Why does DBG allows NC's terrible low win rate?

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  1. adamts01

    At first I liked that idea, but kids already hear enough "evil capitalism" **** in school these days, they really don't need any more.
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  2. TR5L4Y3R

    let´s please keep politics out of this whatever you assosiate any of the factions with .. that´s a topic for a different thread ..

    .... also why does this forum not have an unrelated section? ..
  3. StaHoo33

    I just wonder what will come next after this? Maybe questions for changing game to mode where if you shoot at NC lads you get debuff -99% dmg? Nothing, absolutely nothing is stopping you from winning, NC is not cleraly weak, your MAX unit is more threat to tanks that Magrider is, your Tank can blow 2 others and still come alive from battle, your esf...oh wait this one model is too big and I agree on that, but still have access to deadliest AI cannon, you can use Libs same as others they have same weaponry and fly just same as other factions, but when it come to guns... Don't make me start on this one, highest learning curve, but if anyone who doesn't play casually NC, give enough time to learn your weapons, let me just say that those who disagree go duel with Anchor heavy, or better Cyclone user... Finishing I'd like to say one thing as soon as Alert starts there should be timer on switching factions for the duration of alert, but it can work only if you don't get randomly disconnected during fight, it would require stable server, stable connection and money that DB doesn't have.

    tl;dr Salty op with probably 0 clue what game looks like for other factions, demands intervention from DB to literally nerf other 2 factions, and the reason for it is - he can't win alert, clearly wrong in their mind, and I cal it BS. Asymmetric balance is not about everyone to have 33,3% wins.
  4. Killer Medic

    I have played on all three factions-mainly TR when I'm on an alt and I can tell you NC gets screwed repeatedly. I've told you again and again that there's collusion-I've heard it in proximity chat when on TR-and that neither one will really fight each other when an alert starts; instead they'll double team NC. It's almost like they have an agreement to share the alerts and to make sure NC doesn't get any. No, I'm not paranoid, you can see it on the map daily.

    Problem is both weapons and the ***** player base that pulls this stupid **** all the time. Once again, they'll kill the game and then ***** that it's dead and never admit they caused it.
  5. Killer Medic

    And that

    That argument doesn't hold water. I know my weapons backwards and forwards and, yes, NC has more damage but it's also nowhere near the dps of the other two factions.
  6. DarkStarAnubis

    NC weapons are hard-hitting and slow firing but newbies need spray-and-pray TR-like weapons since they have no idea about CoF, Bloom, bursting, leading a target and so on. Even NC snipers get a bolt action rifle requiring finesse whereas other factions get a semi-auto with ballistic computer (no sway).

    Small wonder results are poor.
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  7. Campagne

    I don't care enough to dispute everything, but do know I disagree completely. :p

    I've aurax'd both the Anchor and the Cyclone, and I most certainly wouldn't say they are the best guns avalible. Anchor is super overrated, and while I suppose one could say the Cyclone is the best SMG it certainly isn't the best gun in the game. Overrated and nerf'd slightly a while back.

    Anyway, the entire premise of "asymmetrical balance" is that all sides are equal despite their differences. If one side loses dramatically more than the other, there is no balance of any kind. The NC is not equal.
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  8. Lamat

    The Anchor may be the best NC LMG, but that's like being the prettiest Denny's waitress. Just because you're the best doesn't mean you're good.

    The Anchor is basically a bad NC1 Gauss Rifle with a larger magazine. So NC's "close combat" LMG is the same DPS as our medium ranged default AR but is worse at medium range, HUH?

    NC needs a REAL close combat LMG. If the devs can't figure out how to make hard hitting weapons good, they should just make a 143dmg/750rpm LMG for NC, in accordance with the Carv/Orion. Have 167 dmg LMGs available to all factions and be done with this mess. I don't want to see the faction differences watered down, but the way NC's trait is implemented in the game is awful, if they can't fix it, then just give NC more TR-like guns that are good: Blitz, GD-7F, Carnage, GR-22
  9. Sp4cL0rd

    NC has a Command Problem not weak weapons issues. This game is designed as a team sport and NC is lacking coordination and team work. Yes part of it is new players are not getting the proper training when they join outfits or even bothering getting into a squad up and actual working as a team. Long gone are the days of Gal Ball's coordinated amour column's, sunder blitz's, valks of doom and very rarely see air squads at all. Most outfits and platoons big move consist of one thing Recall to warp gate load up gals fly to some base they hope to ghost cap. Most of the outfits and platoons that are active are all about one thing, Foot Zerging. Also NC has always had a problem with infighting between outfits as there are some real immature Leaders out there who show no respect to those outside of their outfit think that they are the hero's and the rest are just cannon fodder they can cuss at and shoot in the back of the head. Who wants to work with people like that? Not many. And it happens often discouraging many from playing as a team which revert back to solo lone wolf play. I have played NC mostly for Years and have watched the ebb and flow. I know for a fact that NC's weapons and vehicles are more than capable to get the job done. It is all about combining efforts working the many roles and executing sound tactical operations. I know this because I run small squads of players who are willing to get back to back and we are very effective we ever and whomever we go up against. I would encourage NC to spend more effort guarding points than foot zerging around looking for that easy kill. Control those desires to go running around trickling threw suicide doors, dig in onto the point you don't have to go running to find some one to kill they are coming to you. Play a supportive role I notice NC maxes don't get as much engineer love as other factions but will say NC medics recently have really started to show up and change the order of the battle, Group and Push don't try to play the lone hero we will sadly be dragging your body into a bag. So to wrap up my opinion of why NC does not win many alerts is tone down the toxicity, get in a squad and actually flow orders, coordinate something other than foot zergs and take the time to help and train the new players rather than cuss and call them names when they make mistakes. Yes NC does not have weak weapons and vehicles they have weak leadership and command. Think about it.
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  10. LordKrelas

    Across every server, for every alert.
    And with the same people, VS and TR mystically have no trouble.

    New players with Gauss Saw vs Orion \ Carv, obviously not a grand difference.
    Just entirely different requirements for use, proper range for use, and completely wrong for interior fights... which are what win the alerts.

    ES Launcher is a guided missile incapable of killing infantry by itself, and can be shot down.
    AI Maxes are RNG shotguns with a limited range, limited reload, defensive special, and the longest reload time.
    Heavy weapons, to ES special weapons across the faction are RNG shotguns.

    Basic Starter weapon is a Longer-ranged LMG requiring skill to properly use, and has a Full-auto that is a trap.
    Heavy Weapon, to Maxes are the inverse, and do not mix well at all.
    When the first is able to properly engage, the second can not fire; When the second can fire, the first is severely crippled.

    You want to blame leadership, as if VS & TR leadership mystically is better...
    A squad of TR or VS, by equipment alone has an easier time moving from interior to exterior battle.
    This makes it simpler to lead, and push.
    NC squads are very specific to the environment, to their strengths.
    VS & TR maxes couldn't care if indoors or outside, NC Maxes are very particular by the nature of their weapons.
    A TR or VS Max is not as reliant on the terrain, so they are more common.
    NC Maxes can more easily smoke their allied engineer... as it's a shotgun.

    You can manage the kill with NC weapons.
    But it takes a lot more than with the same exact weapon on VS or TR, unless you score head-shots for every bullet.

    You can try to blame NC's consistent losses across every server, and NC's bare near equaling TR & VS when they have Overpop on Miller...
    But you'll look like a twit.
    Getting on TR or VS doesn't magically make you cooperate, and NC the opposite.

    Take a look at the stats.
    Then realize, you can't have every single server mystically all have Leadership troubles.
    Nor can you have equal number fights, a constant loss unless NC pulls a massive play.
    The first states the massive improbability.
    The second shows the difference in effort needed in equal numbers is severe.
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  11. Humoreske

    They are "gone". You should think why such a phenomenon occurs only in NC.
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  12. Rydenan

    Even if we accept your premise that NC has no good outfits/leadership, ask yourself why that would be?
    Either NC had great outfits and they all left, or no good outfits have ever chosen NC to play on.
    What possible explanation for this could there be, other than that NC is an inferior choice, equipment-wise?
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  13. csvfr

    It actually OHK infiltrators now after the launcher rebalancing.
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  14. Lamat

    Use paragraphs please, this is horrible to try to read.
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  15. Shibby84

    The three factions were designed as they were to create diversity and provide difference between them. You have to play each one differently and using different tactics with each ones ability's. Most encounters I have had Heavy vs Heavy, Headshot to Headshot, the NC player has won 8/10 times, using any weapon. I have seen Maxes come into a room as a organized group with the lead Max using his Max Shield to enter the room and 3 other Maxes that followed clearing the room. In my main battle tank, I was not paying attention to my rear, and I have gotten Tick/Tocked 1.5 shot and went poof in a matter of 2 secs, from the vanguards higher damage. Its just from those experiences I feel that the NC is overpowered. These arguments have always been the same from each faction about the other. Daybreak/SOE has buffed the NC more times than any other faction. New player base, who would not want to wear spandex or be a communist, that has individual w/r's that are low to all of NC's stats, IS a very valid claim to the purposed argument. It's like saying don't solve a math equation using any addition or subtraction. Btw is this another whine thread, can it be said, "play better?" :p
  16. LordKrelas

    NC has the highest damage per bullet. If their head-shots didn't deal more damage, they would be unable to even have a chance to win against anyone who can hit a target.
    As well, NC weaponry isn't exactly the simplistic to aim, and head-shots are... Head-shots.
    So, beyond that being insane to think as a weapon balancing metric given head-shots are the most uncommon shots possible..
    You have the slower-firing weapons with a higher-per-bullet vs rapid-fire weapons with their damage divided across bullets.

    It's akin to comparing a sniper rifle's head-shot results to a Pistol, and declaring the Sniper the better weapon based on the hardest-to-hit for the average joe, and that's not accounting for Number of hits even.
    To clarify, the Sniper rifle wins the head-shot damage contest, but it's in an entirely different field.
    A Pistol while not winning the head-shot damage contest wins in firing rate, reload speed, and ease of landing the shots.

    Outside of head-shots, in a comparison putting 100% accuracy on every bullet, and 100% of every fired round hitting the head, NC weapons are wining when all other factors are disregarded, like rate-of-fire, the unlikelihood of perfect accuracy on top of perfect accuracy.
    Which is insanity.

    4 AI maxes, should clear a Room.
    The fact, that 4 NC maxes weren't nuked by C-4, Rockets, tank mines or similar, says the opponent got outplayed or outgunned.

    Vanguard has less damage than the prowler actually.
    So it's not the Vanguard with the Higher damage output, it's the vanguard with the higher velocity unless Prowler is deployed.

    NC's stats say it has the lowest track record of wins, smallest number of directive weapons, and often enough the most team kills.
    Math says, that means NC has the worst performance.

    In short.
    You really need to refine your methods of comparing weapons to not include impractical levels of god-like accuracy while also ignoring all factors beyond it.
    That's not counting the math errors.
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  17. Shibby84

    Its what it is LordKrelas, just feel smarter on your own accord. That's the way I designed this game to be, not for the noob NC, but to have difference in gameplay game style.
  18. LordKrelas

    You thought the Vanguard deals more Damage than the Prowler, which has for years had the higher damage output.
    Let's just leave it at that fact, to explain why you are delusional as Noot is nootsy.
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  19. Shibby84

    If you know how to play your Prowler it can do more damage, as refire is the TR's specialty. In consideration of lockdown and not being able to move, also included the fact per shot the vanguard can and will do more damage than a prowler as well as higher damage output. Not delusional but am much more involved in the thought process, as providing "Noot" to become a NOOTSY.
  20. LordKrelas

    How to play it: Press fire-button for the second shot.
    Vanguard has one shot, and a longer reload.
    Prowler has two shots, and a shorter reload, each shell being a bit more than half the Vanguard's single shot.

    One bullet doing 500 damage means little, when the other weapon fires 3 Bullets at 225 in the same time frame.
    For 500 x 1 = 500.
    225 x 3 = 675.
    But the one bullet is stronger... yet 3 are fired that add up for more, for the same time.

    This is why a semi-auto battle is not better than a rapid-fire assault rifle in every battle.
    The same goes for every single weapon.
    DPS is King.

    Which is why the Prowler is the Artillery tank focusing on dealing damage, the vanguard is enduring it, and the Magrider in evading it.
    Damage, Armor, Mobility.
    The three Empire Tanks.

    Also, Noot is a person.
    As well, this is the easiest argument I've had, so I'm enjoying it as disturbing as you are.