Why do you main Heavy Assault?

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  1. Icehole1999

    Since this has devolved into yet another "I don't know my role so HA is OP" thread....

    What class are you playing where you're getting butt ***** by HA?

    Infiltrator? You're doing it wrong. You should be head shotting me or putting explosives at my feet when I'm preoccupied.

    Medic? WTF are you doing trying to fight a frontline unit with your support class? Dummy, go find someone to heal.

    Engineer? Y u no deploy turret and riddle me with bullets from behind your own shield?

    Light Assault? No, seriously, if you can't 1v1 a HA every single time and win you suck so bad that you should be ashamed. As HA, those gd C4 fairies and the ones with long range carbines are the bane of my existence.

    There is no more content that needs balancing. If anything, DBG needs to "balance" the dev team, and stop allowing idiots like Higby, Malorn, and now Wrel to play favorites with factions and play styles.
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  2. Ryo313

    oh my gosh dude you are bringing this up again? master of all class what a joke you are... you already got disproven about this point and yet you are still lying and bringing it up AGAIN which is WRONG. . stop... just stop dude you only make a fool out of yourself.

    why are you even replying if you have nothing to say? you are nothing more than a crybaby who doesn't know **** about the game . it's not even worth replying to you since you are stuck with your bias.
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  3. TooFewSecrets

    So LA can beat HA 1v1 every time? Why is Recursion literally 90% Heavies? Why is EVERYONE literally 90% Heavies? Why does EVERYONE NEED TO either do boring support or massively outplay an HA to have a chance at killing them?
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  4. Ryo313

    1. depends on the situation and playerskilll but yeah LA can beat HA when doing it right.
    2. dunno ... lack in strategy and intelligence maybe?
    3. dunno on which server you are playing but on Cobalt there is no such thing as 90% heavies.
    4. HA is (as said many times before) the frontline soldier in Planetside 2 and it does it's job like every other class does it's job.
      a Support class is supposed to support others. to outplay a class that is literally the frontline soldier and build for 1v1 situations you need either another combat class such as LA or Infiltrator (which are pretty good at dealing with HAs) or you need strategy as a support class since a support class is not build to fight directly head on.
      as for Engi it's a support and defense class not an attacking one and if the engi is defending a HA stand no chance against it.
    but i'm talking to a wall when replying to you.... you still belive the earth is flat even when proven wrong and that will never change with you... .
  5. TooFewSecrets

    Infiltrators and LAs have a much easier time killing anyone, even other Infiltrators and LAs, than Heavies. Any situation where an HA would die, all other classes would also die, and much faster. Anti-Infantry weaponry as a whole is less effective against only Heavies. They're a front line class, sure, but that should make them WEAKER against flankers, not stronger.

    Heavies can take damage better than any other class, deal damage better than any other class, and also have a fighting chance against vehicles. How is this balance?

    I'd be fine with guys carrying around LMGs with overshields, or carrying LMGs and rocket launchers, but not all three, for God's sake.

    The most recent stats I could find was around 70% of soldiers are HA at any given time. That's also including everyone in vehicles, who are all Engineers.

    Fine, how about VS's HAX? All high BR players, small, very coordinated outfit, and ALL of them have almost all of their hours on Heavy.
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  6. UberNoob1337101

    Food for thought, what if it's purpose IS imbalanced and what if jobs aren't equal?

    Not taking any side in this discussion, but I just want proof that their jobs and purpose are equally important (It's what you imply, after all). Some good stats or a constructive response will do. Never had an answer for this question for 5 years.
    Heh, one of the best outfits has lack of strategy and intelligence?
    Same can be said for Dasanfall, ZAPS, GOKU, DD12, MCY (back in the day, at least), Hydra (as far as I can remember), quite a lot of pro outfits roll with mostly HAs. Not sure why exactly, but it's fishy.

    Cobalt's population is pretty diverse in class choice, so is Miller's to an extent. But Emerald is flooded with HAs.
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  7. TooFewSecrets

    It seems he thinks that the one Infiltrator in a 24 man platoon popping one head every ten seconds, or hacking an equipment terminal that a total of 2 people use, has just as much of a role as the 18 HAs making up most of the ground forces, mowing down infantry constantly, and scaring off any vehicles or air nearby. Yeah, job roles are totally equal you guys.
  8. Ryo313

    1. that's not even true... a sniper can ONESHOT a HA even with the overshield on.
    2. that's also not true... yes HA can take dmg better than any other class but LA trades it for mobility and agility. LA has also a fightning chance against vehicles and unlike the HA the LA can evade the shots fron the vehicle easier. a HA can take 1 shot at max before he dies from a vehicle. as for dmg... it depends... an Infiltrator can ONEshot literally every infantry that isn't a MAX for example.
    3. yeah and Infiltrators should also use either a Sniper Rifle OR Cloak and so on... but srsly dude that's not how it works and will never work. there is no need to nerf HA even further as it already is.
    4. prove it
    5. prove it
    you are so full of your bias against HA you can't see anything. you are not supposed to fight with a support class head-on against a class that is build to fight head-on . it's like trying to shoot with a shotgun at an infiltrator that is sitting 150m+ away from you . it simply won't work and you'll die.
    but you are still saying the earth is flat even tho it's not and disproven many times... some ppl will never learn and you are one of them... it's sad but i don't care ...
  9. Ryo313

    1. that depends mostly on basedesign imo.
      some bases allow for better LA play (jumping over walls to get into the base or some cap points can be overlooked from roofs), but most are more focused on CqC situations which unfortunatly is the territory for MAXes and HAs (and to some extend LA with shotguns).
      but you still need medics and engis there to supply you with ammo,set up defense positions, repair MAXes and revive fallen teammates to allow them to push back enemies.
      but i don't think it's HAs fault.. since on Cobalt (as you said) other classes are also equally played.

      i'd like to see a change in base design which allows for more diverse approaches tho.
      and between bases there is (atleast on cobalt) much vehicle play happening where Infiltrators are picking up every infantry unit that is running around or repairing vehicles.
    2. ask them why they do that. i'll ask around on cobalt when i get the time to do so.
    3. did you ask them why? i'm curious now... as on Cobalt you see all classes throu out all outfits maybe it has something to do with LA recieving it's tool very late compared to others and most ppl already spent more certs into HA because in the early days LA couldn't deal with Vehicles unless when useing C4. but that's just a theory tho
    4. that looks more of an Emerald problem than a HA problem since the server i'm coming from doesn't have that issue.

    dude just shut your mouth. at least i'm not useing points that are already disproven over and over again
  10. TooFewSecrets

    Ghost: 700 * 2.1 = 1470. Sure, you can get one-shot, if you're within 10 meters of an Infiltrator and they headshot you with a bolt action. Any farther away, nah. The cheap ones do 650 * 2.1 = 1365 within 10 meters, and the extreme range ones have the same lethality range as the CQC bolters. Also, a Resist Shield HA will survive any bolt-action headshot (1470 * .65 = 955.5, was about 880 before the nerf).

    LA can't even survive a single HESH round without flak, and if they have flak, then the top gun will kill them anyway (you're TR, so I doubt you realize how ridiculous the Vulcan is against infantry) because both of their AV options have an effective range of about ten meters. If the HA has cover available, they can just keep popping in and out to wear a vehicle down: because LA has to magdump to do less damage than one stock dumbfire rocket, they can't do this as effectively, and Engi needs to set up a turret, which will cause him to get annihilated by a tank shell after the first shot. Infiltrators can't oneshot shielded heavies at proper sniping distances.

    That actually was literally how the game was balanced in PS1. If you had cloak, you could only equip pistols. People still sniped, and people still infiltrated, they just made the choice before an engagement.

    Most recent stats I can find are now 2 years old, but the outfits I've seen have around 50% HAs.

    http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/outfit/HAX BR 71 average, 3.1 KDR average, literally all HAs.

    Regarding your other comment:

    You always need the godmode HAs to mow down infantry, no matter what the base design is. LA might be able to grab better positioning, but HAs are always a good choice.

    Recursion is a bit of a zergfit at this point anyway. Also hackers.

    A lot of high BR average outfits have 100% Heavies at this point. Sifting through larger, less restrictive outfits I still see about 50% of players with HA listed as a role, though that's not really mathematical. A lot of the ones that don't have a ton of Engineers, presumably tanker outfits.

    I can't really speak on server demographics.
  11. No0T

    I do no0t.
  12. LodeTria

    It's because HA is the best free infantry class for kills in a game mostly about killing. Doesn't really take a genius to figure out.
    You have MAXes but those are somewhat costly and generally regarded as "no-skill".
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  13. TR5L4Y3R

    it´s called infiltrator not just sniper .. so some people like to choose to go into base and disrupt the enemies terminals were a sniperrifle might not be the best option so they either choose smg´s or knifing and stalkers don´t have access to primaries anyway

    considering his selfhealability the medic is probably second in survivability next to the HA and some people choose medic because of the better assaultrifle over the HA´s LMG

    depends on situation as you can´t always find a propper chockepoint to set it up and many times have to go stop a overheating generator or repair it, how do you want to use a turret in that situation other than a sentry which is weak .. mines? no engineer uses AImines but AVmines ...

    c4 .. yes the thing that costs nanites for every friggin use, not possible to eventualy run out of it ..
    and 1v1 a HA indoors depends on how much space you have to navigate because you know that´s where capturepoints are mostly at .. and realy unless you are in a bio or techlab space indoors is pretty cramped for LA´s ..
  14. Icehole1999

    I played some LA yesterday. This is something I hardly do. My setup was skirmisher 5, nw 5, a single c4, Cougar, comissioner.

    I tried wherever possible to attack from above, behind, or far enough away. I just don't understand the issue. I am by no means a great player but had no issues taking down HA after HA when I chose how I encountered them. One thing for sure I never tried to rush a point if I knew HAs were set up there.

    If I can do it, so can you. I have faith in you. Be smarter than the pixels.
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  15. JibbaJabba

    I was playing inflitrator last night (not sniper). Caught an HA out at medium range but still within effective of my gun. I came out of stealth and got the drop on him with a nice stream of bullets. Range was too far to really go for headshots but the body shots were landing well. He started dodging causing some misses, popped shield, and began returning fire. Enough rounds kept landing to drop his shield back down. In the end though, I died while reloading.

    Is THIS the experience everyone is griping about?
  16. CMDante

    Vulcan got nerfed hard recently, it hits like wet noodles now with 600rpm and 143 damage. Coupled with an atrocious accuracy and a spin-up means good luck killing anything.
  17. Oleker2

    All vehicle guns got nerfed, but Vulcan still getting the top dps when compared to NC Mjolnir and VS Aphelion (Less dmg and far less accurate than Vulcan). Aphelion also has the "optimal firing" to account for.
  18. CMDante

    The best pile of **** is still a pile of ****. And I'd take the Mjolnir over the Vulcan for point defense any day now.
  19. JibbaJabba

    Peoples natural reaction to an opposing opinion is to try to "convert" that person to their own. Argument after argument is presented an each must be discussed until conversion one way or the other happens. Sometimes, the argument just isn't convincing. The recipient either has to drive the process to conclusion, or bail.

    Next they have to defend the bail.

    I've spent some effort here, but it's far less than the alternative. I'd much rather just say I don't find the argument convincing and move on. Understandably this doesn't sit well with most though. /shrug I tried.

    "Your problem is that you have a very limited view of..... " Hell of an assumption there dude. :)

    We could definitely use some improvements to other classes. If you follow the "nerf the HA" ideas to conclusion you'll just end up making one class sh tty and degrade the fun of the game for many. Improve the other classes instead. Make the HA the least desirable because the others are so much fun right?

    We get very few "buff" class X threads though. It's all just "nerf HA".

    UN-Nerf the AV mana turret. Give engies a method to "repair" infantry shields. Buff the overheat mechanism on the AI mana turret (make it something to be feared.... but allow it to finally take damage).

    Let medics give shield repair too. Let them "pull" rezzes to themselves. Give them a skill tree that allows them to buff others harder or themselves harder. Let them disrupt enemy rez grenades/healing with a debuff placeable.

    LAs need better hipfire to make them more dominant while airborne.

    Infiltrator could use an improvement in their scouting abilities. More/better darts. They should also be more effective than they currently are with long distance headshots. Reward that player skill.
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