Why do you, a male, play a female character?

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  1. AshHill07

    Neither of my current Characters are female, but you'd be surprised how many games just fall apart when you play a female character.
    I'd recommend playing GTA Online as a female just to watch many of the interactions fall apart because the game acts as if you're a male regardless of what you picked.
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  2. Hosp

    I made the Tribes assumption and chose female because, while Hitboxes were the same size, female character model was slightly smaller. It is smaller here as well...but on a scale of pixels. So it's irrelevant. Also wanted to keep my name in case someone I ticked off wanted it and I didn't know if there was some wait time on deleted characters before names freed up. Hence, I have a female character.
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  3. Ronin Oni

    Since this is a FPV only game (at least as infantry) that wouldn't apply here and the OP's question still stands.

    For 3PV games though, yeah, of course :p
  4. DorianOmega

    Most MMos, Id rather play a female character so long as its fitting; if your going to be staring at a virtual character for up to hundreds into thousands of hours at a time as you progress to end game usually indicated with cosmetic appearance, usually from the rear in games like WoW while listening to their voice from call outs and damage as you do so, why make that character one that you cant properly connect with (ala Steroid figure of most video game males and Super model figure for females) and are not attracted to (male butts are lame)?

    Plus If I ACTUALLY wanted to play a game for sexual arousal Id go play a game like Skyrim with Nude and Sex mods so choosing a female character in almost any given game shouldn't be a big deal, exaggerated female form in a sci fi military virtual representation is not attractive... so long as your an adult with some form of sexual maturity that is...
  5. Typhoeus

    I tend to play whichever looks more bad ***. In this game they pretty much look alike either way so I just play as my actual real life gender, which is male. I don't really care what a person's in game characters gender is, nor their real life gender for that matter, but I do wonder why a guy would play a female character or vis versa in this game considering they look so similar anyways.
  6. Huxer

    Just because it's first person and I can't see my model doesn't mean that you can't. I am banking on the idea that the fact that I'm looking like and talking like a female character to you that you will treat me differently. Some people it works on, some it doesn't. Didn't your father ever tell you not to hit girls?
  7. Moonsugar

    because every bullet is sent with love and my behind is the jewel of Auraxis.
  8. Calisai

    Ah... but after awhile it becomes habit. I picked up the habit of playing female characters quite awhile ago for various reasons. That said, I never "pretend" i'm female either... it's just an avatar that is honestly... better looking... than any of the male ones.

    1) In MMO's, you're constantly staring at the backside of your character (does not apply to PS2)
    2) In FPS's.... it's always humorous to play the weaker looking character and winning against the alpha-male looking character...
    3) Female voices are much more pleasant in video games than male (exception being the NC females... my god)
    4) Clueless guys giving you stuff for no reason (does not apply to PS2)
    5) Smaller avatars make seeing more onscreen easier (does not apply to PS2)
    6) The voice taunts are hilarious when coming from a female voice
  9. Ronin Oni

    Not if you're NC. If you're NC it's more like a brick house of Auraxis.

    VS behinds are the jewel ;)

    Very distracting. My VS K/D would be much higher with the OP VS weapons but for the fact I keep getting distracted by female butts being played by male players.
  10. Matt0193

    This as a go-to answer, but we all know it's for dat @ss.
  11. Ronin Oni

    I imagine it could help with getting health/ammo/repairs particulalry when paired with female voice callout :p
  12. Plunutsud pls

    I don't play as a female, but I know some men always play as females to have a visually smaller hitbox.
  13. Calisai

    Maybe marginally... but honestly, I think the XP is more of a motivator than the avatar or its voice. Maybe the higher pitch voice is easier to hear in the chaos of a firefight...

    Meh... most of these are very minor differences... but then... so is picking the gender... honestly... It really doesn't matter to me that much, its become a mindless choice I make based on habit by now.

    Edit: Btw... As far as VS goes... most of the male characters look feminine anyway... so what does it really matter. :rolleyes:
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  14. DatVanuMan

    Main: Male.
    Secondary: Female VS infiltrator. You know why...
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  15. Pirbi

    They may look like girls but they fight like women.
  16. LT_Latency

    Who cares you can't even see your model in a FPS
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  17. Ken Photon

    My characters are all guys. I don't play as a female in MMOs because I'll feel like a perv staring at some virtual chick's booty all day...
  18. RHINO_Mk.II

    I considered choosing a female character for hitbox and model size reasons, but decided against it when I heard the NC female voice. Ugh.
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  19. DeusExForever

    Did that game allow using knives to do your own Bobbit jobs, too? lol

    Seriously, I play male toons to avoid the typical gamer harassment women face online. So I find it really weird that a guy would play female toons due to the harassment women would avoid.
  20. TomoB

    Because to me all stock female voices sound the same, so I suppose for "female" players it may be an advantage.