Why do you, a male, play a female character?

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  1. Sovereign533

    A reason not to play with a female character would be the occasional harassment =\. Rly, that's just weird.
  2. Akashar

    My, my. Wow. Brilliant.
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  3. Akashar

    I adore the female NC voice! T'would have made me choose a female before if I had known. When I read here everybody hates it and I'm like: Naaah, s'too funny not to play with! As said before taunts by a virtual 12yo girls are magical! ;)
  4. TheAntiFish

    I was thinking more along the lines that grown men shouldn't devote their lives to cartoons made for little girls...

    Stupidity at its highest degree.
  5. DorianOmega

    Why and how does opting to play as another gender in an online video game weird and creates "bronies" while deeming someone a virgin exactly?
    There is a pretty broad line between actually cross dressing and opting for a primarily cosmetic variable in a video game like gender or race... Like actually shooting a gun at a range and shooting one in a video game.... Or actually flying a plane and playing a flight simulator... Playing Guitar vs Guitar Hero/ Rock band.... ECT.

    Plus what about all the Woman that are forced to play Men characters in other popular games? Are they perverts for letting themselves be subjugated to playing the other gender or does this only apply for men?
  6. TheAntiFish

    I didn't try and say that playing a different gender automatically creates a brony, i said it's similar. Which it is, because it's f&*king strange. Women that are forced to play as male characters are forced to play male characters. It's an entirely different kettle of fish.
    I'm not saying it's weird to play as the opposite sex, i've played Tomb Raider, I'm saying it's weird to choose to portray yourself as one of these exceptionally female online avatars when you're a 400lb IT consultant named Barry whos last sexual encounter was with a piece of hollowed out fruit.
    What seperates me from those who choose to play as women online is the fact that while i played Tomb Raider i didn't have a raging hard-on.

    The guys that choose to play as girls are invariably virginous. Don't get me wrong, i'm not claiming every single one of them is a genderbending sex pest but there are fundamental psychological red flags being thrown up by anyone that willingly chooses to play as a girl if they aren't one.
    It's usually for no better reason than the premise that they can convince gullible lads on the internet that they're hot females and try to get preferential treatment and/or the ability to flirt with men under the guise of "Punking them" or some other nonsense.
    Of course they believe that if they never ever admit to this sort of thing nobody can prove otherwise and their mostly fictional reasoning MUST be true, many won't even admit to themselves what they're actually doing.

    Bronies throw up extremely similar red flags.
    I'd go into more detail but i'm aware how well received logic and reason are on the internet so i won't waste my time.
    You get the basic idea? I'm sure there are exceptions, but few and far between. The divide is easily spotted, the weird ones wont use microphones.
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  7. Xasapis

    You are assuming that just because the game avatar is a virtual representation of yourself, that everyone's avatar is a virtual representation of themselves. For me this has long stopped being the case. Perhaps it is an age thing and something that younger people can't wrap their heads around it yet. But for me, the virtual avatar is a heroine in an interactive movie, one that I influence with my actions and decisions. There is a separation between myself and what the character in each game is doing. In EQ2 for example, I could be a frog, a rat, a tiger etc., yet I don't feel I possess any of the traits that you would attribute to those animals. Why do you think I would possess female or virgin or asexual attributes, just because I choose to use a female avatar?
  8. TheAntiFish

    More of a virtual representation of your mentality! I don't think i've explained myself properly. Mind goes of on tangents y'see.

    See when i get to the character creation point and it's asking male or female, the answer is yes, i'm male. That's as far as it goes.
    When i see that others have chosen female, when they've named themselves something like "S3xKitten69" and i see them typing things in chat like "Aw but i'm a girl, i don't have any SC ^-^ you're so big & strong.." etc. It's weird.

    I would think you possess female, virgin or asexual mental traits because the vast majority of people that do this are in-fact fantasists of the gender identification kind(/Sexually confused). Or they're flat out con-men.
    I wouldn't consider you to be some sort of toad-fetishist if you'd picked a toad thing to play as in EQ (Not a game i've played so i can only assume it's got a WoW-ish context.) Because it is a fantasy game(I assume) these things are perfectly justified. However iI would consider you to be a bit odd if you picked the most buxom possible female character and then ran around bending over in front of groups of teenagers.

    Sorry for automatically tarring you with the same brush, but by and by-large the weirdo's of the internet have created the stereotype that you will be judged by.
  9. KnightCole

    As a change of pace? I almost never play Female characters, but I have made a few in couple games.
  10. Xasapis

    There is another stereotype as well. Those who don't have the social skills to approach actual women, so they go after the virtual ones instead. These people will obviously feel embarrassed if they discover that their target of affection is not what they had envisioned. Which would then put them into retaliatory mood by posting on the forums on how those who pick female avatars are feminine or weird or whatever.

    To them I'd say, get over yourselves, games are not meant for you to pick women. Try the RL approach, it's more fruitful and fulfilling.
  11. DorianOmega

    You might want to study up on some modern psychology, especially relating to gender identification and fantasizing... a lot has been put out and updated since Sigmund Freud made his debut...
  12. TheAntiFish

    That's a fair assumption, completely wrong but i can see how you'd get there.
    I'm actually quite popular with the ladies due to a bit of a win with the genetics lottery and you're right, it's much more satisfying than any of this counter-productive E-relationship crap that people use to replace human contact. I'm content.

    You mean i don't have to kill my dad and sleep with my mum? Wish you told me this earlier....

    Regardless of how hostile i may seem (I don't mean to i swear, i just like to cut the BS.) my points stand. Take it as a personal attack if it makes you feel better.
    If you're genuinely pretending to be a female on the internet, YOU ARE WEIRD.
  13. patrykK1028

    I don't play female, because you can't see anything (I don't mean its first person view, but that armor)
    But in TERA Online:
  14. Xasapis

    There is a difference between picking female avatars to play with and pretending to be a woman online though. Lets not confuse the two and lets not put them in the same bowl of soup.
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  15. DorianOmega

    Not insulted, just trying to help educate you dude, your view on the whole thing is very patriarchal, short sided, simplistic, and bigoted to the point of not being anywhere near entirely factual, yet you keep making posts on the psychological behavior of entire groups of people like your a health expert, just stick to you think its weird ;)
  16. TheAntiFish

    The question is what is the ratio of People just playing as a female : People pretending to be female.
    I see it all the time. So i'm much quicker to assume creepy weirdo.

    "Personal attack" bit wasn't aimed at you mon frere, appreciate the nudge in the direction you think i need to go.

    I probably shouldn't have mentioned bronies, got too many peoples backs up with that one ;)
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  17. Xasapis

    My totally arbitrary guess? The ratio is extremely small. Out of the vast majority of people picking female avatars an extremely small minority actually pretends to be one (assuming they are not in a roleplay server).
  18. Teshrrar

    When you have no story behind who say what the character is (like Tomb Raider, DotA/LoL/Dawngate, Alice, Civ5, SF, etc), I assume I'm the adventurer there, or soldier, or warrior, etc, so I never could understand too how players can use their online representations different.
    That's why, for example, I never played MMORPGs with gender lock because the history or whatever reason, as for me is a no-sense be the same person as somebody else online, specially in a persistent world.
  19. Ztiller

    For me it's pretty much for immersion. When i play sneaky, stealthy games i prefer female characters like the Infiltrator, but if i play brutish classes, i prefer male.
  20. Jalek

    I don't see it, but I don't try to chat with someone just because their avatar is female. I don't really pay attention in a game like PS2, and before the constant voicing I didn't realize how many female avatars there were. Click the mouse at the right time and you can be as creepy or weird or female as you like and it won't affect me at all.

    I've created females in MMO's before, but did feel awkward with them because I know there are people such as yourself that want to think the avatar relates to the player so they were just solo toons to avoid someone being ridiculous.