Why do you, a male, play a female character?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Valencino, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. Valencino

    I am just curious :)
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  2. Ronin Oni

    Dat ***
    (Actually I don't except for my second string alts because I already had my 3 "mains" male 1 for each faction... And my 2nd string alts are all sub BR5 lol)
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  3. Kulso

    Because they secretly want to be women.
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  4. Morchai

    I'm male, so I play male. It's a first person game, so I can't see my character anyway. Besides, on the internet 'girl' is always an acronym for 'guy in real life'. :p

    Edit: Do female characters have a smaller hit box? That would be a good reason to play one.
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  5. BadLlama

    the ****
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  6. Rogueghost

    I make my main male, and my alts female.

    Because turning transgender is the best way to hide your identity.
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  7. Cuik

    Answer this question:
    If you have to sit and look at a behind for three or four hours a day, do you prefer to look at a male behind or a female behind?

    (This doesn't apply to games that I play in the first person view, only third person)

    If you prefer looking at a male's behind, why?
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  8. Prudentia

    cause NC
    there is nothing greater than a huge stomping NC MAX running into a room and then all you hear is...
    the voice of a 12year old girl screaming "ai thing i brooke iit"
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  9. LodeTria

    In other games, most male armour is over-exaggerated to ridiculousness whilst female armour is not, but it can be too scanty in some cases which I tried to avoid. It varies on the game.

    In this game it don't really matter much, but I find the female voices more pleasing on the ears except the NC, which I play a geezer.
  10. LIKE A BOSS!

    Because some pitiful people in this game get sexually aroused by the female character sounds.
  11. DJPenguin

  12. Xasapis

    Because my characters in mmos are not me. Some people can't wrap their heads around this simple premise apparently.
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  13. Tyrant103

    I can't speak for the people that do use female characters but I don't use them because their figure is ugly/lazy.

    I'm a fan of their default voice pack though.
  14. phreec

    I couldn't stand NC Females voice...
  15. Rogueghost

    I'm not sure if that's the case in Planetside, but I know in one of the worst FPSs I have ever played, Combat Arms, playing female gave you two big advantages.

    The game has this awful mechanic called nutshots, which would OHK the player if hit in the groin region, similar to headshots. Players playing as female were immune to nutshots, so they only needed to worry about protecting their heads, male characters on the other hand had to worry about getting hit in either the head or the crotch. Female characters also had noticeably smaller hitboxes compared to males.

    Gosh, that game was bad.
  16. FateJH

    What if you were male playing a female character who was pretending to be male?
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  17. cruczi

    Obviously the only correct answer is that all males who play female characters are homosexuals and pretend the female is lesbian.
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  18. Lightwolf

    Because in the days of yore before I knew Planetside hitboxes were identical, I looked at the female character and said "that looks like a smaller target". Now I'm stuck listening to female NC voices.
  19. Stormsinger

    Because otherwise running around with implants would look rather odd.
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  20. Huxer

    Because I get Tked less...