firing weapons, that need every bullet.
    TR in a choke-point, is where you can spray, and hit reliably.
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  10. typnct

    the nc weapons are made for close to medium range adaptability(high alpha dmg)
    i when i play against nc what i usually see is this: no medics, no engies and no body is destroying the spawn points

    i see a really high kdr from the nc but not alot of people are trying to lockdown the point
    the ttk for the nc is really really great that can outtake the tr and vs(especially the smg with 200 alpha)

    the problem for the tr is to land enough shots before getting killed
    the nc can overcome that by shooting using laser sights(which i dont even see on the nc side) and hipfire(dont worry the alpha can take care of the kill)

    the vanguards are usually really useful to the nc but theres awhole lot too much of them that the cap pop gets less people to fight

    again! kill the spawn points or lock down the obj(its hard to impossible to raid a locked down nc building)
  11. adamts01

    This has to be the most ridiculous thing I hear around here. NC guns have the same ttk and dps as the other factions, and sometimes worse. What that means, is no matter how long the enemy is exposed, the other factions with the same ttk can deal the same damage, more easily I should add. If you want to get really specific, higher fire rates with the same dps have the advantage because missing that last shot due to limited exposure time on the NC is a big deal, so it's more likely the other factions can take advantage of every split second the enemy is exposed.
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  12. stalkish

    Saw this (sorry couldnt resist ;)) on the AMA over on reddit.....uhhhggg for having to go there for it.....

    From his tweet:
    Fun fact: NC6 Gauss SAW has the highest number of kills of any singular weapon throughout the game's history at 84,825,499. (And that number doesn't even include teamkills.)

    Of course without additional information this is almost meaningless, but interesting nevertheless.
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  13. RockPlanetSide2

    Regardless if you approve of his comment or not, it is clear that he is using this as the end of the argument... the NC weapons are GUD... lets wrap this silly thread up.
  14. Killer Medic

    It's more of a "I'm pissed off you dare question me or criticize my update" than anything else. Just shows a thin skin-which isn't surprising because he's *always* had one to be honest.

    Say Wrel, how's your ego handling all the complaints against the CAI update? Really gotta suck...
  15. Lucidius134

    I bet this includes flash kills.
  16. FLHuk

  17. Lamat

    I'm really losing interest in this game, been playing a lot less. I feel like the devs really have no clue about the issues and are just marching hopelessly forward with their bad decisions. I think I'll just check back periodically, too bad I already renewed my membership for 3 months...
  18. adamts01

    Yeah, I've made the switch to Arma until things get under control around here. It'll get fixed, as much of CAI was good in theory, it was just implemented terribly and needs some serious tweaking. Where Daybreak really has their work cut out for them is Connery, I'm not sure that server can be saved.