why do Engineers have a Ammo suit option

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by ArcKnight, May 7, 2013.

  1. ArcKnight

    just asking cause it really doesn't make any sense for the only class that has unlimited ammo to have this of all options
  2. EViLMinD

    Stupid people need something to cert into too.
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  3. ArcKnight

    well that does makes a lot of sense, but I wonder the devs were thinking when they gave us this ?
  4. Nintyuk

    Because all the infantry classes have a cookie cutter Spreadsheet were the dev's tick on or off if a class has access to what certs and the person who originally did it didn't consider how pointless it is for the Engy to have it so left it ticked.
  5. RealityWarrior

    I get the point but maybe someone somewhere likes running and gunning and doesn't often have time to place an ammo box let alone stand one it long enough to get refills (why that person isn't playing Light Assault for the added mobility I have no idea) I just don't want to rain on that one guy's parade by asking to have something taken away even though I would never use it.

    Better question though. What would you replace it with? Is there a suit option that you would like to see instead?

    I can't think of anything I would get rid of my flak armor for personally

    Accept maybe...

    Okay my suggestion is: Since bomb disposal falls into Engi territory. Flak NanoWeave Bomb suit option that provides both benefits. Maxed out could be the same as MAX of both suites but at the same time. However a minus to run speed. -2% per level so Max level = -10% run speed.

    Maybe require you max out Flak armor AND you max out NanoWeave before unlocking.
  6. Frosty The Pyro

    the same reason sniper rifles have forgrips, and anything has flashlights.
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  7. Armchair

    Well since we can no longer have 2 simultaneously deployed ammo kits, I suppose someone could leave a kit for his teammates and run around with a larger ammo pool. Especially with low capacity weapons like the AC-X11 that have ridiculously low ammo pools.

    Still a lame choice IMO.
  8. Nintyuk

    Maybe the Engineers munition pouch suit should give him additional ammo kits to deploy as well as the additional personal ammo.
  9. Armchair

    IMO, the ammo kit should give the engineer additional ammo kits.

    I'm not sure what is more worthless.

    An engineer carrying munition pouches in his suit slot or an engineer carrying ammo kits in his mine/C4 slot.
  10. TommyXXL

    because the tank mines replace that infinite ammo
  11. Van Dax

    pro-tip: you never unequip your ammo box. Go to your mana slot and press B, you now have an ammo box.
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  12. Nintyuk

    Or what ever you set tertiary fire button to which is default B.
  13. Frosty The Pyro

    its not tertiary fire, its "switch weapon modes." I dont think anything actualy uses the tertiary fire button yet.
  14. Doc Jim

    Equip a grenade or smoke launcher, hit the key for tertiary fire - hey presto, you're on the launcher.
  15. Armchair

    Umm, no it doesn't. You do realize that the engineer still has access to ammo kits even if they're carrying tank mines right?

    There is presently no benefit to carrying an ammo kit over C4/mines.
  16. Crayv

    Sigh, this reminds me of the days when you could have 2 ammo boxes out at once and it would still last even if you changed classes. I made a good number of certs from that. I think this got "fixed" the same time they made both of them affected by the ammo box certs.
  17. TommyXXL

    yeah. pressed b and switched to the ammo while having mines eq, nice one. is that a bug or a feature ? do you think they will remove it ?
  18. Armchair

    Most definitely a feature.
  19. SleepyWalker

    Now I have not tested this idea, so I am just throwing it out there. Does the perk change how the character is rendered at all? I for one would wear shades in 'world at war' just because it was the most useless perk, with the one exception of giving my character cool shades that everybody could see (was funny).

    If there is no model changes to make your engi more bad ***, perhaps there will be a new weapon that may or may-not come out which has a very low ammo pool (like the battle rifles, only for closer range, or like a PPA for infantry).

    Personal gratification at having hundreds of rounds at your disposal? Ahh, so your pistol has more ammo! Maybe said person does not know about above mentioned extra ammo pack?
  20. HeadshotVictim

    it may be useless, maybe someone needs it.
    Why limit the options?
    It is rarely used I guess, but why should you limit the suit upgrades people can get?
    This is not Apple Universe where you have no choice, feel free to see what you can do with additional ammo on an Engineer. or do not - who cares, but you?
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