Why did you quit?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Prudentia, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. Rapid_Sausage

    I didn't really quit, i'm just experiencing pc difficulties atm and can't play ps2.

    Ps2 is one of those games i keep going back to simply due to the scale of the fights and somewhat open world, but after a while it either gets really monotonous or extremely laggy, forcing me to leave it for a while.

    Imo the biggest problem and cause of the issues ps2 is suffering from is extremely long and lackluster development, and community feedback that's being overlooked, if only Daybreak games would listen to their community more outside the occasional minor "OP weapon nerf nao" balance changes and start to actually adding more gameplay dimensions, ps2 would be great, but sadly all i see now is more and more servers getting merged and superficial patches that get added once every blue moon

    I'm starting to fear that i'll wake up some day and find only 1 server for EU and 1 server for US and eventually the game shutting down.
  2. strid3r478

    I was waiting the mbt update yet 2 years without any good update just nerfs to weapons no new abilities yet there is tons of awesome threads in this forums about updating this game new weaponry , abilities, faction redesign , vehicles redesign , just ******* take it players stuffing you with amazing ideas to your own good , yet they don't care sometimes i thinking do they even read forums, so i was ok you don't care about your own game fine its your decision , maybe they have problems in their management or not enough of funding or they just dont see the potential because the game soon will be outdated to compete with new games and its just business strategy they probably realized that they will get more money from new players then from the existing ones, and gonna feed them with the same promises like us about bright tomorrow.
  3. pnkdth

    I still play, just not as much. I'm no longer a member though...

    Membership and passive certs really needs to reconsidered. Felt incredibly annoying to pay to get passives but ONLY if you log in every single solitary day. Now that I'm not a member it is less stressful since I do not feel I am losing money by not logging in. I rather have more benefits in the the cash shop(more SC or higher discounts).

    I've also realised how pointless it is to "quit" a F2P game. If I feel like playing, I play. Obviously tell the outfit I play with, because decency.

    This thread feels more like a rant about poor customer service though, and I understand why you're pissed. I am not sure on who you should be pissed at though, DBG or Steam.
  4. Ronin Oni


    It's ok, our lord and savior Gaben forgives you.

    But yeah, don't buy PS2 **** through Steam. That's a no-no.
  5. sjtw_w_stot

    I still play, not as much as I use to. 2 bug-deaths or too much lag / bad hit detection or dancing peeps in the distance and I disco for the day. I see potential in the game but they really need to get some shid moving. Game is boring, no strategy, no content... nothing for gameplay diversity and only offers lag.

    Contrary to my postings on these forums, I do tout PS2 elsewhere, but only troll when I'm here. The game has been out for what, 3 years? Little to nothing has been done to it to keep us here.
  6. strid3r478

    Oh forget to mention i payed for couple of guns with money than BAM:eek: they got nerfed to the ground after month, no abbility to refund no nothing , ps2 pulled big middle finger on me saying **** you:p .
  7. Dieter Perras

    I quit for a while but have recently played a few games but here are the reasons I quit.

    1. latency

    2. for an open world sandbox game it has way too many choke points in tiny bases where battles can go above 100 vs 100 which just makes it feel like a slog for people like me who like to run and gun. (ps why the **** is 90% of the maps ******* mountains?)

    3. not a whole lot of variety when it comes to weapons ( I mean they all FEEL very samey)

    4. a lot of the people I used to play with quit

    5. heavy assault still has no big downsides despite being able to counter everything in the game. (at the very least lighter classes should be a little faster then him)
  8. KodiakX

    I quit some time ago and pop in periodically on the forums to check what's being updated or what's going on.

    The entire reason I quit was dislike for the over all direction of the game. The first 6 months of the game were marked with lots of patches and updates to the game with introduction of new guns, gun tweaks and game play adjustments. The next year after that was pretty much marked by minimal to no updates as they worked on "OMFG" and basically turned the game, that my computer already could handle, into a worse looking version of the game despite them stating all the way back in beta this wasn't a game engine for now but rather a game for 5 years from now. Then Hossin finally rolled around and I came back from that, but ultimately we're playing the same game. Since then we've seen no real over all improvements to the game but plenty of cosmetics to spend cash on. At this point I can't play it even semi-casually more than a few hours before getting bored and moving on. Every time I come back there's visual cosmetic stuff I want to spend money on but I refuse to because they just haven't done anything with this game.

    My problem with PS2 is when you boil it down it's basically one giant 3 way team death match. This was fine to start, but years after release and it's mind numbingly boring to keep farming bodies. Everything is basically a giant human body farming simulator. There's no large scale goals or objectives to go after. I remember spending 6+ hours in PS1 and conquering a continent and moving on to the next one or having to fall back to retake one of ours. There were more continents so less unwinnable 3 way battles between each other. You could actually walk away with a sense of having won a battle since there was a finality to it by being locked off that continent. Until they add something like this, I just can't justify spending any time or real money on the game.
  9. Thrones

    Quit because I reached a point where I felt like I could not progress further in my accuracy, KPH and session KDR (my lifetime KDR was jacked up because of months as an infiltrator.) I would end a session between a 4-5kdr, but with only 30-40kph. I would look to other people I played with and they had 100kph+ somehow. So I could invest even more time into grinding kills, or leave.

    I know people say, KDR doesn't mean anything, but in a game where nothing matter besides FUN, KDR is a decent metric to look to for personal improvement. The FUN factor was ruined by a few select people showing up and going 10v42 because of lag wizardry.
  10. RolandTEC

    I'm on break until some decent new content for players that are actual loyal to the game comes out. This koltyr stuff might help with player retention and that's fine. I'm glad they are talking about MBT now and hopefully by summer I'll be back to play more assuming they have some meaningful content updates out by then. Get RR finished and the 4 man buggy to be released. Those are the 2 things that I'd like to see by summer, not unreasonable but I'm not actually hopeful either.
  11. Prudentia

    so as a quick summary:
    Lots of Performance problems, bunch of content dissapointment and a few complaints about lacking support by DBG
    and iridar missing the point of the thread :rolleyes:
    tough still quite interesting what the actual problems are that make people really quit instead of mere "fix or i'll quit" threats.
    also i think this might be one of the most civilized threads i have ever seen on these forums :eek:
  12. Bernardes

    How the game behaves for you?
    Is the loading time fine, map and minimap appear(while you are flying fast over territories) and world renders fine?
    Recently I suspected the reason might be the drivers or OS itself and I made sure everything is up to date. What is interesting is the game always worked fine before 30-oct-2014 patch.
    Definitely the 30-oct-2014 patch broke something, may be specifically to Vista or something I have in my spec...

    Beyond that I play all other games fine, no issues. That still drives me to think the problem is PlanetSide2.