Why do people keep complaining about the TR?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Goolloom, May 13, 2013.

  1. Cab00se187

    1 person can constantly lock on to an ESF, 1!! Throw an engineer in there and that 1 person can deter a squad of ESF's. All while sitting in the comfy of their spawn room. Now give 19 other guys the same launcher and it's a **** show. Strikers are OP, you guys cried about the phoenix and all it's rockets can't even destroy a tank. Btw, effect range is only 300 meters for the phoenix.
  2. Sworaven

    Woah woah, easy buddy. I'll just throw this out there. I've never been on the wrong side of a striker and I'm fairly certain you've never fired one in real combat. It's all about perspective.

    To me the striker doesn't seem OP because a speck of dust breaks the lock, hardly ever do all 5 missiles hit and it only seems to be a viable weapon when there are a couple of people using it.
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  3. GhostAvatar

    LMFAO, you might actually be onto something there :eek:
  4. GhostAvatar

    Can't destroy a tank? I beg to differ, it seems it can destroy them far better than the Striker ever can.

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  5. Vashyo

    They complain about TR for the same reason TR complains about VS/NC

    Few bad experiences with enemy weaponry that stand out in their mind, so they decide to come here and complain.
  6. MikeyGeeMan

    Lets trade. Lets ask the devs to give tr the Phoenix and nc the striker for a week.

    And when we totally own you, you can have it back and stop whining.
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  7. Cab00se187

  8. MikeyGeeMan

    @devs - can we do this? Any objections?
  9. pica

    As a VS player, strikers are waaaay more effective than phoenixes. Sure, phoenixes are annoying at times, but because of the striker I am forced to go flares on all my vehicles, there is no alternative for me.
    In the air the only thing I see is lock wherever I go, it pretty much killed flying for me. Thankfully they have buffed the tank armor last patch so I can do that instead, also the flares are on a shorter cooldown in tanks.

    I hate TR because of the striker mostly, them always having 10% more pop on our server, the fracture and because of the aircraft snipers called prowlers.
  10. ShayeUK

    Striker. As a TR, I want them to change this. I have the striker, it's not fun to use, it hardly gets a kill, it just annoys those using it and those on the receiving end, losing half your ESF HP is annoying, only half killing an ESF is annoying, getting killed by an MBT before Lock happens is annoying.

    Why can't we 1 hit ESFs too?
    Why cant we fire from around a corner?
    Why do we have to get LOS and Lock for 2 seconds?
    Why do they get a 2 second warning?
    Why is it useless to a half competent Tank driver or ESF Pilot?

    all is not fair in this world :(
  11. St0mpy

    no it doesnt, add in the fact the SAW also has advanced foregrip available along with a compensator making the recoil(s) less overall than the TMG, and there you have a higher power, very accurate LMG with the TMG being a stuttery second class weapon in all comparisons.

    Infact there is only one TR LMG with adv.grip and that doesnt even have a compensator available, and its a 143 damage weapon, Vs the SAW 200 damage.
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  12. McCainSmaashh

    Good points. Forgot about the attachments. Sigh...kinda feel like playing NC now. Would just avoid playing the flying winnebago that is the reaver.
  13. St0mpy

    Its not a stat when you make it up on the spot.

    Phoenix kills an ESF in 1 hit and a couple seconds burning, unless they run the unpopular fire suppression, Hawk/Grounder kills an ESF in 3, no mistake.

    No idea where you got your 'stats' from, back of a Kelloggs box perhaps?
  14. Chubzdoomer

    Yep, exactly. I'm an NC player and feel the same way in regards to flying. It's made it an absolute chore to attack TR territories.
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  15. iller

    I thought threads like this were getting locked

    Why is this one not locked?
  16. Metal Insomniac

    The only problem with the TR is the Striker range...and maybe the Fracture damage. For some reason, I can drop several TR enemies like nothing. But when it comes to VS, I'll be lucky if I can land a shot without dying first. Because of this, I avoid fighting VS as much as possible.

    TR is obviously OP.
  17. EliteEskimo

    Everyone thought the Annihilator ruined game play and wasn't fun to go up against, so what do they give the TR? An annihilator 2.0, yay for not learning from past mistakes :rolleyes:
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  18. Goolloom

    Dude, if you're saying that you are UP please say this to someone else than me, with your silly Gauss SAW, that doesn't require skill at all (for me at least). Try killing someone from medium far range with the T9-CARV, and tell me.
  19. Silkensmooth

    Strikers duh. I'm not gonna say the striker is overpowered so much, its just the sheer number of them. No matter where you fly in TR land its constant locks. You flare and fly away, and its more locks. If your flare is down, you are going to nearly lose your plane, and that is if it is just one striker. If its 2 strikers, you die. If one of the seventeen million burster maxes sees you trying to fly to cover after you ate 5 striker rockets, you die. If an enemy plane sees you after you eat the strikers you die.

    So if im flying along and you lock me and i flare and fly away, thats all good. Annoying, but im alive. The real problem with strikers is when im dogfighting. You can't just flare and run away from a striker team when you are in a fight with another aircraft. If you try to run from a competent pilot you die. If you stay to fight, striker kills you. Either way you die. Also there is no way to tell if its the plane you are fighting or someone on the ground locking you.

    Not to mention the fact that once you get locked in an area you basically can't go there because you know there is a lock. You don't know how many lockons are there however, and you can never see the people who are locking on to you.

    There are some basic common sense rules when it comes to pvp. The number one rule is: never allow a player to be attacked by a player he cannot attack. Pretty simple, seems obvious.Yet i get locked on all day, and hit by burster flak from players who do not render at the ranges they are attacking me.

    What they should do with the striker, is make it dumb fire, but give it short range 200 meters maybe, and boost projectile speed some. That way if someone is hovering with rockets, you could shoot them down very quickly without them even realizing that they are about to be rocketed, sorta like they are doing to the people on the ground who dont listen to the sound of aircraft overhead. Make the rockets a bit stronger too, so that all 5 would blow up an esf.

    Same with bursters. Give them more kick but add serious dropoff after 200 meters. It might need to be a bit further than that, whatever the range at which an esf would attempt to engage infantry, plus 50 meters or so. 1k meters range with no dropoff is silly.
  20. Goolloom

    The Gauss SAW is the default LMG, not a shotgun