Why do people hate KDR so much??

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by LT_Latency, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Tristan

    Yes, it does. The fact that I'm in vehicles at appropriate times means that I know how to utilize my resources appropriately, and switch between infantry and vehicles on the fly. My KDR, SPM, KpH, Accurancy and pretty much every single stat is higher than his. It's not KDR alone.

    Edit: That said, you have to account for resource boosts when looking at SPM. THAT said, around 120 SPM seems 'average' for non-boosted players.
  2. LT_Latency

    I think they are just interesting things to look at. I don't hate them so much they should be removed though.

    There is so much more then what you can see.

    How many FPS do they get???
    How big is there screen??
    How often are they actually trying. Some people try hard non stop. Some people go We are going to die but it will be fun.
    Do they only use OP guns or many different guns.
    The list goes on and on.
    How much time do they spend in vehicles.
    Some people will give their life for a win someone won't

    They only way to be sure is to play with them
  3. AdennTM

    About 1 month ago I began noticing my K/D. Never before in all my years of gaming had I cared. Why did it start? Well...
    1) X player in my outfit is considered the best because he has the highest K/D. I have 1.7 or so and I feel like I'm just as good as him but since I play more risky then it's lower and I'm considered worse. So what do I do? Increase it via farming and such.
    2) I found it giving me an "objective" every time I get in the game (when solo-ing). Certs simply no aren't so attractive anymore and there is no meta-game.
    3) When you have a higher K/D you have a false sense of achievement.
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  4. Sock

    If he really wanted to discredit you he should've mentioned you have double the kills with a noob tube compared to any other infantry weapon. I must assume that makes you a terrible player.
  5. Tristan

    Look, not to ridiculously draw parallels to the real life military, but when the army ranks someone low on marksmanship, they don't give them bonus points because they have a slight tremor.
  6. LT_Latency

    The answer is pretty much always be in a vehicles if you want more points. It much easier to rack stats up in them.
  7. Tristan

    Who is it that has the most kills with the Solstice in the whole game again, Sock?
  8. DirtyKahn

    KDR is king in deathmatches. Objective-based gametypes... Not so much.
  9. Tristan

    It's a good thing you can just waltz up to those objects, amirite?
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  10. Sock

    I have over triple. I've crossed the threshold.
  11. LT_Latency

    That doesn't compare at all to anything i said.
  12. Phrygen

    just let it go people. Stop making these threads.

    besides, medic revive doesn't actually undo a death. its bugged.
  13. Flobldyfloo

    KDR is a worthless measure of player effectiveness unless you are playing TDM in an old school style arena shooter where things like powerup/weapon spawns force things like map control and team tactics and make it a TEAM death match as opposed to modern games where TDM is just half the players not shooting at you. In objective based team games player effectiveness is far better measured with stats like win/loss ratio or score per minute (or whatever unit of time).

    KDR can easily be inflated by tactics like camping far from objectives or baiting teammates among others and therefore represents nothing and only encourages selfish play.
  14. Gedd

    k/d kph and spm are all meaningless
  15. SpcFarlen

    To be honest, every stat is pretty useless when looked at soley.

    KDR - spawn a vehicle, sit back and shoot at enemies. Easily padded and not really representational of any skill.
    SPH - Drop an ammo pack down at warpgate, get points. Boost go into that, any exp modifier too.
    Accuracy - All shot no matter if shooting at nothing, or an actually target are calculated. Suprressive fire?
    Facility cap/def - Where there actually enemies there or was it a simple walk up to point, flip and get rewarded?
    Time played - AFK time counts towards that

    The fact is, every stat can be padded in some way or another and doeant really show that you actually contributed to a battle. That is not to say you cant use them to further bolster a claim, but they can not be the primary reason. Its like when people use Score per Min to say a weapon is OP yet fail to realize the time used is only time equipped, and not actually carried. Slightly different meanings, but has a huge effect on how you can then analyze the stat.

    My KDR isnt the best, but with my outfit im usually a point man. I play heavy primary and im the first through the door. I get killed a lot. My job is to poke my head in first, take bullets, and tell the rest in my squad what happened so they can take care of it. We also dont chill in spawn rooms and frequently do /suicide to get to spawn points faster.

    Take it all with a grain of salt. Its why i dont have a sig with my stats on it, there is no context to it.
  16. EliteEskimo

    Having massive continuous kill streaks are one of the real determinates of skill in this type of game, not KDR. That's why I have around 20 of me being a front lines tanker so when ever anyone says I'm bad spawn camping tanker I post one proving them wrong and say....

  17. LT_Latency

    Yes, but you can always give it context by asking. if you have 3 kdr as a tank driver or maxxes that is not as impressive as pure ground true.

    Or 3 kdr as a player who is only plays in squads with other good players vs someone who just rambos for the same kdr.
  18. Tristan

    It's absolutely hilarious to look at the stats of people who say things like this.
  19. LT_Latency

    Do you just go around trying to be a dick cause it sure seems like it???
  20. Tristan

    It depends on the time of day, but as you've pointed out... there's context to everything.

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