Why do you, a male, play a female character?

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  1. Brainpan

    I have no problems playing male or female characters. Nothing wrong with playing a game as the other gender. Male or female, a kill is a kill in an FPS. I think I'm one of the minority who likes the NC female Greenhorn voice.
  2. Regpuppy

    Too meta, bro. :eek:
  3. MorteDeAmgelis

    I don't know if its just me cause all the time I see Females (In MMOs mostly) I always think they look more sexy when they are wearing armour 2x their size then one that barely covers them

    Like in Firefall I love the look of the Female Dreadnoughts compared to the Female Recon / Engineer. Though I play male myself cause I always feel wierd when playing Females (Just doesn't feel right).


    For those that are curious on what the Dreadnought and Recon looks like.
  4. MarvinGardens

    Originally I did it because I thought they might have a smaller profile and smaller hitbox(probably not but hey, why not try it and see). Then some guy started hitting on me then I said "F this" and created a male character.
  5. randomusername146

    Since the Fury for the Flash was on sale a month ago, I almost only drive around with my Dlash.
    Now I have to admire my male butt in Spandex all the time. hooray.
  6. SoftMittens

    Not RP reasons aside, when I was first beginning the game, a friend had told me that girls are smaller and therefore have smaller hitboxes.
    I was tricked into being a girl.

    ...You'll never hear that sentence in real life.
  7. Jogido

    Girls tend to look better than guys in a lot of games....tho in PS2 they are about equal. I make both male and female characters cause I figure, why not.

    I guess for me, I don't think I am the character....I control the character. So I find it silly when a dude feels weird playing a female character. It's like...dude....that isn't you.

    Just how we are not Mario
    We are not Sonic
    We are not Laura Croft
    We are not Master Chief
    We are not Samus
    We are no Gordan Freeman
    etc, etc, etc
  8. DudeBro79

    I used to play Combat Arms quite a lot back in the day, and this isn't true except for ONE situation. During April Fool's, Nutshots were instant kills, accompanied with it's own callout and kill icon. After that, Nutshots still existed, but did no extra damage, but the Nutshot callout and kill icon popped up if the killing blow was to the ****. Also, you can Nutshot Females as well.
  9. Cembrye

    Heh, don't assume the gender bending is just men playing female toons. My niece always plays a male just to avoid hassles or sometimes for lore reasons. For example, she refused to play a female adventurer in Lord of the Rings Online because she felt it wasn't realistic to Tolkien's books (of which she is a great fan).
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  10. doombro

    Secretly? :rolleyes:
  11. Inex

    Gives me an excuse to post in bait threads.
  12. CWorth

    For me depends on the game.

    When I played WoW I played female characters the most at least on the Alliance simply because the male characters looked like horrible overgrown, out of proportion, steroid junkie gorillas.
    Now with the Horde I did not mind the male characters. Especially the Tauren which was my main choice on the Horde

    Here I play male on my main, female on alt. I really do not care one way or the other..the character in game is not me so I don't get all hung up on it.
  13. Boildown

    Because NC is the only male faction, VS and TR are a bunch of little girls. So my non-NC alts are female. Also, why does she need more batteries all the time? What is she doing? Everyone knows batteries aren't bullets, so don't give that excuse.
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  14. TheAntiFish

    I've heard all the ridiculous excuses sad little virgins use to justify E-Crossdressing.
    "They have smaller hitboxes"
    "I don't want to have to look at the back of a man all the time"
    "I think they're hot, it's not like i pretend to actually be a woman or anything" (Yeah, in front of me anyway.)

    Frankly it's just strange. Stop being weird on the internet. You're the sort of people that spawned bronies.
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  15. DevDevBooday

    I find it quite creepy when guys play as girls. Kinda like those news stories of creepy old men trying to befriend little boys online by pretending to be a teenage girl. When your past 18 and still doing it, like a 22 year old man with a scruffy beard and a beer playing a petite woman online. Das creepy as **** man.

    Also nearly everyone who pretends to be a girl is single.
    Everyone I know who has been in a long term relationship becomes comfortable with their own gender and will start being a male online.

    Also advice to those who want a relationship.
    If you are a girl and you meet a noce guy, its kinda creepy when you find out he plays a woman online.
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  16. Chipay

    I just prefer female voices over male, it's the same with music.
  17. Chipay

    Yeah, cartoons made for girls can't be enjoyable for men! Sexism at the highest degree.
  18. Llamar

    Because the black female character (at least on NC) looks a lot like Lamar from gta V, which is why my name is LlamarfromgtaV. And yes I know I spelled his name wrong.
  19. Morti

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  20. \m/SLAYER\m/

    Because of this:
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