Why do NC get the GD-7F?

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  1. Codex561

    Why do NC get the GD-7F?
    It goes against high damage and low rate of fire model.

    Fast fire rate is the TR trait why do NC have it?!

    Why do we not give TR and VS 200 dmg models?! Why do we not give them 167dmg/600+RPM?!

    TR wants high damage per shot while viable in mid-CQC? Screw you guys!
    NC wants high RoF with average damage? Sure!
    Logic? There is no logic!
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  2. Leftconsin

    This would only be unfair if the NC also got a gun that has a 850 m/s muzzle velocity to make it functionally no bullet drop.
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  3. RHINO_Mk.II

    Give us the Orion and we'll talk.
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  4. SacredRay

    What gun is that?
  5. Leftconsin

  6. Udnknome

    .... have you used it? It's about as accurate as a auto shotgun but takes longer to reload..... 3 second reload. Only gun that has a longer reload is the HA dumbfire rocket and tanks.

    It's also only 143 damage @ 10m, not 167....
  7. NinjaTurtle

    This weapon is beautiful, best sniper in the game hands down
  8. SeanFree

    Railjack I presume. Although I believe people did some testing and found the Railjack had similar drop to the Longshot.
    I hope you know that if they take away the GD-7F, they'll need to take away the Serpent from VS as well (845 rpm, 143 damage) Also, it's not even the most dakka-y carbine anymore now that TR got the Lynx with 909 rpm. I honestly wouldn't care if they took away the GD-7F, it's my least favorite of my carbine auraxiums. I'd take a Blitz over it any day of the week.
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  9. GrandpaFlipfox

    Meh, they can keep the Orion. The only range I'd use the Orion over the Gauss SAW is the same range I'd use the Cyclone over the Orion.
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  10. Prudentia

    because they needed it?
    having setup of 167-200damage weapons is great at long range, but to compete at close range you need some dakka.
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  11. Alarox

    It is the easiest to use for OHK long-range sniping, but if you're extremely skilled then it seems like the Longshot (and other faction equivalents) is still better overall.
  12. Inf1nite

    First of all, they gave the NC the GD-7F a LONG time ago, ever since release from what I can remember (correct me if I'm wrong). But the reason why we have it is because of balance. Otherwise, all the NC carbines would be under 700 rpm while nearly EVERY carbien for the other two factions would fire at over 700 rpm. Unbalanced, eh? It's also why you guys have the sniping carbines of the Pulsar C and the T5 AMC. SOE likes to make faction specific equivalents for most of the old weapons.
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  13. Badname707

    Codex, man, you make so much noise. Just share your comments on other people's threads dude. We don't need a new one every time you think of something.
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  14. Vikarius

    agreed. VS and TR *should* get 200 damage weapons.
  15. Mxiter

    isn't serpent a GD-7F clone?
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  16. Plunutsud pls

    Yes and the Serpent has poor accuracy, high recoil and long reload.

    If they removed it I'm sure most players wouldn't even notice.
  17. Bape

    You do know the serpent is identical to the GD-7F right?
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  18. Flashtirade

    I'm pretty sure those traits apply to the GD-7F as well. The only reason the Serpent doesn't get love is because the VX6-7 is almost straight up better. Remove that gun and you'll start to see some tears.
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  19. Vikingo

    Why does VS complain about the GD7F when they have an almost identical clone in their arsenal, and to top it all off a clone that is disregarded as a poor weapon at that compared to VX6-7.

    Hell VS was complaining about the GD7F when it was blooming like a 167 dmg gun.

    Seriously, logic? There is no logic!
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  20. Kanil

    Yet it has better accuracy, superior recoil, and a shorter reload than the GD-7F. Pretty much the only thing the GD-7F has better than the Serpent is the bullet velocity, which isn't exactly the most relevant stat in a CQB bullet hose.

    I will gladly trade you the Serpent for the GD-7F.
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