Why do you, a male, play a female character?

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  1. Ronin Oni


    I'M GOD! These avatars are my pawns I toy with and make them do stupid and often suicidal things.

    I'm not a very nice god either :D
  2. Eyeklops

  3. Lafladitu

    for me its after several years of playing MMORPGS that i changed to play only female characters only.

    It does not sitt well in the mind to look at a guys behind for hours at end
  4. Saber15

    I can't stand the NC default voice actor cause she sounds like she's 14, and TR and VS male voices just feel more professional.
  5. Madae

    I'd tell you, but the story would get x-rated really quickly. Teehee.
  6. Problem Officer

    NC default female voice is great.
  7. z1967

    Occasionally I'll do it and just pretend that the female character is the masochist who strives to be the last one standing and the front line heroine. And to just differ up the various things in the game such as player model or voice.
  8. Astriania

    Habit. Back in the day (Quake II) they had a smaller visual hitbox and when you played 320x240 that was really a big difference at times. It's also usually distinctive because there aren't many women (actual or men playing female characters).
  9. ewokinarmor

    Jesus Christ, I agree. That game is horrendous. Everything about it was repulsive. The mechanics, the gameplay, the store, the theme, the art design, the absolutely idiotic weapon "buying" system, the "humor". All of it is abhorrent and laughably bad.
  10. z1967

    I wanted to see how bad it could possibly be. The URL that google brought me to had nexon in it. Figured out pretty quickly why it was a horrible game and then closed the tab.
  11. Ronin Oni

    Nexon is behind Dirty Bomb which is looking VERY good for an "Arena" F2P FPS

    Smaller levels, 8v8, objective team based... looks like NO P2W at all from what I can see. You can buy characters with cash but can unlock them with XP just like LoL, and the bigger cost items are all just new skins for the same characters you can earn.

    In other words, LoL's payment model. Which for F2P is awesome.

    Gameplay itself is also solid. Big focus on teamwork. Push together or die alone.

    I kinda wish Nexon wasn't publishing it... they have a relatively well deserved bad rep in the F2P market and I hope it doesn't hold Dirty Bomb back from success.

    I suppose I should point out that Splash Damage, the developers of Quake Wars:ET, are the developers behind Dirty Bomb.
  12. Madae

    I've heard of a lot of these same excuses over the years. I've always found the prospect that none of you were telling the truth a little amusing. Not that I think you're lying, as I said (the prospect), it's just that my experiences are so vastly different than all of yours... similar in some degree, but definitely different... and that just tickles my brain (it's not a sexual thing, for the perverted of mind).

    I dunno. I've spent a lot of time thinking about this question and why I did it, but it's hard for me to answer.
  13. jackrandom

    One thing I have learned while playing so many online games, there is a lot of guys that really just wish they were girls at heart.
  14. Mythologicus

    Quit hating on NC females. She just wants to bring some good cheer to the occasion. TR females, however. I don't quite understand why the Republic had to recruit the upper-class women for their army.

    I have an NC male, a TR male and a VS female, by the way. Was originally going to make a VS male, but then the name I decided on wouldn't have fit. :p

    And honestly, I'm not so sure I like the VS male voice. Spot callouts are bleh, but simultaneously I wish I was capable of the dramatic
  15. MaxDamage

    I can't play as a female character.
    This means I missed out on Tomb Raider, and BloodRayne, of titles that vaguely interested me.

    I knew a lot of female gamers in CounterStrike that never complained about no female options.
    I guess the only people who really care are feminists who don't even play games, like Anita Sarkeesian.

    Personally I thought it was backwards that there were no female options in CS.
    It's fantasy for ***** sake.
  16. Stncold

    I've been playing online games going on about 18 years now, starting with text games/MUDS in the mid-90's. I've played pretty much every big-name MMO out there. The behavior you are describing is incredibly rare. The vast majority of males playing female avatars will freely admit they are male IRL and act manly and talk about sports and the like with you, they do not go around "bending over in front of groups of teenagers". The ones pretending to be female are far and few between. A lot of the ones who are pretending are simply doing it to troll, only a small handful secretly wish they are female. I've played on roleplay servers for various games, I've RP'd with female avatars who I've known for a fact were actually male. Did I think they were weird for it or anything? Nope, because "Roleplay" is what the "RP" stands for in RPG.

    As for

    When I see somebody exhibit this behavior, I don't automatically think they are a man pretending to be female, because I've seen actual females(IE I have proof they are female) act this way much more than I've seen men pretending to be females exhibit it. It's also usually pretty easy to tell who the men pretending to be females are, as they're usually aren't very good at it.

    Anyway, speaking from experience here. Your mileage may vary.
  17. Jalek

    If you're at the top of tower or somewhere else under HE spam with lots of male voices, that shrill NC female voice cuts right through.
    I would think it would get old playing one and hearing it constantly though.
  18. Outreach

    Because my life is good enough that I don't feel the need to insert myself into video games. I make which ever one looks the best depending on the game.
  19. RobotNinja

    This question you pose is irrelevant to Vanu players.

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  20. Xocolatl

    Ultimately, I try not to repeat gender/skin tone/faction/server combination. My main just happens to be female NC on US East server. My old main on AU server was the Asian looking dude, just by chance.