Why do most PS2 players lack a sense of humour??

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  1. AtckAtck

    What? Because i dont want to talk to every friggin jerk not able to speak either english or my language i have a superiority complex? Fine by me, ist not like i care anything about randoms anyway, its not like they would have listened to platoon commands in the first place...

    So NO, i don't want to make friggin jokes via text chat to randoms i dont know, not interesting, not funny, waste of game time.

    In this game it is totally impossible to achieve anything without a certain number of players playing together and even then a big zerg may come and all your tactic is gone for good.

    Not my words, but exactly how i have been handling it for years now. You are not in the TS-Server, then i will not talk to you, i will not play with you, you will get kicked from the outfit soon. I handle it this way in every game. You dont want to use ts? You are a text chatter? Fine by me, we won't play together then. It's not like i cant type, i can type pretty well, i just don't want to when i game.
  2. Flopperdonkey

    Well just be aware of what you joke is about and which situation you're using it, My jokes usually drives alot on team Spandex (says what the jokes are about, hell just look at my VS username) but if you are willing to participate in a zerg you might get some funny replies if your jokes are good. ;)
  3. Krayus_Korianis

    It's not about "not having a sense of humor." It's the fact that a lot of them have turned off chat entirely.

    I tell the region that I'm fighting in that we have an armor column heading towards the base from any direction, no one gives a damn except me. It's like they have it turned off or they don't look at chat. Then we're back to square one when we were taking the base, because "idiots".
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  4. Halathorn

    This is unfortunately very true. I have had to completely turn off proximity chat because of mic spammers playing music. Yeah okay sure I can mute/ignore just that one person. However after having to seek them out to use the hold Q option or worse stop what I am doing to search through the menu and mute them manually. I'd rather just talk to my teammates or run solo. I hate it, but during the week I only have a few hours to play. I only turn prox on during weekends.
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  5. Krayus_Korianis

    I've had to do this a few times. Plus the people who have a mic next to a speaker and the speaker feedback is intense it hurts my ears, so I just turn it off entirely as well. It's annoying and it sucks, but it has to be done.
  6. Scorponok

    yea i have ALWAYS that voice crap off...people abuse it so much there is no gain for me to have it on...if i want to listen to music ill put it on my own speakers.People do it just to be a troll,and only one that finds it funny is them but in the end i think most have prox OFF...so the jokes on them.
  7. Pirbi

    I just mute mic spammers and annoying proxy generals. If I'm playing alone they aren't too bad. Else they just form annoying white noise.
  8. Makora

    I don't know, Miller is pretty lulzy at times. Yell chat is a constant source of comedy gold.Sometimes it's people who genuinely get the jokes and go with it. Others who are so an*l that they can't get or stomach the joke are equally funny to laugh at.

    I personally like to joke around in proxi chat when I do decide to open my mouth. But usually it's dead silence. Consider if "professional mentality" nothing you can say holds any worth. If they die, then they die. Nothing needs to be said. Everyone knows where the sunderers are. Everyone knows what the main lanes of infantry assault are to a base. There's just very little to talk about.

    EDIT: Also there's a "quick mute" button to instantly mute the person talking in voice chat. Neat. In any other case I can live with someone playing russian DnB unless his transmission is so badly set up it's an ear-bleeding garbled mess of white noise. That's when I mute.

    I like to keep my voice chat channels open for the rare comedy gems and tactical assistance that come through. Those moments, rare as they may be, are worth it.
  9. \m/SLAYER\m/

    its because they ignoring half players. the rest just dont using chat
  10. ATRA_Wampa-One

    People get really mad when they see the following in /y for some reason.

  11. htmlboss

    Ah...Miller. Classic EU stoic-ness. They probably don't even understand Engrish...
  12. Goldmonk

    Is Praise Lord Higgles acceptable?
  13. Mythologicus

    There are PS2 players that are funny, they're just unappreciated.
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  14. ThuddenBlunder

    Should be OK, but calling someone a Higby, Higby Higby Higby in game (even if you don't like their joke), is considered poor form by some.:p
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  15. Goldmonk

    Some people just like to pull Higbys. Don't be a major Higby. Get off my Higby. Higbying around. Anymore Higby related insults?
  16. Replay

    why would I type when I can just use the native voice?