Why does DBG allows NC's terrible low win rate?

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  1. Humoreske

    The win rate of all factions need not be 33.3%...
    However, it is obviously abnormal that the NC win rate is less than 30% on ALL servers.
    The excuse of "difference of player skills" does not pass. NC is clearly weak.
    Such a disastrous situation has been neglected for a long time. and DBG does not mention this at all.

    Really, why? Please tell me.
    I was playing at NC and I could not win one wins for three consecutive days! xD
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  2. Beerbeerbeer

    I have BR100s on all three factions on Emerald.

    Whenever I’m playing VS or TR I tend to fight N.C. way more than the other factions because they are easier to fight against and hey, I like easy.

    I think the inherently slow ROF guns puts them at a disadvantage. The major range nerf to all weapons in that one big patch made matters even worse. There’s no reason to not use the fastest ROF guns now. Doesn’t matter if it’s LMGs, carbines, assault rifles or SMGs. Sheet DPS means absolutely and I mean absolutely nothing now.

    If it fires faster...it’s better and range really doesn’t matter anymore.
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  3. Lamat

    NC were designed to be farmed:

    1) good guy freedom fighter image to attract new players to be farmed
    2) bright yellow markings making them easy to spot
    3) most weapons designed for mid-range with bad hipfire and mobility stats in a game with bases designed for close-range and high mobility requirements.
    4) flinch mechanic bias for higher ROF
    5) being the shotgun faction, in a game where shotguns have been nerfed to the ground.
    6) large slow bulky vehicles easier to hit and out-maneuver
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  4. Halkesh

    When a noob choose his faction, he have the choice between a spandex looking guy with a weird music, a red playmobile with a communist-like music and a rebel with a cool rock music.
    Guess what ? Most noob will choose NC.

    IMO that's what explain why NC outnumber other faction but have still low win rate.
    DBG should make a few even so everyone will be able to play as the same faction during one week per faction (TR vs TR vs TR for example) so it will flush away all this idiotic comments about "my faction don't have 33, 33333333% win rate, please buff it".

    I apologize for the rude answer but I'd have a bad day and this kind of thread appears at least as often as "nerf C4" or "nerf overshield" thread.
  5. Campagne

    The "noobs choose NC" is a lazy and highly unlikely cop-out of an answer.

    It is extremely unlikely that the vast majority new players are highly incompetent and are attracted to the "good guys" only.
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  6. Demigan

    But that makes no sense.
    The NC has been the lowest winning faction on all servers since launch. Saying "they must attract the most noobs because I think so" doesnt make it true. And to prove that its not true we can look at NS weapon statistics. If NC attracted more newbs and they are losing because of that then obviously the NS weapons statistics would be lower than the other two factions. But the actual statistics of NS weapons has been practically the same since the beginning, with the NC pulling ahead as much as the other two. So skill/newbs is not the reason.

    What is left is the remaining ES weapons as differential why thr NC loses since the beginning. The disadvantage of the lower ROF weapons, the weak Vanguard that despite being hailed as the "King of MBT killing" scores practically the same as the other MBT's, and is behind in all other important statistics...
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  7. Halkesh

    There is still a weapon statistic site since oracle of death disappear ?
    Since you have access to statistic, can you link me your site ? I want to compare NC weapon with TR/VS to see if your point is right.

    Honestly, I really doubt the fact the whole faction is bad is solely due to the lower RoF / higher damage faction trait, but I can change my mind with proof like statistic sites.
    About shotgun nation, just no. NC are called the shotgun faction because of caniester, jackhammer and Air-Hammer. Any other shotgun are copy-paste. So I really doubt these 3 weapons will cause them to lose any engagement against the disco ball nation and the moar dakka nation.
  8. Lamat

    MAX too

    And notice that is just one small thing that adds to the pile.
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  9. FateJH

    Why does DBG allow for the NC's terrible win rate? Why does the NC allow for th NC's terrible win rate? They have more than enough equipment to get over any hurdle presented to them, and many anecdotes exist that demonstrate prowess from segments of its user base, and yet the summed whole of the faction continues to fall short of virtually every important metric when live tested.

    It's not an excuse. Rather, there is no excuse.
  10. Lamat

    If it's so easy to fix just by being awesome, why don't you help? That hasn't happened in the last several years of PS2's life, so you are probably wrong, and it's breaking the game regardless of what the cause is, far less people want to play NC anymore at least on Emerald.

    If NC really was the noob faction, then as the game has aged we are running out of noobs to feed the farming machine in PS2. Noobs joined NC, got farmed, then either stopped playing the game, switched to TR/VS, or masochistically kept playing while hoping something would be done to balance the game, because it still managed to be fun occasionally for them. We are running out of the last group.

    This is Emerald world population right now, and pretty typical when I log in even during primetime:
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  11. travbrad

    Yeah especially with how the hit detection/clientside/netcode works in this game. It's much easier to hit a slightly laggy person with a higher ROF weapon. Doing more damage per hit doesn't really pay off if you are also missing more.

    That being said it does seem like a lot of veteran players end up playing TR or VS more in the long run, which makes NC seem worse in terms of winning alerts and such than they should be. Obviously it's very hard to know for sure with everyone having alts but it seems like I see more low BR characters on NC than the other factions.
  12. LaughingDead

    Even if everyone says "NC is just noob faction, they just suck let them suck" devs should still make efforts to make all the factions appealing instead of only NC. If one faction gets mobbed and farmed by players who want easy street against people that have never played an FPS, then it simply deters people from sticking. Who wants the promise of possibly getting better over 1k hours while having their teeth constantly getting kicked in against players they simply don't have the experience of playing against or countering with certed weapons and vehicles?

    CAI very much did bring tanks of the stock variety on par with tanks that are fully certed (which is ******** to vet tankers which sucks) but the tank is so out of the meta in terms of controlling a fight it's laughable, it's actually a disadvantage in some fights to have people in tanks that can literally do nothing instead of them being bodies on point.

    I'm pretty sure that I made the point a long time ago that if NC winrates keep tanking then the game will tank because one faction being ousted makes the game far less interesting like connery players keep complaining about how they want to swap servers. The question is, whens the wakeup call?
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  13. FateJH

    Because every time I try to start an NC character on a server, I just end up running away screaming. I've been trying to cultivate an NC main since 2014 and my experience keeps ending up borderline intolerable, all for reasons of dealing with my own allies, and then I start again from scratch in some misguided optimism at some later date. I don't care about low population woes - my original character was TR PC Helios and I'm perfectly fine fighting with even 20% to a server - or facing losing situations repeatedly - that's where one supposed to whet oneself for even greater efforts in the future.

    It's almost enough to make me sympathize with the lone wolf who has given up on working with any player but himself. I'm not here for that, though, so I get no joy from that style of play.
  14. Campagne

    And the four MAX shotguns. And the Magscatter. And the Brawler. And even the Railjack in the initial planning phase.

    And the joking descriptions of some weapons, such as the Fortuna. The first step in solving a problem is acknowledging it.
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  15. Lamat

    So you've tried and there was nothing you could do. There you go, something else has to be done by the devs to fix it then.
  16. Jac70

    So you've jammed shotgun shells into metal pipes, jerry rigged some triggers and tied metal plates to your cargo pants - what did you think was gonna happen!?
  17. Xada

    It's a "death by a thousand cuts" situation. For most weapons bar a few exceptions (I swear to god, if you say GD-7F...), the higher damage cannot and does not compensate for RoF and recoil/bloom. That extra damage doesn't help for anything if it isn't very reliable to hit a target. TR, you should understand this concept, it's why your SMG sucks. It can put out a crapload of bullets, too bad most hit the wall. For vehicle weapons, they are stupidly situational. They are pretty much all shotguns, problem with shotguns is they need to be close to be effective. This is painfully true for the airhammer and canister which puts the reaver, the largest esf, in slapping distance of any dumbfire rocket.

    Vanguards the same way, no matter how much you may love or hate the vanguard, that 8 second shield does nothing but help you stay alive. Magriders do the same by being able to strafe and tr does the same by being able to fire from extremely long distances. "But Xada, the vanguard can 1v1 any tank with it's win button YOU STUPID SH" this game isn't 1v1 nor is it World of Tanks, in an actual battle, charging at close range with a tank is a good way to get yourself killed due to tank mines, rocket men, c-4 fairies, etc... This is why vanguards struggle to do anything outside 1v1, close range, no assistance, final destination, fox only. This is why vanguards can't push from quartz ridge to hvar or quartz ridge to indar excavation.

    Reaver's problems are being the biggest and slowest esf aren't being compensated well. I know they have the strongest rotaries, but the problem with that is similar to the infantry issue. The other factions can out maneuver you. Funny how all the pilots swear the reaver is the strongest esf... but don't play NC.

    The best players always hold no loyalties and their "mains" sit on whatever is the strongest. In vanilla wow, the horde dominated pvp because the undead racial was undoubtably the strongest pvp racial in the game. When that got nerfed years later, the pvp game switched to arena and the human racial was the strongest. Those pvpers SWITCHED to keep that edge. I have no doubt the vs have really good outfits, but to think it's not because those players saw the STRENGTH in their factions equipment is asinine. "Then why doesn't anyone call out the NC for being underpowered," because their weaknesses are small enough to be argued in circles, because they aren't ZOE vs aegis/lockdown (prepatch) level differences, because the NC isn't performing as badly as the Ranger.
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  18. Moisture

    Its been drilled in our heads for years NC is overall weaker. Werl himself was probably the largest contributor to this being commonly known as the largest youtuber since I started in 2014.
    Every gun review of a NC weapon brought up "Poor RoF, Bad at close range"

    Now he has a say in the development then why the hell hasnt it changed at all?
    Why the hell are the Gauss SAW default weapons when the Reaper and ACX11 expensive sidegrades intended for specialized utility?
    They must not care or have some unknown motivation when we know for a fact the dev team is aware of this basic years old information.

    It seems it has created a feedback loop of good players moving together to the other factions due perceived superiority to thus the NC have less organized outfits. This deterring any serious player from renaming on the NCs side.
    They dont seem to care about perception of the factions.
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  19. adamts01

    I do think the devs need to help this faction. With about everyone using an HA, accurate and versatile weapons that can land headshots in more situations are the way to go. And the shotgun faction just doesn't do well at that. Their close range vehicle weapons don't help either. Everything they have takes more skill to do well with, and the argument that they're balanced because they might have a higher potential doesn't matter when 90% of the players in this game will never reach that level.

    I honestly think the Reaver has a lot to do with how bad the faction does as a whole. ESF have always been the cornerstone in the air, air has always dominated, and NC pretty unanimously is agreed to have the worst ESF. I hear only a few pilots say the Reaver is the best, and they only say that when it's in the most competent hands. It does have the fastest vertical speed, at 145kph, compared to 125 on the Scythe and 121 on the Mossy, all with hover. So that helps it during the reverse maneuver, as well as its considerable boost speed, but it isn't enough. I want to see its faction traits buffed instead of a re-size, and it already does enough damage. Since it's entirely reliant on Afterburner, and a sitting duck without it, I'd like to see a quicker recharge and more capacity from the factory on all Reavers regardless of loadout. That would let it compete and be much more forgiving to newer players. It could even use a bump to vertical speed because it's like shooting at a barn door, so let that barn door move a little faster vertically if it can't move fast going forward. Either that or bump its agility up considerably, so they're easy to catch, and can't really run, so other ESf choose the fights but the Reaver excels once it gets close. And I say buff theith camera guided launchers against air. The Lancer does great against air, the Striker is even better, TR has lockdown bursters, and the NC really has jack.
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  20. The Shady Engineer

    Maybe it is the vicious cycle of PS2?

    New player rolls NC because good guys and rock music- NC gets stomped - New player, now veteran, re rolls TR or VS because he's tired of getting stomped- Fewer vets play NC- NC gets stomped.