Why do wanabee proz spam crouch really fast?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Rooklie, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. Rooklie

    I get why you might want to hit crouch a few times; if someone is aiming at your head and you crouch, all of a sudden, he's not aiming at your head anymore.

    I do it sometimes.

    But that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about people who spam it so fast their character doesn't actually crouch.

    I noticed while trying it out myself that my gun's accuracy and/or the hit detection was improved if I did it, but no idea why.
  2. T.A.94

    Someone told me it messes up the hitbox for the opponent side, so he/she is not able to hit the head that easily. You know the old clientside issue.
    Mitght be wrong though.
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  3. Villainous Hydrosa

    Yeah, it's the thing of clientside. You see them strafing and crouching right, but your shots miss because by that point they're already moving left and standing up, and while you'd aim at the crouched players head, they stand up so now you're just hitting the body, doing less damage.

    Many a rage tell I've gotten doing this. XD
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  4. LodeTria

    You do it in an attempt to throw off headshots.
    It's sometimes a good thing, sometimes bad. There are many many people who go for body shots only games, so sometimes you are giving them "free" headshots.
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  5. Rooklie

    *note to self -- when dealing with a crouch spammer, aim for the body*

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  6. OgreMarkX

    There's a well known guy on Connery who crouch spams like no other. He doesn't like being called out on it (he's a good guy though). But ohhhh lordy does he crouch spam. I refer to guys who do this as Ducky Boys.

    In the old days (Battlefield 2) it was known as Dolphin Diving.

    The whole thing is to make your hitbox smaller. It's done by KDR crazed guys...

    I wish I could tell these guys:

    1. The Navy Seals do NOT recruit gamers with high KDR....
    2. It creates a bad experience for other players...and you do enjoy multiplayer games that have...ya know...other players? Right? RIGHT?

    One fun thing I do...

    When I see that guy at a fight, I pull my banshee mossie...then I look for him...a light tap on the trigger and he realizes he is taking hits...I then stop firing and laugh my **** off as I watch him DUCKY BOY like crazy...

    Sometimes I finish him off and...

    /yell Ya can't crouch spam away the Banshee!
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  7. Somentine

    Dive shooting, worming, crouch spam, duck shot, the list goes on for names. In nearly every game that has people abusing them, it gets fixed or at least nerfed a little, except for PS2.

    Crouching to dodge some bullets should be a legit move, but crouching itself needs to be fixed. There are a number of ways to do it: nerfing cof to jumping levels until the player is stabilized, forcing full animations so the player has to complete the crouch and then then they can stand up, adding more frames to slow down the speed of the movement and smooth it out, don't give the accuracy bonus for crouching until the character is fully crouched.

    IMO, simply forcing the player to complete the crouch animation and (not so simply) adding frames to slow and smooth it out would probably be the best combo rather than directly nerfing cof.
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  8. Leidz

    Aim for the body when you see someone like this. And aim for the center when he strafe left and right. It's easy to bait this type of "pro players"
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  9. Towie

    Unfortunately the issue of people crouch spamming / ADAD Matrix maneuvers has been a problem in PS2 like forever. Take this thread from 2017 - along with suggestions to address - but nothing has been done: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps2/index.php?threads/nerf-adad-into-the-ground.246394/

    I guess it hasn't been resolved due to the potential backlash from all of the 'leet' players who rely on their finger gymnastics (or keyboard macros - sshhh) to get them out of trouble. Would make the backlash against the Deathcam seem trivial....
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  10. TRspy007

    Crouch not only throws off opponent's aim, it also improve accuracy in most cases. If you try this out, you'll notice your cone of fire decreases when crouching. Not by much, but if the guy is also burst firing, it'll help him start from a lower cof value and slightly improve his accuracy.

    You have to be a really good player to master this though, and many times people aim for the body, so you are actually giving free headshots if you crouch. This is why you have to crouch only when your health starts draining fast (because it means they have hs lined up), which is really hard to do due to clientside, since you usually see your health drop slower than it actually is (lat delay).

    For this reason, it's much better to run away jumping and strafing as soon as you take a hit, since you will likely drop health behind cover. Pop a medkit, and nail the guy chasing you. The deal with this game is turning clientside in your favor. Break off engagements, you want to dictate them so you are the one benefiting from the server delay.

    Ex: When you take shots and take cover, you usually appear longer outside of cover on your opponents screen. So if on your screen you only took 1-2 shots before taking cover, your opponent may have landed 3-4 on his screen. Since the game takes information from the client, the server will process the client's side, and send it to you (or course the delay is small or longer depending on load, lat, ping, ect). This is why on your screen, you take damage even though you are "safe". The damage on the other player's screen "catches up to you", if you will. However, once you pop out of cover and land those headshots on him as he's running to finish you, you have the advantage. You see him before he sees you.

    As you can see by this example (which I know has happened to use all), it's not so much crouching that affect the game, except in really specific situations. You can spam crouch all you want, if you're standing on the other guy's screen, you're dead. Or if he's aiming for the body lol.

    This is why good players usually break off engagements and bait others into a disadvantage. IF you've noticed, you seem to land a million shots on some people, they run away, pop a medkit, and you expect to find an easy kill, but suddenly you're instagibbed by the commissioner/underboss. This is because they are able to see you before you see them, and therefore easily land the 2 headshots before you even realize what happened (these pistols have the fastest ttk in the game if you land headshots).

    I know this is a little off topic, but since you just discovered the benefits of crouching, I thought you might be new/unfamiliar with the games mechanics. This is a really quick rundown, but I hope it explains some questions you might have about these "kdr driven" players.
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  11. JibbaJabba

    Do not do this nor get aggravated by others doing it. It's noobish.

    The hyper spamming can be done by hand but the player may be using a macro. It doesn't matter. It's crappy ineffective.

    Against a skilled player who is gonna triple-dink you in the head it will be less effective than a single quick-dip would be. All you do is cripple your own ability to move making you more vulnerable to skilled players. Against unskilled players you'll simply turn their bodyshots against you into a mix of body/headshots.

    How to duck -
    1. Once per engagement max.
    2. Turn OFF crouch toggle.
    3. Do the fastest / lightest possible brush of the duck key that you can. This will make your player model do a full duck to your opponent but will not impact your own aim. Try with a buddy to see what I mean. If done properly the motion on their screen will be asymmetrical to your own.
  12. UnleashedKin

    *sips* ahh those were the days =)

    anyways i've got blasted into pieces few times when you get angry in your mossie =P
  13. adamts01

    It's not nearly as bad as the shuffle combined with high ping. I'm so glad Asia is mostly off of Connery. We just need a ping limit now to get rid of the worst offenders still here.
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  14. iller

    ProTip.... It's not actually Effective. If you see someone really really getting away with it cleanly, it's because they're also VPN'ing which is a Legal form of Packet Manipulation that the Devs are too uncreative or lazy to put in proper DESIGN penalties against
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  15. Villainous Hydrosa

    One time I did that with PPA scythe. Guy pulled an AA mossie. I pulled an AA scythe, he pulled a dalton lib. I pulled a ramming gal, he pulled up and let me slam into the nearby mountain. XD

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