Why do personal shields have headshot multipliers?

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  1. -MJ12-

    I mean, they are blocking the damage completely, and catching a bullet lowers the energy. So why does it matter if a shield catches a bullet from the head or from the leg?

    It's a suggestion, kinda.
    Remove headshot multipliers, as long as people have a shield active.

    "But wouldn't that increase the TTK? And what about snipers?"

    That could be balanced by increasing the multiplier when the shields are gone. Let's say the multiplier goes from 2x to 3x, or more extreme, lets say a headshot without shields is always lethal.
    What happened if a sniper headshots you with a 750 dmg rifle?
    500 dmg would be blocked by the shield. The rest, 250 dmg, would be tripled. 1250 dmg total = dead.
    Or if headshots are always lethal, = dead anyway.

    Adjustments to this numbers can be made. I think the changes in TTK would be minimal. Nevertheless:
    - People without their shields would be more careful
    - More realism (headshots ARE lethal, duh)
    - Buff for advanced shield generator and the new medic ability

    It's just a thought. Opinions?
  2. Utrooperx

    Snipers would pitch a fit if you mess with their cherished OHK-from-anywhere...just saying...
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  3. Angry Scientist

    More energy is allocated to the head then the rest of the body due to the deadliness of projectiles smacking you in the face. That extra energy is to keep you alive as much as possible. It's the same principle as to why the limbs have lower damage, as energy is pulled away from those. Presumably to the head.
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  4. tekknej

    because heavies are the most useless class :3
  5. xThundergodx

    Head shot multiplier rewards skill, taking it away would lower the skill cap and just help bad players perform on equal footing with good players and thats something this game just dosent need.Learn to aim instead of asking to have the gama changed to fit you.
  6. z1967

    Because of damage falloff, your suggestion would really mess with just about every weapon in the game. Aside from that, keeping full shields is a relatively easy task, no reason to make it extend TTK.
  7. -MJ12-

    There would be no difference on the OHK-ability of snipers.

    Did you read the text? Sorry I didn't put an TL;DR at the end.
    Once the shield is gone, headshots will be even more lethal. That means they are as rewarding as before.

    That sounds like a logical explanation.;)
    But I still don't get why there is more energy needed to stop a bullet aiming at your face. Nanites maybe?
  8. Yuukikun

    Following your logic, limbs should take more damage if the energy put in the limbs shield is lower and headshots should do less than 1x damage if most of the shield's energy is there.
  9. Ghenko

    I agree that it doesn't make sense that our shields are less effective at protecting the most important part of our bodies. If I were to design a shield or armor to absorb damage on a soldier, the head is where it would be strongest.

    I think our personal shields should work like vehicle armor. A vehicle chooses to be strong from one angle, which makes them weak from another. Go top armor and run over a tank mine, ur ded. They are not always weak from one angle, like players are. I don't see this as encouraging skill, I see it as bland. Aiming for the head ALWAYS yields results. How is that strategic and skill based?

    I should be able to tweak my armor so it protects what I want it to protect, and in the process choose to leave another region less defended. If I choose to protect my head, shoot me in the foot and I'm toast. That's a lot more skill based than "always aim for the head".
  10. Makora

    Because the alternative for a weak spot to be located in the nethers (NUTSHOT!) is much more hilarious if a bit inappropriate for a teens rated game.

    In truth, it's how the game is built. It's how any game is built. The option to switch around your "weak spot" is neat but you'll be messing with the core gameplay aspect. And the Devs are trying harder and harder to be "MLG" grade or something. Unless you as a shooter get an indication where your enemy has his weak spot it becomes an issue of luck, not skill. And unlike skill, luck is random.

    And honestly, if anyone needs a lore explanation it's always "nanites". But ok, I digress. The shield takes more damage at the head because...
    Option A: it's on a whole separate area. The rest of the body has the shield emitters overlapping, giving more protection for less energy spent, but the head emitters have to work overtime.
    Option B: Since the head is such a small area, the projectile that is aimed for the head sets off multiple different shield emitters and thus causes more energy drain.
    Option C: It's a gameplay feature. Live with it.
  11. Malcmodnar

    One word: nanites.

    Combat armor on Auraxis incorporates a host of support systems such as personal shielding, combat information networking, and medical interfaces (presumably requiring specialized nanites manufactured at biolabs). Considering the alarming casualty rate on Auraxis, armor designers from all factions chose to focus on a minimalist design: armor plates over key areas joined by flexible ballistic polymers. While this allowed the limitless mass production of clone soldiers, this design philosophy left little room for redundant systems.

    This became an issue in the implementation of personal shielding. Shields are a key part of the Auraxian soldier's armament, but their complex nature means that bulky projectors need to be spread throughout the armor to maintain full coverage. While space could be found in the torso, arms, and legs of the armor, the helmet design proved to be a challenge. The bulk of the armor's computers and communications systems are stored in the helmet, along with the complex systems needed to copy a soldier's consciousness in case of death. This left little room for shield projectors, creating a small weak area surrounding the soldier's head.

    There, that should be a sufficient hand-wave. Of course, one could also argue that it's for balance reasons (which would also explain why one can shoot over someone's shoulder despite shields clearly being cylindrical), but where's the fun in that?
  12. Ronin Oni

    It's not from anywhere.

    Depending on the BASR tier (which have different chamber times, velocities, etc, but duplicated across factions) it's anywhere from 100m (the low zoom fast chamber ones) to 300m range (slowest chamber time BASRs, Phallanx, RAMS50)

    I rarely die to snipers... I hardly consider them an issue.

    As for the OP.... While his suggestion makes sense, I prefer game mechanics to reward accuracy and shot placement.

    I wouldn't really oppose the change though...
  13. Corporate Thug

    Good question, but remember when headshots didn't bypass shields? It was really annoying to fight heavies as any other class because they always had a clear advantage even if you had pro aim for an engagement. Now, if you can aim better than a HA and hit him in the face then you can easily win. HA isn't a rare unit and fighting lots of them at once, all the time would be extremely difficult if it weren't for headshots. I don't always have time to flank but at least I can rely on my aim.