Why do aircraft get to be anti-everything?

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    When you put lolpods on your ESF you should be at a massive disadvantage to an ESF that runs some AA gear, not jut a slight one.
    That's what a lot of sky knights don't understand, that their exempt from this feels unfair for the ground vehicle drivers.

    I know your post is dripping with sarcasm, but there are those who actually mean it. And that's flat out annoying.
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  2. Takumi9

    the rocket launcher need to be moved to the equipment slot on engineers
    lock on launchers should not dumbfire PERIOD
    dumbfires should have terrible accruacy UNLESS YOU ACTUALLY TAKE THE SECOND IT TAKES TO ADS
  3. Takumi9

    yea...must be real hard to get those 3 ppl from the lib to pull 3 bursters/skyguards and then NO AIR CAN FLY FOR 2 HEXES

    o yea....and most ppl cant even hit with pods..... it takes skill and should be rewarded properly
    you are an idiot if your getting hit with pods and were likely going to loose anyway

    you are also at a disadvantage with pods from all other loadouts as far as a2a is concerned
  4. Takumi9

    if your skilled with pods there is no reason they shouldnt do damage

    when it comes down to it ...its skill that counts not weapons......... yes there should be an advantage for a2a loadouts but it dosent mean pro pilots with lol pods shouldnt have a chance of winning
  5. Takumi9

    yea..i can agree with road killing maxes should do a fragment of damage to the esf... but blow up....please
  6. Takumi9

    the current state of tanking is ****
    ai specific guns should kill with a certain radius UNLESS the target is running flak armor

    air is around because of its advantage...... aa is around to remove that advantage...your tank is not aa( although the vanguard/old lockdown prowler was broken as hell)

    everything is terrible at killing infantry because of all the ******** about good players destroying idiots with them

    go watch any stream of a good pilot....the second an equal amount of ppl pull aa the air is gone( running or dead)
    the same can be said of ground vehicles.....1 max (especially fractures as they are way too easy to hit with) can make tanks run when used properly
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    Funny you should say that, because there's multiple ground weapons that defy this rule.

    Skill, as important as it is, should not make every weapon viable for every role.
    Least of all on 1-man crafts that also happens to be the cheapest combat vehicle in the game.
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  8. lothbrook

    Uhhh huh, i totally understand bro, when i kill AP/AV MBTs all the time with my HE/AI MBT, sure its tougher but i'm so pro that AV loadout ain't got **** on me bro, even if i have a TTK 10x higher than they do on me my 1337 skills overwhelm all.
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  9. Tuco

    7:00 = skill

    Planetside player should recognize the setup: that's the spawn point, that's where the bombs go. See the red "X" right in front of the spawn?
  10. Volccis

    You really think Coyotes or Tomcats dont give huge advantage in A2A combat against Rocketpod users? When those weapons are considered as lame weapons and better pilots dont use them it doesnt meant they dont exist. However if all would use these weapons then you couldnt choose anything else but Tomcats (or Coyotes).

    If you think Tomcats dont give huge advantage over Rocketpods, then I'm ready for a duel so you can see how helpless you are against them. Stop this propaganda if you dont know what you are talking about.
    You can think this as going to engage AP MBT with HE cannon, so you have basically zero chances to win.

    Also a side note. MBT can take HEAT cannon which is close to as effective as AP cannon and then it can take Walker which will save you from ESFs but not from Liberators. Now you can effectively fight against any target in the game beside Liberators. Okay Liberators are good at destroying tanks but they have their limits too like they are very bad in A2A combat against ESF. Just like you, Liberators arent top notch in every aspect.
    When I play with Lightning I havent found aircrafts as a problem, probably because I know how pilots will act and what aircrafts can do. Sure I get wrecked by them if I dont give a **** about them and drive mindlessly.
  11. lothbrook

    You can 1 clip another ESF with any of the nose guns, hitting an AP MBT with an HE cannon is like telling them to kill you now, lol.

    Seriously if you even try to compare the two scenarios you don't have a clue as to how specialized ground vehicles are and just want your OP toy to stay as is.

    HEAT is no where near as effective as AP, going up against an AP tank even in a VG with Heat is suicide, again you are clearly clueless about ground vehicle balance, not to mention using an AA secondary is suicide against any 2/2 AV MBT, and you're only gaining the ability to MAYBE ward off an ESF, cause if they get a line on your rear with the rocket pods they'll gladly just absorb the walker cause the tank will die first, lol.
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    Considering you still have the anti-everything noseguns, no, not really. Well maybe with the coyotes, but those are kinda OP if the skyknights are to be believed.

    If noseguns were changed to do one role and one role only, then maybe taking rocketpods would put you at a more serious disadvantage.
    But no, making air specialize like ground does doesn't seem to be on the table for the sky bros.

    ... and if you think a HEAT-Walker MBT is good you've got another thing coming.
    Such a setup isn't -good- against anything. The most you can say is that it's "ok" at AI, but that's the extent of it.
  13. Volccis

    Have fun 1 clipping any good pilot, especially if the pilot is in A2A duty which is the case in our argument I think. The A2A ESF is searching ESFs unlike A2G pilot is searching ground units. He will always have the advantage to jump on the target and only time when A2G ESF can jump on A2A ESF is when the A2A ESF is fighting against other ESF(s).
    You will hear when ESF is going to jump on you and usually you can make the reverse manouver before you get jumped and totally ripped off. Now if you didnt manage to 1 clip him and he has Coyotes/Tomcats you must have very good aim or you are totally ****** up.

    Want to try it? I'm still up for a duel. You have Rocketpods/Hornets and I have either Coyotes or Tomcats (probably Tomcats because they are better imo). You can even jump on me which wouldnt be the case normally.
    If you really think ESF is OP toy then accept the duel and face the fact, they arent. You are very vulnerable and only skill saves you, but not against Tomcats.
  14. Volccis

    Who cares are Coyotes/Tomcats OP if they actually give you huge advantage over Rocketpods? Choosing Rocketpods will always put you in disadvantage against other ESFs because you never know if they have those A2A weapons equipped. You cannot use it as an argument, because people dont really use them. I do sometimes, with Scythe and I'm totally dominating any pilot I see (ofc Scythes is OP too) tho I dont use em against certain people because I dont want to ruin their gameplay experience.

    Noseguns are either AI or A2A. They never have the DPS to be effective against ground vehicles until you are fighting against lonely MBT without Walker.

    Such a setup is good against anything as much as Default nosegun + Rocketpod ESF is. Also people dont realize that without Extra AB Pods you are in very big disadvantage against Liberators if the Lib crew knows how to play against an ESF. Thats also one thing why I play rarely with Tomcats because I dont want to use em against certain pilots (im not complete ********) and then engaging worthy Liberator opponents will mostly cause me a death. At least its very risky.
  15. lothbrook

    Except no matter how skilled you are you will die in a HEAT/HE tank against an AP tank, good pilots kill Coyote/Tomcat ESFs with their nose guns all the time, then swap to their lolpods and keep farming, just give up you don't have a clue how specialized ground vehicles are.

    An equal comparison would be if Tomcats/Coyotes killed faster than the noseguns, which they don't, just cause you have to reload in a fight with someone good doesn't change anything, tanks miss other tanks all the time causing fights to go longer as well. And last time i checked i can't shut down a playstyle with flares, or did you forget you can still equip those with lolpods and it does double duty as it also stops the ground peasants from hitting you with lock ons too.

    Whats worse is you can only make it sound less stupidly OP when compared to the MBT which costs almost twice as many resources and is manned by 2 people, compare it to the lightning which is the ground counterpart to the ESF and now its obvious how stupidly OP ESFs are.
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    Not you, obviously.

    For the rest, I'll just refer to Lothbrook's post.
  17. PKfire


    ..This is like watching people compare how a tricycle operates vs the color orange.
  18. Volccis

    True. I'm not always most honourable person.

    So you say a medicore MBT driver with no clue how to aim properly (like me) will win you every single time with AP against you who exactly know where to aim and land +80% of shots? I dont believe, I once killed 2 Lightnings with Skyguard, one had HEAT and another had HE. I surprised them from behind but you know that Skyguard cannot rip you in seconds so when I destroyed the first Lightning they both were shooting at me. They were bad of course but I'm not that great tank driver too so skill does matter with tanks too. Maybe not that much but it really does.
    I can only kill pilots who have Coyotes/Tomcats if they are worse than me, which is usually the case because I pretty much only fly, tho I'm not the best pilot because I dont play PS2 daily.

    When Coyotes/Tomcats dont destroy you faster than noseguns, it doesnt mean they arent obviously better than a nosegun. Many medicore pilot however dont know how to evade (that + their aim is the reason why they are medicore pilots) but with a weapon like Tomcats you dont need to know how to aim but evade. With Coyotes you need to aim a bit but also evade while reloading so its slightly harder with Coyotes imo. In PS2 air combat you can effectively evade nearly all nosegun shots from certain distance if you are in hover mode + know the basics. With MBT no matter which cannon you have, you always need to know how to aim and evade but of course aim is more important because tanks cannot effectively evade (beside Magrider).

    Flares put you either in straight disadvantage or give you an advantage against A2A ESF. Fire suppression offers extra 25% hp and if the opponent hasnt Tomcats you are in huge disadvantage.

    The difference is of course that you arent in air and you arent as visible as aircraft but I agree with that. And I havent ever said that aircrafts should faceroll over ground vehicles but people wants aircrafts to be nerfed when they are actually very well balanced now. They arent OP and only skill makes them OP but you still can be countered easily and cannot dominate world alone.
    Its just that every suggestion I've thrown for ground vehicle players, is it more firepower or survivability against aircrafts have ended up to; "but that would make ground vehicles too good" or smth. So what do you actually want? Are you really thinking that a nerf to aircrafts is only option? Do you want buff for tanks? Im up for it but not a buff for Skyguard because it already got one, maybe an option to have more survivability against Liberator.
  19. Volccis

    Sorry if I'm bored but dont hate :p Im trying to not troll.
  20. lothbrook

    You REALLY don't get it, we understand you're at a disadvantage to the A2A guys, but we're saying you're not nearly at enough of a disadvantage, basically if you equip rocket pods your A2A ability should be basically 0, because thats exactly what happens when a tank goes for AI or AA, they completely give up the ability to attack other things effectively AT ALL. Untill ESFs have to choose A2G or A2A they will always be unbalanced, libs just need their resistances reverted.
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