Why do MAX Suits have bad Defense?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Gunivar, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Gunivar

    350 Resources for something that a guy can kill with a shotgun to the head.
    MAX suits are meant to be the closest thing to walking tanks in Planetside, why did SOE make it so that MAXs have to fear sometimes even single infantrymen whenever they can't kill him/her quickly?
    The current health amount is only somewhat good for shrugging of stray bits of fire.
    Should the health/armor be buffed?
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  2. Salganos

    This was one of the reasons VS players were initially apprehensive about the ZOE as a MAX ability.

    I personally feel all forms of armor could use a large survivability buff against most sources of damage (especially C4), but repairs should be much slower in general. This way there would less obnoxious ways to clear out entrenched rooms than squeezing C4 into a window.
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  3. Liewec123

    totally agree, maxes need alot more defense to warrant the new pricetag, as it is i can just spawn a heavy assault with jack hammer, run right at you and take off half your hp with a couple of shots, respawn and run in again with no repercussions.
    so what if maxes have 4 healthbars? my heavy assault respawn zerger effectively has infinite health bars, no cost and just as much cqc bust as my nerfed nc max.
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  4. Jkar

    MAX units are as weak as they are because in beta they neither had a timer or a resource cost and that's what they were balanced around. They couldn't be revived at first either but you basically could live in a MAX suit back then.
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  5. Sordid

    Am I the only one to think that MAXes should be outright immune to small arms fire, except perhaps for a weak spot on the back?
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  6. Steveru

    I mean, I've heard "negligible" before, but yeah, you just might.

    Maybe what we need are mini-MAXes. They only get one gun, and th- naw. Er, how 'bout, a resource cost that dynamically reflects you- no... god. That's not it either!

  7. LibertyRevolution

    If you cert into kinetic armor for you max, then you are pretty much immune to small arms.. it blocks 87.5% of small arms damage.
    That makes 143 damage riffles deliver 17 damage per round to your max...
  8. Sordid

    Yeah, but that cert line is rather expensive.
  9. Terrahero

    And with no certs in Flak Armor C4 will kill you instantly.

    The durability of the MAX has been buffed a bit before, i honestly felt it was at a good level. But keep in mind, this was the survivability of a unit that did not cost 350 resources at the time.
    Now its just a very expensive unit that can still got instantly killed by C4 or run over.
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  10. Stormlight666

    not to mention pointless if you're a MAX not attached to an Engineer. Self-Repair keeps me alive a lot more than this would.
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  11. Naithe

    Biggest and "most fair" buff I can see maxes getting is being immune to headshots.

    Leave it there and see what happens. I believe that alone will reduce the lethality a fair bit.

    And its not such a big change as to affect max spam overly I'd say.
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  12. Mongychops

    The simple answer is because a MAX can be revived. If MAXes were turned into bullet immune bipedal tanks, and were still revive-able, infantry balance would be messed up even more. All I will say to OP, is be careful what you wish for.
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  13. Fumblewatt

    There is alot more that needs to be added to justify the new cost.
    • Travel mode
    • Either give the versatile fractures to all 3 max or let us have 2 different weapon sets like the ESF.
    Still cannot believe that the price tag for a max is higher than a ESF, especially after they nerfed bursters in the same update.
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  14. Naithe

    Ah I was more referring to, nothing more being needed for defence.

    Its a hard balance I believe.

    Generally I'm still a bit sad about the lack of attachments and costumisations to maxes in general. I was honestly hoping, that would be what we got with the max update.
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  15. Anvildude

    On the run-over thing: Apparently vehicle hit-boxes are kinda short. I was able to jump over a harrasser that was trying to ram my MAX the other day.
  16. SolRG

    Its an interesting idea, and i do agree. Almost every time i pull a max now i either die before i can do anything because everyone and their mother shoots me, or it turns out all the enemies have pulled back.
    Especially hurts if you're a ZOE.
    But i think its safe to say there won't be anything as a max crash anymore.
    I find 350 is kind of overkill. 200 i think might have been fine.
    Honestly though i want that recert item so i can take all the certs out of my max and put it in something thats actually useful and doesn't suck out my resources.
    I mean am i the only one that wonders why a max costs less than a tank?
  17. Alox

    I think removing headshot vulnerability will do a lot for MAX units.

    Also increase the close range burster damage, so close up MAX units are deadly to deal with (keep the range nerf, that is fine).

    And yeah, where is that travel mode? Without redeploy options it is sorely missed!

    Right now, the only real good reason to pull a MAX is to do a MAX crash, and the trouble is that you have to keep the 350 points available all the time, so you can join in when command calls for one.
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  18. Stormlight666

    I'd love for my MAX not to be torn apart by a guy with a SMG like he was made of tissue paper. My biggest gripe post-nerf is that a lone infantry can tear you apart without you seeing them and WHAM 350 resources down the drain. Especially since without auto-run like in PS1 you can't get away from them if they're close and you're in the open.
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  19. Stormlight666

    Just make it so guns do a lot less to the MAX with SMG's doing half and pistols doing almost 25% of what they do now.
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  20. Stormlight666

    And it replaces auto-repair which saves your life a lot more if no engies are around you.