Why does DBG allow obfuscated player names ?

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  1. Towie

    Title says it all - why do DBG allow character names that are created with the obvious intention to make it difficult to say / find / report ?

    Last night we had IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllI wreak havoc with our platoon and when you do find him, you realise he has suspicious stats - so suspicious name and suspicious stats = potentially dodgy character in my book. Of course the report 'last killer' helps but even so...

    If you go into the players site and type 20 i's you'll see many players names that start like that. Combinations of i and l are common.

    Maybe the names should be vetted ? Just from the perspective of; is this person trying to create a deliberately obscure name ?
  2. adamts01

    I played a little bit of The Division, and people had the same criticism there as well. There're legitimate reasons for those names. When a group of them comes at you, you don't know who to focus.

    I really don't care what name the player chooses, just whether or not that player is cheating/exploiting. And with current report functions, you just need to click on the player's name after he kills you to find out exactly who he is, and submit the corresponding evidence along with that ticket. Those names really don't protect them in PS2.
  3. strikearrow

    I like them because then I know a hacker just killed me and I have no doubts when I report. There are no legitimate reasons because it makes communicating within a squad too difficult and that far outweighs any benefit from avoiding enemy focus fire - and focus fire normally gives an enemy location instead of call sign.
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  4. Demigan

    If it's that kind of reason you would have gone for Dave, Daave, Dave1 etc. That way you can still communicate (Daave's name is 2A, Dave1's name is 1, Dave's name is Dave etc) while anyone who gets killed by you can easily look up and check on your name.

    Using I and l to make it harder to write the name and harder to report it (fortunately we have last killed by) has just that as a reason and shouldn't be allowed.