Why do sometimes all the players on my screen seem to go super fast? (and sometimes it's me?)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Rooklie, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. Rooklie

    Can anyone explain that? I'm not an IT tech, is it a memory leak? Is it my connection?

    I'm not talking about implants, and I'm not talking about cheats, I mean sometimes, literally, all my enemies are super fast, and sometimes, I feel a lot faster than usual?

    tbh I couldn't care less, but it's a problem for me when I'm slow and everyone else is fast, I'd like to fix it. It's not something that I remember used to happen. (and by "used to happen, I mean a few years ago)

    edit : just thought of something, I didn't have the same PC "a few years ago", maybe it's something to do with my hardware?
  2. PlanetBound

    When others zip around it means for me I'm lagging. Super high ping. I don't recall feeling like I'm going faster.
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    survivalist implant, learn implant tab
  4. Rooklie

    that "fits", I'll keep my eye on this. btw, what's a "super high ping" for you?
  5. Rooklie

  6. JibbaJabba

    Not so much high ping as packetloss. The two usually go hand in hand but it's the packetloss that gets you.

    Say you have a dozen enemies on your screen all running from their individual point A to point Z.

    You start getting packets saying... Point A, B, C, D.... and so on.
    Then suddenly you start getting some E F G J K L where some **** like H and I are missing.

    Your client computationally fill in the gaps and you'll see guys just fine as they pass H and I.

    Now if one guy changed direction during the missing packets of H and I he'll continue straight for a moment. When packet J comes along though the glitch is over and he'll snap to the proper location … or more precisely the game will temporarily make him move just a bit faster to cover that distance to "snap" him there.

    What you are likely seeing is a very long stretch of packet loss. Like M through V missing or something.

    During that long stretch the chances of everyone happily running in a straight line are thin. When data starts finally flowing you're going to see a lot of people speed up and rubber band all over the place. Plus... if your inbound packetloss is high your outbound may be high too. The server is doing a guess about your position as well. It will defer to your client if there is a discrepancy to a point... it won't allow odd location data to prevent cheating.

    I've dumbed this down to the point of questionable accuracy but hope it helps explain one possible scenario.
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  7. Skraggz

    Seems to be a server related issue, I ping 50 on both and I have seen it often, will try to record it. It's not an implant almost like rubber banding but no popping back.

    Oooh, then bring video next time sunshine, cause you not even discribe how fast they move. Survivalist gives 20% sprint speed boost and may look like speed hack. Thanks!
  9. Rooklie

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  10. Rooklie

    So how do I decrease packet loss? I've noticed this happening a lot more recently.

    My router has an option to reduce packet loss at the cost of speed (ping) but my internet service provider says I've already got the best option for online gaming.
  11. JibbaJabba

    Mmm, don't monkey with something that tries to trade packet loss for speed. Not even sure what such snake oil would be.

    You need to determine if it's local or remote packetloss. If it's local to your network you may be able to do something about it. If it's remote, options get real limited.

    How to determine: Short of getting a tap or having equipment that can port mirror so you can analyze a network capture you're gonna have to trial and error. Start by plugging your PC directly into the modem, bypassing the router altogether. If you still see the issue then it's likely (not certain) that the issue is remote.

    Some heavy tracert work might help too.

    If remote:
    Contact the ISP, give them a traceroute output or similar. If they don't help, Switch ISPs
    Longshot: Try a VPN. Very real possibility this can make your latency worse but that may be worth the trade if it results in a path with better reliability. I've no idea about non-enterprise VPNs but I'm sure there is someone out there catering to gamers.

    If local
    Continue process of elimination. If you are on wi-fi, stop. If ethernet, do you have other hops in there?

    Also consider it might be "local local" as in your PC.
    Be sure NIC drivers are up to date. Most people are running old inbox windows drivers rather than latest from the vendor site.
    Watch what you are running as background stuff. Can't give more clues beyond this without going down a rabbit hole (perfmon, procmon type analysis...)
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  12. Rooklie

    I had a similar issue in BDO a while back, I contacted the support and they wrote to me asking me to download a program which would trace and test my connection, it should allow me to identify if it's "local" (which is already a start :d)


    PS. trading ping for "safe" connection is one of four options my internet service provider gives to all its clients. It's supposed to allow you to optimised your line according to where you live and stuff. It's been around for years, everyone uses it, perfectly "safe".
  13. PlanetBound

    When it happens, ping is always in the thousands
  14. Rooklie

    ah ok then it's not that, I'm takling 85-186ms or so

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