Why do you, a male, play a female character?

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  1. DeusExForever

    There's so many males as females in WoW (83% are male [Blizzard's stats]), it's a culture in itself...

    Avoid Moon Guard's Goldshire for your mental health!!! :eek:
  2. Xasapis

    This is not what I said. What I said is that the males that pick female avatars and also pretend to be females are an extremely small minority compared to the males that merely choose to play with female avatars.

    Now that I think about it, if somebody was actually trying to hit on my avatar, he'd may receive one of the two reactions:
    • "F** off weirdo" or
    • "Hello there lover ..." and then proceed to make a fool out of him.
  3. Bankrotas

    Females are too ugly in this game to play them :/
  4. Botji

    So when you picked TR you are in fact a space-communist-psychopath-type of person?
    NC you are a fighting for your "freedom" but in reality you are in large part the reason there is a war on auraxis because you are a space-"freedomfighter"-terrorist-type of person.
    VS you are a space-technocrat-****-type of person, that also loves to wear spandex...

    I mean people will say that they picked the NC for their guns or how the tank looks but we both know they are actually terrorists, willing to do any horrible thing to ensure their "freedom" and company overlords gets what they want. Just as those that say they mainly picked TR for their looks, they look like a real military force and main principle is to fire lots of bullets... no, they are secretly longing for a brutal police state to take over so they can let loose their psychopath within... and VS, people picked them for the fancy Magrider? technology?

    You and me know its because they just want to belong somewhere, somewhere they can wear their tight, smooth and manly spandex... hrm. Also, who isnt for mad research on live humans?

    Yeah, im not serious if anyone really thinks so right now. Seriously though, if you think you can read all that from what avatar people pick then what is the difference from what faction/race/etc they pick?
    If you can read into the male/female selection then there is so so sooo much more to be read from the faction ideals, I mean if they pick a female avatar = secretly wants to be female and what have you, then picking any of the factions really, means you are pretty effed up as a person as you align yourself with that faction.

    My crazy 2 certs on this.
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    It has been said before but...

    the booty.

    Also, love tells are better than hate/rage tells.
  6. DorianOmega

    A can of worms you should not of opened dude, why even mention the b word...
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  7. TheAntiFish

    1. Neither do i, but i do notice in chat when people are playing the "damsel in distress" in an effort to get gullible idiots to buy SC for them.

    2. The avatar intrinsically relates to the player because the player picks the avatar.

    I guess if you don't see where i'm coming from you simply won't, i'll leave the randoms to defend themselves and their choices.
  8. DeusExForever

    Or because they play Alliance in WoW, and red anything are the undead loving traitorous Horde.

    And Vanu are spacegoats on steroids...


    Now Amarr from EvE is the epitome of "holy" (even down to the Gregorian chants in their stations)...

    And they pair up with Caldari (Alliance/NC) well...

  9. M4gn1

    What about variety. I have both male and female characters.
  10. DeusExForever

    If you can recall the reasons males pick female characters in the first place, the later will come up eventually as it's sexual in nature. o_O

    Blizzard was even trying to be accommodating you know? lol
  11. tastyBerryPunch

    According to several studies conducted by several institutes in Cambridge and Oxford ingame female characters in Planetside 2 get 3.78% more heals, 4.67% more repairs as Max, 4.85% more repairs to their vehicles, 2.56% more revives and 3.14% more lifts from friendly vehicles. That is my reason why my main character is female.
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  12. Hicksimus

    In EvE I do so in game and on comms to get free stuff. It's like being a free stuff magnet.

    In PS2 I have female characters because if my VS character was a guy I wouldn't be able to stop imagining all of his voice callouts sounding like Richard Simmons.
  13. cruczi

    Since, as a straight male, I find it easier to identify with women than with gay men, I prefer playing a female character over playing a VS male character. Not kidding. My TR main is male, my NC alt is male, my VS alt is female.
  14. Ghosty11

    I have a female NC character solely because of the obnoxious whiney default voice. I have a female VS character because dat-***, although my VS main character is a male. Now the question remains: what incentive is there to have a female TR character if you're male?
  15. Morchai

    While I can't say I actually agree with any of that, that last line gave me a really good laugh.
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  16. DQCraze

    I light to look at a f gemale behind rather then a guys in a mmo. Ps2 all my toons are male cause the females arent that great. Most of the time I'm playing with friends on team speak anyway. Plus I like creating sexy ******* to look at

    To the people trying to go all Freudian and ****, lighten up. Its a game, there is nothing wrong with trying to create the perfect female. I can see if you're altering your voice or trying to hook up, but if your just playing the toon like you would your male character I have no issue.
  17. Botji

    You are one sick, sick person!
  18. dstock

    I have 5 characters, two are lower-level female alts.

    Honestly, you know why?

    They have the most annoying default voicepack.

  19. Ronin Oni

    Guys don't care about the pathetic attempts from other guys trying to hit on them or harass them.

    We laugh at them. And try to exploit them. Oh free ****? Thanks dumb ****. lmao! Like you'd really impress a real woman this way :rolleyes: Idiot.

    I think all women should play men and all men should play women online. Why not? It's fragging online virtual make believe nonsense.

    Anyone looking to hookup needs to get a bloody life. Go outside for once ffs. There are REAL people out there. One of em will prolly let you get ur jollies off even if you wash and shave first!
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  20. Ronin Oni

    ftfy :D

    lol! j/k, nobody kill me :eek: